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Four Danbury Mint and a West Coast model, including 1957 Chrysler New York er Convertible

A motor city Classics 1949 Ford Woody wagon, and a Die-cast Promotions Daimler Chrysler

Three micro models, including a G/40 Chrysler, G/35 Ford Mainline, and two G/32 MG (VG - E) (4)

Corgi no. 246 Chrysler 'Imperial' model & Corgi no. 468 London transport Routemaster Bus with Corgi transfer decals both in original boxes (E-M boxes VG-E) (2)

Fifteen Trax models, including TR35C Chrysler R series Valiant; TR32 Holden HR special; TR13K Holden FC special; TR13J Holden FC special; TR10C Falcon Xc hard top; TR10D Falcon Xc hard top Carter/Lawrence; TRG15 Holden 48-215 'Golden' Holden; TR11D Valiant

Two Trax 1:24 scale models, including a Ford Falcon Gtho in True blue; and a Chrysler Valiant Vh charger R /T Hemi 265 in Vitamin C orange (M boxes M) (2)

Fifteen Trax models, including TR13J Holden FC special 40th Anniversary special; TR4D Ford Xy Falcon Gto Phase III; TR10C Ford Falcon Xc hard top; TR4C Ford Xy Falcon Gtho Phase III; TR13K Holden FC special; TR20E Holden FB special; TR13L Holden FC special

Two 24D French Dinky Plymouth Belvederes, one green body with black roof and Flash with correct box; one unboxed, grey with red roof and Flash; and French Dinky 24A Chrysler New York er, red with ivory interior, in reproduction box (E boxes G) (3)

Post war Dinky 39E Chrysler Royal Sedan, light blue with light blue ridged hubs (E)

Three post-war Dinky 39 series cars, including 39E Chrysler Royal Sedan, mid-green; 39C Lincoln Zephyr Coupe, light grey; and 39F Studebaker state Commander, dark grey, all with black ridged hubs (G-E) (3)

Three unboxed Micro Models (Australia) Chrysler G40 (F-E) (3)

Three French Dinky models in original boxes, including no. 535 24T 2 CV. Citroen; no. 141 Vauxhall Victor Estate car; and no. 24 a Chrysler 'New Yorker' (E - M boxes VG - E) (3)

Two Dinky toys, Chrysler and Lagonda

Two CIJ (France) models Ref 3/15 Chrysler-Windsor; and Bateau a Voile type 420 Et Remorque - boat- missing upper Deck (VG-M boxes F-G)

Dinky Toys, pre-World WarII Chrysler airflow with part over paint and a two door saloon (2)

Chrysler Airflow convertible with caravan, 1930s clockwork tinplate by Tri-ang Minic in near mint condition. Length 24 cm

1937 clockwork Chrysler Airflow, by Kingsbury Toys, USA Pressed steel finished in maroon with battery operated headlights (untested). Extensive scratching to original paint and some bright work replaced. A rare and impressive 1930s toy. Length 35 cm

Dinky 30A Chrysler Airflow. Mid green, smooth white tyres, unboxed (G-VG)

Five plastic Norev models, including Chrysler new - Yorker; Dyna Panhard skis; Simca Versailles; Peugeot 403; and Marly ambulance (E - M boxes E - M) (5)

Four cardboard Signs, including Corgi Bentley Continental display Signs; Corgi Chrysler display sign; and one other (G-M) (4). two cardboard Corgi Bentley Continental display Signs; Corgi Chrysler display sign; and one other (G-M) (4)

Four Madison models, including NR 1 Chrysler Convertible; NR 2 Lincoln Premier; NR 3 Chrysler Hardtop; and NR 13 Plymouth Belvedere (M boxes VG-E) (4)

Six Amt model car Kits, including '1966 Galaxie hard top' and '1964 Chrysler Imperial' (6)

Six Jo-Han model car Kits, two '1962 Dodge Dart', two '1963 Plymouth Fury', a '1968 Chrysler 300', and a '1969 Amx' (6)

Three Road Signature models, a '1955 Packard', '1961 Desoto Adventurer', '1960 Chrysler', and a Norev '1975 Simca' (4)

A Chrysler Corporation '1969 Plymouth Baracuda', a Die-cast Promotions '1967 Oldsmobile', and a Road Signature '1963 Studebaker' (3)

Two 'Chrysler 300C Hemi' model cars, by Maisto and Motor Max (2)

A Die-cast Promotions '1970 Plymouth 'Cuda', an Ertl '1969 Chevrolet Camaro' and a Road Signature '1963 Chrysler Turbine' (3)

A signature 'Chrysler Impala', a neo scale models 'Jaguar MK1X', an Autoart 'Holden Sedan' and a Solido 'Bentley S2, 1961' (4)

Five Dinky Toys, including 'Buick Roadmaster' (24V) and 'Chrysler 'Saratoga' (550), all boxed (5)

A Classic Carlectibles 'Ford Falcon' and a Die-cast Promotions 'Chrysler' (2)

Two signature models, '1931 Packard Lebaron', '1938 Packard', and a Motor City Classics '1948 Chrysler' (3)

A Road Signature 'Chrysler', a Sunstar '1955 Pontiac', and a Motor Max '1958 Plymouth Fury' (3)

A jade '1940 Cadillac Fleetwood series 75' model, and a signature '1936 Chrysler Airflow' (2)

Seven various models, including Franklin Mint '1948 Tucker', Danbury Mint '1957 Chrysler 300C' and '1969 Dodge charger 500' (7)

Two Franklin Mint models, '1934 Chrysler Airflow' and '1940 Ford Pickup', and a Danbury Mint '1946 Chevrolet Suburban' (3)

A Sun Star '1963 Ford Galaxie 500' and a Die-cast Promotions '2008 Chrysler Llc' (2)