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French Embroidery, 19th century, depicting an Egyptian procession, framed, 125 x 263 cm. Provenance: Richard Wiche Antiques, Sydney, the Estate of J. Belfer, Sydney

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Malcolm Harrison (1947-2007), hand embroidered linen panel. 44.5 x 58 cm

Caroline Tully, Eucalyptus flowers, 1998, woven wool tapestry, signed and embroidered verso 'Caroline Tully, C.T., '98', 120.5 x 140 cm. Provenance: Victorian tapestry workshop, Melbourne, labels: Victorian tapestry workshop, Melbourne

A Victorian embroidered silk piano shawl, 19th century, in soft teal colours with a typical deep fringe and embroidered with flowers and tendrils in bright silk threads, with the original 1996 receipt from Lynton Antiques, Armadale Melbourne. Length 145 cm

Two rare embroidered silk on silk portraits of a young woman, Kyoto Japan, Taisho period, circa 1920, eyes looking skyward, using a single thread and needle, original lacquer and deep silk frames, a rear metal plaque reads 'ITDA and Co, Takishamaya Kyoto T

A late-17th century, early-18th century framed and embroidered panel, with finely stitched ribbons, branches and flowers. Extensive early restoration. Height 108 cm, width 173 cm

A small gilt framed butterfly and flower embroidery, 12 x 9 cm (oval)

A square Kashmiri Twill shawl, hand woven in multi-coloured palette, with a fringed edge, India, 19th/20th century, a black central medallion with embroidered gates on four sides, feels like wool blend with pashmina, condition: small holes not obvious, 200

A 'hundred boys' embroidered panel, the white silk ground decorated in colours with the auspicious 'hundred boys' joyfully engaged in various pursuits, some flying kites, reading or playing games, others in a 'dragon' procession carrying banners and lanter

French bellpull, metallic embroidery, velvet, circa 1920s, gilt metal buck and clasp

Kirghiz embroidered wall hanging mid 20th century 216 x 151 cm

A late 19th century Kashmiri Paisly shawl embroidered with polychrome threads in a paisley design on a cream ground, 275 cm x 142 cm.

World War I period Embroidery. St George Slaying the dragon. Stitching done in the inside of a kit bag, purportedly by an unknown Italian soldier during World War I. The soldier was said to have fought alongside an Australian soldier in the trenches, after

A handmade leather frame mirror with applied leaves, pods and native flora. The central panel with embroidered wool work, 82 cm high, 80 cm wide

Three vintage hand beaded purses one with embroidery and beading

Antique cream silk shawl hand embroidered with flowers and butterflies

Victorian opera silk cape with floral embroidery and tassel fringing

Victorian black silk and embroidered piano shawl with floral applique

An early English embroidered and lace cuff, possibly 14th/15th century embellished with row of figures interspersed with crosses, 36 cm x 12 cm

Woollen Embroidery, after Margaret Preston. Australian wild flowers. 27 x 37 cm

Boxer Rebellion silk embroidery showing the flags of the Eight Nations Alliance with British crest & motto. 50 x 50 cm

Charlene Mullen, River Thames, London calling series machine embroidery on linen, cushion Cashes name tag verso 33 x 90 cm. Other Notes:: Charlene Mullen is a British homewares & textile designer.

A framed and embroidered 'Advance Australia' textile ensign panel, circa 1900, 40 x 37.5 cm

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A large huon pine hand-embroidered and beaded oval portrait panel, Australian, 19th century, the oval 65 cm high, 53 cm wide

A framed embroidered 'Advance Australia' coat of arms, signed 'J. Franke,' dated 1899, 38 cm high, 51 cm wide

French needlework wall hanging, 'Aubusson Design', 180 cm x 120 cm approx, comes with receipt from purchase $600

A pair of embroidery hangings, gold thread and red velvet, Spanish, 18th century. 155 cm high x 42 cm wide

A collection of eleven embroidered silk and metal thread tasselled cushions, with 18th century silk-work panels, the largest 52 cm long x 76 cm wide

A large brocade embroidered green velvet wall hanging, Italian, 18th/19th century. 302 cm high, 173 cm wide

A rare embroidered silk and metal thread and sequinned pochette, dated 1688. 18 cm high x 26 cm wide

A Charles II embroidered silk and mica panel, English, mid 17th century. 31 cm high x 28 cm wide

A fine Cutwork linen Tablecloth and Napkins, mid 20th century, the tablecloth in ecru linen decorated throughout with floral designs and patterns in a range of techniques including embroidery, pulled thread work and tatting, with twelve associated napkins.

Three cream silk piano shawls, two embroidered, all with long tassel fringing

Three cream lace items, to include Edwardian scarf of embroidered net, a flounce Maltese silk lace and a modern cream machine lace shawl, (3)

Four various embroidered & woven cloths, including diamond pattern embroidered silk; one cotton & one rayon, striped shawls; and embroidered blue ground cloth. 240 x 137 cm. (largest)

Early Textiles, including block printed cotton hanging. Also embroidered red cotton cloth & baby's coat. Losses & holes 308 x 203 cm. (largest)