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A 1930s vintage coin operated arcadeAmusement machine, original painted board and case (needs restoration), used ping-pong balls with blower attachment. Height 185 cm, width 60 cm.

An arcade golf machine 'Play Golf' by Chester Pollard C. 1930, English make, threepenny bit coin operated. Oak case with glass front and painted cast iron fairway (4 holes). Height 170 cm, width 11 cm.

An original arcade Mutoscope 'What the Butler Saw' C. 1910, SN3087 penny in the slot girlie photo reel. Reproduction iron stand. Height to top of stand 143 cm.

A 'Theatre of Mystery' working model, possibly from an English pier arcade C. 1935, coin operated, penny in the slot. Height 91 cm x 1 cm.

A Victorian 'Mills Perfect Muscle Developer' arcade/fairground machine, cast iron and nickle plated components with wooden frame 'Test your Strength' dial, penny in the slot. Height 1,70 cm

A 1970s vintage Kasco 'Gun Smoke' arcade machine, painted cowboy cabinet, coin operated with rifle on pivoting pedestal, with receipts, instruction manual and parts list with circuit diagrams. Dimensions 175 cm x 20 cm x 0 cm.

An Allied 'Sea Hunt' arcade machine 1972, twenty cent coin operated ball in play. Plywood and stainless steel angle iron legs. Height 183 cm, width 70 cm.

A vintage arcade machine 'What is your lucky number', one penny coin operated, painted blue, wooden base (glass needs replacing). Height 155 cm.

A 'Try Your Skill' penny in the slot arcade machine 1920s-30s. Three brass tracks with instructions on the front glass. Dimensions 67 cm x 8 cm

A vintage arcade Flip Ball Domino machine C. 1920-30, coin operated with brass fittings, knobs and levers. Dimensions 72 cm x 8 cm

A vintage arcade skill ball machine, one penny coin operation with flip handle, painted red wooden case. Dimensions 22 cm x 2 cm

A large rare American 1940s Panoram short film movie player with 'Soundies' film reels, stylish mahogany veneer cabinet made by the Mills Company for use in bars and restaurants. Mainly showing 1.6 cm popular jazz and dance band films. I.e Nat King Cole, C

An oak cased vintage skill ball with clowns arcade machine, coin operated with knobs and handles. Dimensions 74 cm x 7 cm

An orange painted wooden case skill ball arcade machine, custom made with central revolving pin wheel. Height 75 cm, width 45 cm

An old cast alloy frame and painted plaster HMV dog, the frame formerly part of an arcade machine. Dimensions 30 cm x 5 cm. HMV dog height 18 cm.

An old painted wooden house pistol shooting arcade game. Glass sides with a row of cats to shoot at. (needs overhaul), height 162 cm.

An original American coin operated Mutascope arcade machine. Made by the international Mutascope Reel Co. New York . Hand wound flipping photo card reel. Patent 1896 on ironwork stand. 800 approx cards. Height 136 cm.

An arcade 'Lolly Crane' by international Mutoscope Reel Co. New York, the 'Electric Travelling Crane' cast metal fittings, pulleys, stainless steel rods and slides etc. Height 174 cm.

Vintage amusement park ride seat, potentially the ‘Paddle-pop lion', approx 78 cm high, 103 cm long

An early 20th century oak Penny slot arcade machine, height 75 cm, width 39 cm, depth 25 cm

An ebonized chrome mounted oak cased penny arcade stereoscope, circa 1920s together with a collection of stereoscope viewer cards of nudes etc (separate power cable). 94 cm high, 33 cm wide, 30 cm deep

A good 19th century French provincial elm dining table, with plank top and single frieze drawer raised on tapering legs. Length 2,20 cm width 75 cm

Two cast iron Arcade 1930s Racers, Green example repainted with replaced wheels. Both L. 18 cm

Patent Gold Changer Express by W & T Avery. Cast iron & brass, circa 1890. 37 cm

Peerless coin operated weighing machine. White enameled column with tiled platform base. One penny cost - operating, with enamel shield plaque, 'Your Doctor Says Weigh Yourself Daily'. Height 170 cm

Mills Counter Top Trade Stimulator. Cast iron with hunting scenes to sides. Complete. Near functional. Height 48 cm

Thomas & Wales Penny slot machine. 'The Greyhound Stadium.' functional, unrestored. Height 60 cm. Width 43 cm. Diameter 27 cm

Wooden cased Players Navy cut coin operated (6d) cigarette dispenser (Brecknell Munro and Rogers), 1928

A child's amusement ride in the shape of a giraffe 117 cm (height)

Garretts Bijou Gold Changer, c1900, iron money changer, 28cm tall. A pioneering change machine. A late 19th - early 20th century device for changing sovereigns and half-sovereigns into a corresponding amount of silver coin; the domed, hinged and lockable f

An English 'Penny Arcade' Slot machine c. 1950's, horse racing, 'Win and Place' oak construction, nickel plated mounts working when lotted. Height 78 cm

Wurlitzer 1946-47 Bubbler Jukebox, model 1015- 78 RPM, the most successful Jukebox of all time. In the years 1946-1947 over 60,000 were sold. In near new and original working condition. Here is a chance to own the 'King of Jukeboxes'. Serial number 1025873