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A framed stumpwork fragment depicting a regal gentleman and his wife, probably King Charles II, 37 cm square including frame

An embroidered floral stump work mounted mirror, 72 x 46 cm

18th century English silk needlework oval panel with raised areas of stump work depicting a young lady in exotic hat, measures 27.8 cm x 23 cm

A rare beaded stumpwork and silk panel, English, mid 17th century. 37 cm high x 47 cm wide

A large and rare Charles II silk embroidered stumpwork panel, English, mid 17th century, with a central cartouche of King Charles II and Catherine of Braganza. 50 cm high x 60 cm wide

An unusual Charles II silk embroidered stumpwork panel, English, mid 17th century. 25 cm high x 41.5 cm wide

Late 17th century stump work framed mirror top panel depicting Adam and Eve in Eden with the apple tree, side panels show crowned lady with bird and gentleman with scroll, bottom panel with exotic bird and all over floral embroidery. Framed by tortoise she

A rare stumpwork and needlework picture English, 17th century, of a noble person within in an oval, surrounded by four other figures. 40 x 52 cm