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Set of six antique graduating French copper and iron handled sauce pans (6)

A set of five vintage 'Les Cuivres de Faucogney' copper saucepans, straight-sided nesting tin lined saucepans with heavy steel handles; maker's stamp to each. Height 9.5 cm, diameter 18 cm, and smaller

A set of seven 'Villedieu' copper saucepans, tapering straight-sided nesting saucepans, tin lined and heavy gauge with steel handles; stamped 'Serie speciale Villedieu' to each, largest pot with lid. Height 12 cm, diameter 22.5 cm, and smal

A group of three mixed antique copper cooking wares, 19th century, comprising a preserving pan with side handles; a straight-sided small cauldron with hammered finish and a swing handle; and a large 'Elephant foot' shaped cauldron with a feature do

Set of three French copper and iron handle saucepans, heavily gauged, 37 cm long, and smaller (3)

French copper & brass twin handled jam pan, 40 cm dia x 14 cm high

Three graduated French copper saucepans/ measures, 26 cm wide (largest)

Antique French copper oval saucepan and lidded round pot (2)

A set of seven copper saucepans, a nesting set with rivet joined steel handles, height 9.5 cm, diameter 20.5 cm, and smaller

Two antique copper stock pots, 19th century, the cylindrical pots with overlapping fitted lids, one with a lightly hammered finish throughout, with strapping, dovetail and rivet joins, and swing wrought iron handles, height 25 cm, diameter 23.5 cm, and sma

A set of five copper saucepans, a good tin lined nesting set with rivet joined brass handles, height 10 cm, diameter 21 cm, and smaller

A set of five copper saucepans, a nesting set with rivet joined steel handles, height 10 cm, diameter 20.5 cm, and smaller

A large antique copper lidded pot, 19th century, the heavy gauge dovetail joined pot with substantial rivet joined brass, handles height 32.5 cm, diameter 33 cm

Vintage French copper twin handled lidded cooking pot, approx 32 cm high, 32 cm wide

Large antique French copper and brass twin handled pot, approx 15 cm high, 50 cm wide

Copper and brass jam pot, of circular form with twin brass handles, diameter 48 cm

Two large antique French copper saucepans with iron handles (2)

Large heavy vintage French Villedieu lidded copper and brass casserole pan

Set of five French graduating copper & brass saucepans (5) stamped made in France

Six 19th century European hand beaten copper bowls and pans, 26 cm high, 38 cm deep

Four 19th century hand beaten copper bowls and pans, 36 cm high, 40 cm deep

A ship's chamber pot, copper and zinc, early 20th century, stamped 'Bulpitt and sons, Birmingham 1915', 36m high

Three antique Persian copper cooking pans, with worn tin plating, 44 cm diameter (largest)

Set of seven piece copper saucepans, with iron handles, in graduated sizes, 19 cm diameter (largest)

Two French copper swing handled pots, approx 22 cm high & smaller (2)