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Corgi 261, James Bond - Aston Martin D.B.5, in metallic gold. Excellent example in good plus original carded box and inner stand, complete with secret instruction pack including spare figure, lapel badge and corgi club leaflet - rare complete example

Four various models, including Danbury Mint 1964 Aston Martin DB5

A Kyosho Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. 1:12. A Kyosho Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Eight Dinky racing models, including no. 234 Ferrari, no. 238 Jaguar type D, no. 23F Alfa-Romeo, no. 110 Aston Martin, 237 Mercedes Benz, no. 231 Maserati, and two no. 111 Triumph TR2 (G - VG) (8)

Two Doyusha (Japan) James Bond model Kits, including 'Moonraker' and Aston Martin DB5 from 'Goldfinger', unchecked (2)

Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5, 30th Anniversary of Goldfinger edition; and James Bond 007 Ferrari 355 from the 'Goldeneye' film (2)

Corgi special edition James Bond gold Aston Martin; and Aston Martin DB5, both in original window box (M box E) (2)

Three James Bond 007 Corgi models, including Aston Martin DB5; and two Aston Martin models, all in Orignal boxes (3)

Four Dinky models, including no. 153 Aston Martin DB6 in turquoise; no. 164 Mk 4 Ford Zodiac; no. 131 Jaguar 'E' type; and no. 208 V.W./ Porsche 914 sports car with Speedwheels all in original boxes (VG - M boxes VG - E) (4)

Four Corgi models, including 96445 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 'Goldfinger-30th Anniversary' gold plated Windowface box; 02002 gold plated Morris minor; 471 silver Jubilee Bus 'Woolworth Welcomes the World' and 471 silver Jubilee Bus 'See More London' (E-M

A collection of Corgi models unboxed, including no. 208 Jaguar 2.4 Litre; Aston-Martin DB4 Competition; no. 437 Cadillac Superior ambulance on Cadillac chassis; no. 412 Bedford Utilecon ambulance; B.R.M Formula 1 grand Prix racing car; Vanwall racing car;

Corgi no. 261 James Bond's Aston Martin D.B.5 Taken from the film 'Goldfinger', red interior with 'James Bond' figure, slight rubbing. Corgi no. 261 James Bond's Aston Martin D.B.5 taken from the film 'Goldfinger', red interior with 'James Bond' figure, sl

Dinky models, including 110 Aston Martin DB5; Volvo 1800s; and 132 Ford 40-RV (E-M boxes F-E)

A Corgi toy, model 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5, complete with box

Three cardboard display signs, including Meccano; Dinky Toys; and Corgi 'James Bond' Aston Martin sign (VG-E) (3)

Two 'Aston Martin DB9' models, by Minichamps and Solido (2)

Four various model cars, including Aston Martin, Volkswagon, Fiat and Datsun (4)

An Autoart 'Jaguar C-type' and a Road Signature '1958 Aston Martin DB2' (2)

Eight Minichamps, including 'Aston Martin DB9' and '1973 Caravan' (8)

Corgi boxed 218-A2 Aston Martin D.B.4, red (chips to roof, door and body, box worn, slight tear to opening flap)

8 Top Marques (England) models, most limited editions, including Bentley Mk VI; Alvis Grey Lady Drophead; Alvis Tf Convertible; Alvis Td Convertible; Alvis Grey Lady saloon; Rolls Royce Silver Cloud; Aston Martin; and Alvis Speed 25 Charlesworth (E-M boxes

Collection of Corgi signs, including 'The Avengers Gift Set'; 'Carrimore Car Transporter'; 'Tractor with Livestock Carrier'; and 'James Bond Aston Martin 007' (E-M) (4)

Three Spot On models, including 2 x Aston Martin Db Mk.3, one metallic steel blue, one salmon pink; and 193 Nsu Prinz 4 with driver, grey with red interior (E-M boxes G-VG) (3)

Two Western models, including 1955 DB3 Aston Martin; and 1955 Jaguar D-type Le Mans (E boxes F) (2)

Japanese tinplate secret Agent's Aston-Martin action Car and others, Japan, circa 1950s, secret Agent's Aston-Martin action Car, silver with colourful lithographed inner, with revolving license plate and other features; Marusan Toys Hit friction Car Ford S

Four Matchbox 1-75 series models, including 18D Caterpillar Bulldozer, 62MM, black Rollers, type E box; 18C Caterpillar Bulldozer, 58MM, metal Rollers, Perished type B5 box; 19C Aston Martin DBR5, no'19', type D box; and 19D Lotus racing car, dark green bo

Two Corgi models, including 218 Aston Martin DB4, pale yellow; and 264 Oldsmobile Toronado, Metallic blue (Vg-E boxes G) (2)

Spot-On 113 Aston Martin Db MK3 light brown, cream interior, correct colour spot to box end flap and technical data sheet (E box G)

Matchbox 1-75 series G-2 car Transporter gift set 1st issue, including A-2 Transporter, blue, red lettering to sides 'Car Collections Ltd Car Transporter', Kgpw; 39a Ford Zodiac Convertible, peach body, turquoise base and interior, tan driver, small Gpw; 4

Corgi 007 the Definitive Bond collection, set of four iconic Bond cars, Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit Turbo, Aston Martin V8 and BMW Z3; and Tomorrow Never Dies Aston Martin DB5 (M box E-M) (2)

Four assorted boxed Solidos; a # 123 Ferrari 250 Gt, metallic green (E); a # 107 Aston Martin 3l, green (F); a #25 Db Panhard tipo Le Mans, cream (E) and a #143 Panhard 24 Bt, light blue (G).

Two Matchbox 1-75 series; 19C Aston Martin Dbr 5 racing cars, metallic green, wire wheels with black tyres, racing number 52, grey plastic figure driver; and one with racing number 19, both in type D boxes (E boxes G-VG) (2)

Four various vintage tin toys, including Corgi James Bond Aston Martin, Tri-ang Devilvery van

Spot-On No. 0 presentation set including Rolls Royce silver Wraith, silver and green; Mga, light green with cream interior; Ford Zodiac, lilac, red interior; Aston Martin, lilac, cream interior; and Austin Prime Mover, mid-blue, in illustrated box (VG-E bo

Spot-On No. 0 presentation set including Rolls Royce silver Wraith, silver and green, Mga, light green with cream interior; Ford Zodiac, two-tone grey and mid-blue; Aston Martin, metallic dark green; and Austin Prime Mover, mid-blue, in illustrated box (VG

Corgi 3082 'James Bond' 5-piece gift set comprising of 'Jaws' Custom van; lotus Esprit; 'The Spy Who Loved Me'; Aston Martin DB5, silver; 'Moon Raker' shuttle and 'Drax' Helicopter (E-M box G)

Corgi 304 Mercedes Benz 300sL hard-top Roadster yellow body and roof, smooth cast hubs (VG-E box E) ; Corgi 309 Aston Martin Competition model, turquoise, white, lemon interior, racing number, 3x decals to doors, flag decals to bonnet, jewelled headlights

Seven Dinky sports cars, 107 Sunbeam Alpine sports, deep pink body, grey interior, cream hubs, Rn '34', white racer; 108 M. G. Midget; 109 Austin-Healey; 110 Aston Martin; 111 Triumph TR2; 112 Austin Healey sprite; and Volkswagon Karmann Ghia all without b