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Under the New Zealand Protected Objects Act 1975, administered by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, the sale, trade, export and ownership of some Maori artefact are regulated Objects over 50 years old that also have Maori cultural significance must be inspected by Ministry for Culture & Heritage, and if significant the object will be allocated a "Y" number, a unique identification number. Artefacts that have a Y number can only be purchased by those that are registered collectors with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. These collectors have a ‘registered number’. Y numbered artefacts cannot leave the country without written permission from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage. Those who are not registered collectors, and usually reside in New Zealand, can apply to the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to become one. There are no restrictions on the purchase of Maori items that have no Y number or Pacific Island or other artefacts from around the world. As this site is a price guide, and does not offer items for sale, the Y numbers applicable to any items on this site are not displayed..
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Patu Muka. Large stone pounder with circular cross section, bulbous body, extends to top notched handle. Surface is rough and pitted. Andesite. Length 29.5 cm. Width 9 cm. Private collection, New Zealand

Patu Aruhe - Pounder. The patu aruhe (bracken-fern-root pounder) is associated with food preparation; signs of considerable age. Early 19th century or earlier. May have been swamp preserved. Length 29.5 cm. Width 6.5 cm. Private Collection, New Zealand

A pre-European Maori stone patu muka (flax pounder), traditional plain form with reduced grip, fine pecked overall finish. Length 19.5 cm

Two Maori stone pounders. Length 27.8 cm. Length 19.6 cm

Patu muka, stone pounder of classic form and large proportions. Ovoid cross section and body tapering to a flared rounded end. Length 37 cm. Width 10.5 cm

A Maori stone fern root pounder (patu muka). Found in a creek new Matata in the 1930s. Length 24 cm

An 18th century Maori stone pounder (patu muka), in good condition. Raised ridge butt end. Length 27 cm

An 18th century stone flax pounder (patu muka). Length 29 cm

Patu aruhe - pounder classic bulbous form with blackened, dark-brown patina. Length 27 cm. Width 8 cm

18th century Maori stone patu muka (flax pounder) Greywacke stone, heavily pecked all over. Length 28.5 cm.

An 18th century Maori patu muka (stone flax pounder) nice shape and proportions. Spiral ridges on top of poll. Length 20.5 cm.

Extremely rare and unique pre European 16th century God stone carved flax beater butt made of volcanic stone with a carved face of a dog on the butt which is almost Easter Island style. It would have been a huge pounder. a similar object is found in the Br

An 18th century Maori pounder Volcanic stone. Length 25 cm.

A Maori wooden carved fern root pounder (patu aruhe), the one piece plain mallet form body of mildly tapered cylindrical form with plain tapered grip, original old patina. Length 25.5 cm

Patu muka, a stone flax pounder with a circular cross-section. Bulbous body tapers to a rounded butt. smooth pecked surface. Length 24.5 cm. Width 8.5 cm

Flax pounder, used on fresh flax during the production of muka. Strong conical form. Worn patina overall. Circular cross section. Length 33 cm. Width 6.5 cm

Patu Muka, finely balanced stone pounder with oval sectioned body tapering to the handle section with well defined ridge at the butt. Length 27 cm

A Maori pre-European stone patu muka (stone flax pounder) of traditional form with elongated ovoid body and flared knob end, pecked overall finish. Length 25 cm

patu muka - Maori stone flax pounder, conical form. Circular cross section. Head is heavily chip. Patina paint damaged. Length 23.9 cm. Width 7.3 cm.

18th century pre-European stone pounder of half shape (used for making canoes)

Pre European Maori stone pounder in good condition. Raised ridge butt end. Length 27 cm