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Corgi 320, The Saint - Jaguar XJS, in white. Near mint in good original window box

Rare Dinky Code 2 DY1 Jaguar E-type Trillium. 6 Code 2 DY1 editions; incl. Mauve 1/500; candy pink 2006, 1/12; metallic green 2005, 1/10; metallic pink 2005, 1/24; pewter 2006, 1/12; & dark red 2006, 1/31. 4 boxes included.

5 Matchbox Ultra Class boxed models. Including Ferrari Testarossa; Jaguar XJ6; BMW 750 iL; Porsche 911; & Mercedes Benz 500 SL.

Original Dinky pre production model. Matchbox DY16 Jaguar XK150 DHC factory resin maquette; plus final issue diecast model. As purchased from Matchbox by MICA Australia founding president Tom Mathieson.

An Autoart 1:18 Jaguar E-type Roadster series 1, with certificate

Friction powered Jaguar XK150 model (made in Japan), in original box (VG - E)

Group of diecast models, including Corgi and Burago, including a boxed Corgi model no. 286 Jaguar XJ12C, Af (5)

Corgi 96682 Inspector Morse Jaguar MK11 first issue (M box M)

Dinky 123 Mayfair gift set, including 142 Jaguar; 150 Rolls-Royce; 186 Mercedes Benz; 194 Bentley; 198 Rolls-Royce; 199 Austin Mini Countryman; and 4 plastic figures, Buff/red display box with stepped display insert (VG-E, box F)

A collection of Corgi models unboxed, including no. 208 Jaguar 2.4 Litre; Aston-Martin DB4 Competition; no. 437 Cadillac Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis; no. 412 Bedford Utilecon ambulance; B.R.M Formula 1 grand Prix racing car; Vanwall racing car;

Collection of Corgi Police models, including 461 Police 'Vigilant' Range Rover; 402 Ford Cortina Police car; 414 Coast guard Jaguar XJ12C (E-M boxes G-E) (3)

Dinky 120 Jaguar E Type, in red, Dinky 114 Triumph Spitfire in Royal Blue, both good plus condition, (OCB) together with 4 empty original Dinky boxes in good plus to excellent condition 231 Triumph Herald, 558 Citroen 2CV, 113 MGB & 518 Renault 4L (6 items

Fun Ho!, 306, Jaguar XK 120 in red with remnants of green over paint in good condition

A collection of 10 diecast model toys, in original boxes, Models of Yesteryear by Matchbox, including a 1936 Jaguar SS100 car, a Captain Morgan van and OXO van. Made in England.

An Autoart 'Jaguar Xk' and a Minichamps 'Jaguar Xk Coupe' (2)

A signature 'Chrysler Impala', a neo scale models 'Jaguar MK1X', an Autoart 'Holden Sedan' and a Solido 'Bentley S2, 1961' (4)

An Autoart 'Jaguar C-type' and a Road Signature '1958 Aston Martin DB2' (2)

Collection of unboxed and boxed Corgi models, including Jaguar Mark X saloon 238; 2 x Commer 3/4 ton Chassis Co-Op; Smiths Carrier Shop; 273 Rolls Royce; 491 Ford Consul Cortina; 426 Chipperfields Circus; and 1401 Elevating Service Ramp (VG-M boxes G-M) (8

Corgi models, including 435 Karrier 'Bantam' Dairy Produce van; 213S 2.4 Jaguar fire service car; 492 Volkswagen European Police car, repaint in reproduction box (VG-E boxes G-VG) (3)

Reproduction JF Quiralu Jaguar Voiture grand Sport x K 140, steel blue with red interior, silver and black trim (E-M box E-M)

Model Cars: Matchbox Models of Yesterday, 1820 passenger Coach & Horses; 1880 Merryweather Steam Fire Engine (2), 1905 Busch Self Propelled F/E (2), 1920 Mack Ac F/E, 1930 Ahrens-Fox F/E YSFE01 (2) and 1936 Leyland 'Cub' F/E Fk-7; 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured

Collection of Corgi Classics models, including public service Jaguar MkII/Mini Durham Police; police set, London Brick Company; and Esso Tanker (M boxes E-M) (13)

Sixteen Anguplas Series GB Mini cars, including Jaguar E-type; Rolls Royce Phantom; M.G.A. 1600; military tank; and others, all boxed (E-M boxes G-M) (16)

Spot-On 218 Jaguar Mk.10, Matte green body, pale yellow interior with driver and 1 x suitcase to boot and Fleet-Owners club card, some paint loss to base (E box G-VG)

Spot-On 218 Jaguar MK10 metallic brown, red interior with driver in silver suit, cast hubs, 2 x plastic suitcases to boot, box has end flaps nearly detached (VG-E box F)

Spot-On 107 Jaguar Xk SS green, grey interior, detailed dashboard, cream steering wheel, cast spun hubs, black tyres, box with incorrect colourspot and pencil to one end flap; and Spot-On Jaguar 'E' type 217, with lifting bonnet, orange/red, cream interior

Corgi 215 Ford Thunderbird open Sports car white and blue, silver interior, spun hubs, smooth black tyres with Corgi model club news ticket, pencil '3/6' to box; and Corgi 213 Jaguar 2.4 'Fire' service car, red, roof sign, grey plastic 'rial, flat spun hub

Alps 1956 style Jaguar, red, tin plate, yellow and green Lithographed interior, friction Powered (E-M box VG)

Rare New Zealand Issue Spot-On 109 Jaguar 'S', blue, driver, white interior, spun hubs; and New Zealand Issue 110 Austin 1800, light brown, red interior, no lady driver, spun hubs, both in illustrated yellow window boxes, both Lacking Cellophane (E boxes F

Matchbox 1-75 series 65 3.4 Litre Jaguar, metallic blue, grey plastic wheels, in B5 type box with one Endflap detached and in box (E-M box G)

Matchbox 1-75 series 32 Jaguar Xk 140, red with grey plastic wheels, in C type box (E-M box G)

One boxed Dinky (E) #195, Jaguar 3.4 saloon, cream (E).