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Impressive twin-handled brass grain measure on stand. Engraved 'Imperial Bushel, Govt or cape of good Hope 1877', together with eight graduating grain measures and brass weights. Height 19 cm. Provenance: The Estate of the late Alida Haskins widow of Sam H

Set of 7 Victorian Government measures of capacity from Old Melbourne Observatory circa 1940. Gallon, half gallon, quart, pint, half pint, gill & half gill. In one box with glass strike discs. Each brass measure is hand engraved 'Imperial Standard, Victori

Two porcelain Imperial weights, 7lb & 4lb by W & T Avery, 19th century. Note, outlawed in 1907 as chipped weights lead to short measures.

A Carrington cocktail shaker, together with silver plate measures, spill vases and a pair of deep dishes

Fitted box of seven brass weights, box stamped 'WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OFFICE TAMWORTH'. Weights range from 1lbs to 56 lbs.

Antique French six piece tole ware metal baking measures (6)

A set of seven graduated of pewter measures, each of cylindrical flared form with handles.

19th century two pewter Irish measures, baluster shaped, gill and half gill capacity

Set of three pewter Irish haystack measures, pint, half pint and gill, makers name and touch rim 'Joseph Austin & Sons, Cork' Colt Op No. 153 C.1833 with all verification stamps on necks of all these.

A graduated set of nine English pewter quart to quarter gill measures by Gaskell & Chambers, Birmingham circa 1880

A collection of assorted pewter measures, 18th to 19th century various sizes and shapes, (6)

A collection of assorted pewter measures, 18th to 19th century various sizes and shapes, (7)

Two 19th century graduated copper Haystack measures, the largest. Height 31 cm.

A group of 6 antique English pewter measures three marked James Yates 13 cm-8.5 cm high

A Victorian lidded pewter teapot n along with two antique pewter English measures and a French half litre measure. 8 cm-12 cm high

Eight English pewter measures including a pair with glazed bases.5 x 10 cm height ranging from 5.5 cm-10 cm

Set of three graduating Victorian Irish pewter haystack measures marked for Austen & Son, Cork

Colonial Avery beam scales with their original fitted pine chest a tripod and brass fittings, originally from the Department of Weights & Measures and used to check weights