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A grey Lego Fiat 1800 and a Lego System 521 set with grey plates, made in Denmark, circa 1960s (2)

Collection of Solido 'La Collection De L'Aged'or' models, including two 136 Bugatti Royale; Voisin 17 CV; 137 Mercedes SS Torpedo; three Mercedes SS 1928; two 140 Panhard 1925; two Hispano Suiza; Renault 40CV; Fiat 1929; Citroen 15CV; Delage D8 120; Duesen

Three Dinky models, including 172 Fiat 2300 station wagon; 115 Plymouth Fury Sports; and 151 Vauxhall Victor 101 (G - E boxes P - G) (3)

Bandai friction powered Fiat 600 no. 743 Japanese, blue tinplate, spring Loaded light blue vinyl Sunroof, plated parts, Brightly lithographed interior, in illustrated yellow and white box (VG-E box G-VG)18.5 cm long

Five Corgi Toys, 'Chevrolet Corvair 229', 'Triumph TR3 sports car 305', 'Triumph TR2 sports car 301', 'M.G.A sports car 302', and an unboxed 'Fiat 2100' (5)

A boxed Welly '1957 Fiat Nuova 500', and a Motorart 'Volvo V40' (2)

Two Sun Star models, '1959 Pontiac' and a 'Fiat 124 Sport' (2)

A Minichamps '1972 Fiat X', a Hot Wheels 'Dino GT' and a Road Signature '1960 lotus Elite' (3)

Four various model cars, including Aston Martin, Volkswagon, Fiat and Datsun (4)

Two Kyosho 'Mini Cooper' models, and a 'Solido Fiat 600 Beline' (3)

Two Kyosho model cars, 'Fiat 131 Abarth', with trailer, and 'Ferrari 365 GTB/4' (2)

Ten Dinky Toys, including 'Jaguar XK120 Coupe' (157) and 'Fiat 1200, grande Vue' (531), boxed (10)

Three Spot On models, including 185 Fiat 500, green with red interior; 289 Morris minor 1000, light blue with red interior; Royal Mail Morris Mini-van, red with yellow interior; and 4 packets of figures to be sold by retailer (E-M boxes G-E) (4)

Four Italian Mercury diecast models, including No. 5 Lancia Appia; No. 21 Ranger; No. 44 Fiat 850 ; and No. 46 Fiat 124 (E boxes G) (4)

Three Corgi cars, including 240 Ghia-Fiat 600 Jolly; 246 Chrysler Imperial; and 424 Ford Zephyr Estate car (VG-E boxes G) (3)

Matchbox 1-75 Series G-1 Service Station Set including MG1 Service Station; 13d Dodge Wreck Truck; 32c Leyland Tanker; and 56b Fiat 1500, in sealed illustrated blue and yellow box (E box VG)

Sixteen Anguplas Series 1 and F Mini cars, including Ferrari; Alfa Romeo; Fiat 1500; Citroen 5 H.P. Etoile Filante Renault; Bugatti; and others, all boxed (E-M boxes G-M) (16)

Three Corgi models, including 224 Bentley Continental sports saloon, two tone silver and black upper with red interior; 237 Oldsmobile 'Sheriff' car two tone white and black upper with red roof light and interior; 240 Ghia-Fiat 600, blue body (M boxes VG-E

Corgi 217 Fiat 1800 mustard with bright yellow interior and silver steering wheel, some rubbing to front and rear bumpers, spun hubs and black tyres (E box VG-E)

Spot-On Fiat 500 No. 185, red, pale yellow interior with colour picture card, cellotape to inside of box (M box VG)

Collection of Lego circa 1955-1970; 270 Motorcyclists still glued to cardboard sheet and boxed; 659 VW transporter, unboxed; VW van with front windows, unboxed; 260 VW 1200, unboxed; 266 Mercedes Benz 190sL, unboxed; 605 Fiat 1800, boxed; 607 VW Samba van,

Three mercury Fiats including mercury 19 Fiat 600, cream and orange, cast hubs; and 2 x mercury 13 Fiat 1100s, both blue, cast hubs, all in illustrated blue and red boxes (E boxes F-G) (3)

Mercury 12 Fiat 850 spider Bertone blue, red interior, red plastic hood, metal hubs with black tyres, silver trim, slight rubbing (VG-E box G)

Two Spot-On 120 Fiat Multiplas one light blue, cream interior, box missing one end flap and sticky tape to inside of box; and one pink, cream interior (G-VG boxes P-G) (2)

Bandai friction Powered Fiat 600 No. 743, 18.5 cm long, Japanese, blue tinplate, light blue vinyl Sunroof, plated parts, Brightly Lithographed interior, unboxed (G-VG)

Three Corgi models; 232 Fiat 2100, Lilac with mauve roof; 241 Ghia L.6.4, gold; and 274 Bentley 'T' series Whizzwheels, pink (VG-E boxes F-G) (3)

A boxed (E) mercury Fiat 132 Berlina #313; together with a boxed (E) Metosul (Portugal) #3 Alfa Romeo Spyder and a boxed (E) Metosol Merc Benz 1113 petrol Tanker #46 and a boxed (E) Metosul (Portugal) Citroen DS19 #2 black.

One boxed French Dinky (P) #531, Fiat 1200, grand Vue, brown and cream (E).

One boxed French Dinky (E) #548, Fiat 1800 Familiale, blue and black (E: with some rubbing to the roof).

Two mercury cars; consisting of one boxed (G) Dino, Pininfarino Art 48, red (E) and one boxed (E) Dino, Fiat Coupe Bertone Art 63, silver (E).

A boxed Spot-On (F: sellotape + end flap detached) #120 Fiat Multipla, turquoise, (G: slight chipping). Together with a boxed Spot-On (E) #107 Jaguar Xk SS, green (E).ß

An unboxed Spot-On Bmw Isetta, pale green (F: slight chipping); together with a boxed Spot-On (E) Goggo Mobile #131, green and black (E) and an empty box for a Fiat 500 #185 (E: end flap missing).

#316, a boxed Corgi (E) N.S.U Sport-Prinz, magenta (E); together with #217, a boxed Corgi (G) Fiat 1800, pale blue (F) and #239, a boxed Corgi (G) Volkswagen 1500 Karmann Ghia, red (E).

Three Spot-On models; 185 Fiat 500, light blue, red interior; and two Morris minor 1000, blue with red interior, all unboxed (E) (3)

Corgi 242 Ghia Fiat 600 Jolly yellow, red interior, plated plastic parts, two figures and corgi dog, spun hubs, in illustrated yellow and blue box with club leaflet (E box E)

Thirteen Matchbox 1-75 series models and two Superfast models No. 7 Ford Anglia; No. 20 Chevrolet Impala Taxi; No. 21 Commer bottle float; No. 25 Dunlop truck; No. 29 milk truck; No. 31 Lincoln Continental; No. 42 Studebaker; No. 45 Ford Corsair; two No. 5

Corgi Major gift set 28 includes Carrimore car transporter; unboxed No. 222 Renault Floride; unboxed No. 230 Mercedes Benz 220sE Coupe; boxed No. 234 Ford Consul 315 classic; and boxed No. 232 Fiat 2100 in illustrated box (G-E boxes F)

Three Corgi cars including No. 208 Jaguar 2.4 saloon, white, spun hubs; No. 230 Mercedes-Benz 220sE, black, yellow interior; and No. 232 Fiat 2100, pink and mauve, yellow interior, all in illustrated yellow and blue boxes (E boxes G) (3)

Three French Dinky cars No. 509 Fiat 850, yellow, red interior, concave metal hubs; No. 517 Renault R8, mid blue, red interior, concave metal hubs, black tyres; and No. 518 Renault 4L, first type grille, pale blue, silver trim, white interior, concave stee