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Dinky 120 Jaguar E Type, in red, Dinky 114 Triumph Spitfire in Royal Blue, both good plus condition, (OCB) together with 4 empty original Dinky boxes in good plus to excellent condition 231 Triumph Herald, 558 Citroen 2CV, 113 MGB & 518 Renault 4L (6 items

4 mixed toys, including .2 x tinplate F.D. Ladder Truck, Torpeauto & 1923 Renault, 4 items (OCB)

CIJ 4/50 Camion 2.5T. Renault Betaillere, red cab with yellow and red lorry Ex-Lot Collectoys 21 Sep 2002 Lot 352 (E-M box G-VG)

Rare CIJ (France) 3/62 Renault Goelette 1000KGS 'Teinturerie', lemon yellow with black Lettering to front 'Teinturerie' and decals to sides with 2 x blue, yellow and red rings, black plastic hubs, in yellow illustrated box (E-M box G)

4 Quiralu re-issue Estafette Renault vans, 2 x salmon; 1 x dark blue; and 1 x light blue (E-M boxes E-M) (4)

Collection of 2 x Quiralu Voiture a Turbine Renault L'Etoile Filante; Re-edition Quiralu Mercedes 300 Sl; and Mini Dalia scooter (VG-M boxes P-M) (4)

CIJ 4/50 Renault Betaillere 2.5 Tonne Lorry, France, blue and red, in red, blue and white illustrated box (VG-E box F)

Large CIJ tinplate clockwork Renault Milk Churn Truck, France, red with '4748-Rng' sprayed number plate to front and rear, Renault yellow decals to bonnet sides, black tyres, gloss black hubs, and 6 x aluminium milk churns with lids and cardboard insert to

Large CIJ tinplate Renault Fire Engine, France, red with brown seats and rope hose to rear, steerable front wheels, unboxed (G) 14 cm x 40 cm x 16 cm

Heco miniatures du Chateau (France), Renault Nervastella 28 Ch Fernandez Et Darin 1935, Limited Edition 137/200 (M box M)

CIJ 4 Cv Renault Ref 3/48, rare red colour variation (E-M box E-M)

CIJ (France) Europarc 4/69 Renault Petrol Tanker 'Shell', yellow and red cab and tanker (E box F)

Sixteen Anguplas Series 1 and F Mini cars, including Ferrari; Alfa Romeo; Fiat 1500; Citroen 5 H.P. Etoile Filante Renault; Bugatti; and others, all boxed (E-M boxes G-M) (16)

ATC friction Powered Renault Floride Convertible, Japanese, circa 1960s, cream tinplate body with plated parts, cream plastic detachable roof, scarlet Flocked interior, Whitewall tyres with plated hubs, in box with illustrated lift off lid (E box G) 24 cm

CIJ 3/50 Renault Alpine type mille Miles French, sea green, spun hubs, smooth black tyres, in illustrated blue and yellow box (E-M box G)

One boxed French Dinky (E) #518, Renault 4L, brown (G: some paint rubbing).

One boxed French Dinky (E), #24E/524 Renault Dauphine, cream (E).

A boxed Dinky (E: end flap missing) #166 Renault R16, dark blue (E).

A boxed French Dinky (E) #565 Renault Camping Estafette, pale blue (E: discolouration to roof).

gift set #13, a boxed Corgi (E) Renault R16 Tour de France Paramount film Unit, car white and black (E).

French Dinky 518 Renault 4L, pale blue, silver trim, white interior, Concave steel hubs (VG-E box VG)

CIJ tinplate clockwork Renault Autocar 'Excursions' 6/10 two-tone blue tinplate bus, dark blue lower body, mid-blue upper body, stenciled white lettering to sides 'Excursions', 'Renault' to front, 'Les Cars Renault' to rear and registration number '9645-Ub

Tekno 811 Renault 4CV sea green, metal hubs, plastic spoked wheels; and 818 Lloyd Lks 600, blue, 'A. Hansen' decal to rear, metal hubs, both in illustrated boxes (E boxes G-E) (2) Provenance Ex lot 1208, 22 and 23 June, 2007, Collectoys, France.

Rare promotional CIJ 3/60 Renault 1000KG van 'Primisteres' French, pale green and cream, 'Primisteres' decals to front and sides, black plastic hubs, black tyres, in cream box with green 'Primisteres' lettering (E box F)

Rare CIJ 3/60B Renault 1000KG van 'Boucherie' French, pale blue body with dark blue stripe, white roof, 'Boucherie' decals to sides, black plastic hubs, in illustrated yellow box (E box G)

Corgi Major gift set 28 includes Carrimore car transporter; unboxed No. 222 Renault Floride; unboxed No. 230 Mercedes Benz 220sE Coupe; boxed No. 234 Ford Consul 315 classic; and boxed No. 232 Fiat 2100 in illustrated box (G-E boxes F)

CIJ 3/61 Renault Goelette 100kg Ambulance French, white, red 'Ambulance Municipale' decals to sides, red plastic hubs, white tyres, in yellow illustrated box (E box E) Provenance Ex lot 346, 17 September, 2007, Collectoys, France.

Corgi 13 gift set Tour de France Paramount film Unit including Renault R16, white with black bonnet and roof, cameraman and yellow jersey rider, in window box (E box F)

Corgi 221 Chevrolet New York Taxi cab yellow, red interior and decals to sides, white roof sign, grey plastic 'rial, cast hubs; and 222 Renault 'Floride', pale green, red interior, cast hubs, both in illustrated yellow and blue box (VG-E boxes F-G) (2)

CIJ 6/10 Renault coach tinplate clockwork, mint green body, cream roof, smooth rubber tyres, number plate stencilled to rear, 'Renault' decal to front, key included (VG box G) 23 cm long

CIJ 3/50 Renault Alpine type mille Miles light grey, chrome hubs, white tyres, in illustrated blue and yellow box (E-M box G). Provenance: Ex lot 342, 17 November, 2007, Collectoys, France.

CIJ 3/47 Panhard Dyna light blue, silver detail, spun convex hubs, white tyres; and CIJ 3/49 Renault 4CV Police car, black and white, silver detail, cream metal hubs, both in illustrated yellow boxes (E boxes G-E) (2). Provenance: Ex lots 339 and 340, 17 N

Imit' toys 54E Renault 4 Cv Decouvrable Andorran, metallic green, light brown interior with woman driver and dog, in illustrated yellow box (E box G). Provenance: Ex lot 1114, 14 and 15 September, 2007, Collectoys, France

CIJ 6/10 Renault coach Excursions tinplate clockwork, blue and dark blue body, smooth rubber tyres, 'Excursions' stenciled to sides, stencils to front and rear, key included, (VG box G) 23 cm long

Corgi Major gift set 28, includes Carrimore car transporter; 222 Renault Floride; 230 Mercedes Benz 220se Coupe; 234 Ford Consul 315 classic; and 232 Fiat 2100 in illustrated box with internal packaging

CIJ 3/15 Chrysler-Windsor light blue body, dark blue roof, silver plastic hubs, white tyres; and CIJ 3/56 Renault Dauphine, cream with dark green side flashes and roof, silver plastic hubs, white tyres, both in yellow boxes, (2)

French Dinky 564 Renault mirror truck orange body and concave hubs, brown 'Saint-Gobain Mirotier' A-frame to back holding 'Mirror' and pane of 'Glass', in yellow box; and French Dinky 556 Citroen ID19 Ambulance, type 4, grey body, cream roof, aluminium hub