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Cherryca no Phe 6 Buick Electra, sage, light green interior (G box G-VG)

Four Madison models, including Mad 16 Buick Super; NR 17 Oldsmobile; Mad 18G Plymouth Belvedere; and NR 21 Studebaker Champion (M boxes VG-E0 (4)

8 x gems & Cobwebs collection models, including Jaguar S; Jaguar mark 9; Jaguar 2.5 Ltr; 2 x Mclaughlin Buick; Vauxhall J type; Austin SS Swallow; Studebaker Business; Vanden Plas 4 Ltr (M boxes E-M) (8)

Four Dinky Toys, 'Buick, 39D', 'Oldsmobile, 39B', 'Triumph saloon, 40B' and a 'Riley saloon, 40A', unboxed (4)

Two GMP models, including '1987 Buick grand National', an Ertl '1970 Plymouth 'Cuda' and an Authentics '1950 Oldsmobile' (4)

A GMP 'Plymouth road runner' and a Road Signature '1971 Buick Riviera Gs' (2)

Five Dinky Toys, including 'Buick Roadmaster' (24V) and 'Chrysler 'Saratoga' (550), all boxed (5)

A Die-cast Promotions '1964 Buick Riviera', a Ertl '1964 Chevrolet Impala', and a signature '1956 Continental Mark 2' (3)

Two Road Signature model cars, '1959 Buick Electra' and '1958 Cadillac Eldorado Sevillle' (2)

Ten Corgi models, including 'Buick Riviera', 'Jaguar Mark X' and 'Le Dandy Coupe', boxed (10)

Two Ertl, '1976 Ford Gran Torino' and '1970 Buick' (2)

Two Ertl models, '1967 Buick Gs' and 'H/O 455' (2)

Two Conquest models, '1955 Buick Super Hardtop' and '1957 Buick Roadmaster' (2)

Corgi TV and movie themed boxed 290-A1 Kojak Buick with Kojak, Crocker, police badge, gunshot sound and detachable beacon

Circa 1932 Buick pedal car, red tin plate still with original head lights, showing rust in need of restoration, 90 cm length

Marklin (Germany) 8001 Buick saloon, blue, silver and chrome trim, spun hubs unboxed (VG-E)

10 Brooklin collection models (England), including 2 x 1966 Ford Mustang; 1954 Hudson Hornet; mercury Monterey; 1960 Ford Meteor Convertible; 1939 Buick; Ford Fordor Sedan; Buick Roadmaster; and 2 x Ford Thunderbird; and a Brooklin models pen (E-M boxes G-

Ten Brooklin models (England), including 1935 Buick Coupe; 1934 Buick Coupe Bellvue; 1941 Chrysler Saratoga; 1953 Packard-Henney; 1947 Cadillac; 1952 Chrysler; 1934 Pierce arrow; 1952 Chrysler Imperial; 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline; and 1955 Thunderbird (E-M b

Eleven Brooklin Models (England), including 2 x 1961 Airstream Bambi; 1953 Airstream 'Silver'; 1937 Pierce-arrow Travelodge; 1934 Buick 96-S Coupe 'Royal Blue'; factory special 1953 Buick Skylark; 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster; 1947 Packard Custom; 1959 Ford

Three great American Dream Machine models, including No. 12 Buick Centurion; No. 2 1954 Corvette Nomad; No. 7 1954 Cadillac El Camino Showcar; and Precision Miniatures No. 13 Hudson Hornet (E-M boxes VG-E) (4)

Six Conquest models, including No. 22R 1956 Buick century Estate wagon; No. 23 1947 Oldsmobile series 76 Dynamic Cruiser; No. 24G 1947 Dodge Custom Convertible; No. 26S 1952 Buick Super Riviera; No. 27 1948 Pontiac Streamlinerv eight; and No. 30G 1947 Cadi

Six Conquest models, including No. 12 1960 Cadillac 60 special; No. 14A 1948 Pontiac Torpedo eight; No. 15 1956 Buick special; No. 17 1954 Pontiac star Chief; No. 18 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood 75; and No. 20BL 1960 Plymouth Fury A/F, both Pontiacs missing sid

Six Conquest models, including No. 1 1954 Oldsmobile Starfire 98; No. 2 1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible; No. 3B 1955 Buick Super Rivera; No. 5 1954 Oldsmobile 98 holiday Hardtop; No. 6G 1957 Imperial Crown; and No. 8 1954 Pontiac star Chief Convertible A

Five Conquest models, including No. No.34 1957 Imperial Crown; No. 35G 1952 Buick Roadmaster Woody wagon; No. 36 1949 Frazer Manhatten; No. 37M 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster; and no 231 1959 Pontiac Catalina, A/F (E-M boxes VG-E) (5)

3 Cherryca Phenix models, including PHE 4 Datsun; PHE 5 Chevrolet Impala, box with Cello tape; and PHE 6 Buick Electra (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Michel Aroutcheff limited edition black Sad Arctic Nation Buick Coupe edition 083/666 (M box M)

Four great American dream machine models, including No. 3 Buick Y-Job; No. 5 1954 Cadillac La Espada Showcar A/F; No. 6 1965 Mako shark II; and No. 7 1954 Cadillac El Camino Showcar (E-M boxes G-VG) (4)

Three great American dream machine models, including No. 11 1956 Chrysler; No. 9 1956 Packard Predictor Showcar; No. 3 1939 Buick; and one Precision miniatures model (E-M boxes VG-E) (4)

Three Corgi models, including 245 Buick Riviera, metallic blue with red interior; 247 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman, maroon; and 248 Chevrolet 'Impala' two tone, fawn with cream roof (M boxes G-E) (3)

Three French Solido Provence Moulage models; Chrysler Windsor, metallic green; Buick 1950 Cabriolet, metallic green; and Buick 1950 Cabriolet, yellow with 'Hanna '89 to Base (M Boxes VG-E) (3)

Cherryca Pheonix Flasher series FL1 Buick Elektra Japanese, circa 1960s, pale green, battery operated lighting, white cast hubs, in illustrated red, yellow and white box (E box G) Literature See: Ralston, Andrew G, Toy cars of Japan and Hong Kong, Schiffer

Marklin 5521/52 Buick, steel blue, tin plate, spun hubs, in Marklin box (G box G-VG)

Rare Marklin 5521/52 Buick, yellow plastic, red seats, chrome trim unboxed (E-M)

A boxed Dinky (E) Hong Kong 57-001 Buick Riveria, blue and white (E).

Asakusa friction powered Buick Sportwagon Japanese, circa mid 1960s, red tinplate body, plated parts, rear view mirrors, detailed lithographed interior, registration 'A-9171', in box with illustrated lift off lid (E box G) 38 cm long. Literature See Smith,

Two French Dinky cars No. 24U Simca Aronde Elysee, blue body, cream roof, spun hubs, white tyres; and No. 24V Buick Roadmaster, mid blue, cream roof, plated ridged hubs, white tyres, one end flap cellotaped on (E boxes VG) (2)

Seven Dinky cars No. 57/001 Buick Riviera, made in Hong Kong, light blue, cream roof, red interior; 2X No. 40G Morris Oxford, dark green, with mid green ridged hubs; No. 162 Ford Zephyr Mk.I, dark blue lower, light blue upper, grey ridged hubs; standard Va

French Dinky 24v Buick Roadmaster 1st type, mid-blue body, dark blue roof, convex hubs, in illustrated yellow box (E box G)

Rare French Dinky 24V Buick Roadmaster, 2nd type with cross hatched inner roof, rare ivory body with pale blue metallic roof, silver bumpers, chrome ridged hubs, white tyres