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Rare antique mid 17th century French slate sun dial, approx 32 cm square

An octagonal ivory Butterfield-type sun dial, the dial with engraved Roman and Arabic numerals, hinged bird gnomon and recessed compass, 8.5 cm wide

An ivory, brass and tortoiseshell sun dial and compass, the long oval dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, fixed bird-engraved gnomon and recessed compass, with reeded brass band and tortoiseshell underside, 11 cm long

A rare early stone colonial carved stone column, mounted on a square plinth base, with later bronze sun dial; 112 cm high

Bronze sundial, J. Coppell Lee Melbourne

A brass equinoctial sundial, Continental, mid-18th century, the circular base with under-slung compass, two levelling bubbles with three adjustable feet