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Two lots of bronze weights on stands approx 26 cm wide & shorter

Set of five Chinese Qing Dynasty opium weights, in the form of mythical creatures, of graduated form, (5)

A silver cigarette case, with matching lighter, in original case. Weights 76.7 and 38.7g.

A set of antique French brass weights, ranging from 50gms-1kg and in wooden holder.

Five various Bakelite boxes laboratory weights, inc makers W & J George, Birmingham (3), Analite & Griffin & Tatlock (both incomplete as inspected)

Six various wood boxes laboratory weights, 2 boxes have incomplete weights. All as inspected.

Eimer & Amend, New York, apothecary weight set, c. 1900, comprising fourteen brass weights and a pair of tongs, in fitted cedar box

A sterling silver replica of a Saxon pocket sundial, 1975 London, with indistinct maker's mark, with associated papers, modelled on the tablet style sundial set with green jewels originally found in the cloisters of canterbury Cathedral in 1938’s

Early set brass Troy weights. Ranges for 0.25 - 16 troy ounces. Height 4 cm

Set of gold weights in wooden box with silver name plaque '. J.COLLINGWOOD'. . 5 cm high, 12.5 cm wide, 10 cm deep

Impressive twin-handled brass grain measure on stand. Engraved 'Imperial Bushel, Govt or cape of good Hope 1877', together with eight graduating grain measures and brass weights. Height 19 cm. Provenance: The Estate of the late Alida Haskins widow of Sam H

Three Chinese metal weights two circular and one in the shape of an ingot [3]

Two Victorian brass Troy weights, 19th century, each marked Er VIC. probably used on the Victorian Goldfield's. comprising of 300oz weight & 100oz weight. The largest 21 cm high

A set of Avery brass bell weights, (10) 2ozs. up to 7lbs.

A set of six antique brass Imperial bell weights, with maker's marks of J. Cole of Melbourne, the bell weights of typical form, in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 troy ounce sizes, each with stamped weight marks and maker's marks. Height 15 cm and smaller

Three various graduated weights, various warrant marks in pewter and bronze, approx 12 cm high and shorter (3)

Set 5 bronze opium weights. On fitted wooden stand. Height 7 cm (tallest)

Two porcelain Imperial weights, 7lb & 4lb by W & T Avery, 19th century. Note, outlawed in 1907 as chipped weights lead to short measures.

Full set of standard imperial brass weights known as S30 in 3 boxes from 1 grain to 55 pounds. In all 26 weights in pounds, ounces, drams and grains. Ex Melbourne Observatory

Troy 9 piece weight set, in original wooden box, Crown seal authenticating Government weight standard & Troy, 400 & 500 ounce, in original wooden boxes also with Crown seal. 20th century. (3 items)

Troy 11 piece gold weight set, in original wooden case, 19th century

Troy 11 piece weight set by Stanton of London, in original wooden case. Used as the Victorian Government standard

Unusual Chinese zitan 'Catfish' scroll weights in the form of catfish the wood of dense fine grain, 27.5 cm long

Set of nine antique brass graduating bell weights. Sizes graduating from approx 1oz to 14lb (9)

Two antique young & Son, bear St, London weights engraved New South Wales. 28lbs and 56lbs, approx 24 cm high & 20 cm high (2)

Set of 19th century Imperial weights. Sizes graduating from approx ½ oz to 56lb (11)

Cased set of old weights, case approx 3 cm high, 20 cm long

Two boxed English weights, approx 5 cm high, 14.5 cm wide, 7 cm deep and smaller (2)

Set 5 graduated post office (GPO) weights with broad arrows

A pair of Chinese brass scroll weights, rectangular and with an impressed and enamelled bamboo and rock design in green and grey with characters and a red impressed seal; boxed. Length 21 cm. Width 4 cm

Ten various weights. Metric and Imperial including Two bell weights. Height 17 (tallest)

Three various sets brass weights, including two sets from 1/2oz to 16oz; and one from 1/2oz to 8oz.

Six Avery nickel plated bell weights. One 1 lb, two x 2lb, two x 4lbs, 7lb. Height 19 cm (tallest)

8 brass bell weights. 14, 7, 4, 2; and 1lb, and 8oz. Smallest non-matching. Height 22 cm (tallest)

Five large brass graduated bell weights. 56, 28, 14, 7 and 4lb. N.S.W. Government proof marks, with wood coasters. Height 37 cm (tallest)