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Vintage 1960s tin Mego man robot, Japanese clockwork, 17 cm high approx.

Space Productions (1997), Lost in Space Robot B9, near mint in original carded box, height 32 cm

A 1970s (?) Horikawa plastic and tin Martian robot batteryoperated.

A 1960s Yonezawa tin and plastic wind-up robot made in Japan 8 cm high

A 1970s Horikawa plastic Sky Robot made in Japan. Batteryoperated

A rare 1960s Horikawa Dino/Godzilla tin and plastic robot batteryoperated. Extensive damage - half of helmet broken off, piece still with item

A 1960s/70s Horikawa (?) plastic space robot with moving arms and legs batteryoperated. Made in Japan. Centre breastplate missing. 24 cm high

A 1976 tin and plastic Yone wind-up space robot made in Japan. 14 cm high

A 1960s (?) wind up robot with spinning propellor made in Hong Kong 16 cm high

A 1970s plastic and tin Horikawa Space Fighter toy robot made in Japan. Batteryoperated

A 1960s plastic Horikawa battery operated toy robot made in Japan

Attacking Robot, Japanese tinplate bat op by Horikawa, c1960s Rare silver variant in good working condition. Height 29 cm

Attacking Robot, Japanese tinplate bat op by Horikawa, c1960s Rare silver variant in good working condition. Height 29 cm

Answer-game' Robot, Ichida Brand 1960'S. Untested, unboxed 37 cm high

A group of toys including matchbox models of yesteryear, wind up robot and canon lighter

Star Wars: 2002 Episode 1 Calendar; 'star Wars Science' build, use and display robotic arm; Star Wars electronic pinball game (box in bad shape, game not tested); R2D2 voice activated electronic droid. The R2D2 droid comes complete with movie-accurate mess

Vintage Japanese robot, with visible gear mechanism in original box

'Alan Parsons Project, I Robot' Uhqr By Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (Japan, 1983), limited edition 811

Ahi battery operated 6813 lost in Space Robot Hong Kong, circa 1977, grey and black plastic body, flat green head, in illustrated window box (VG box G) 25.5 cm high

ATC (Asahi) friction powered Robot Space Patrol X-5 Japanese, circa 1960s, blue tinplate body with red and yellow detail, silver robot driver, red and yellow spinner to bonnet, unboxed (VG) 21 cm long

Trade box of twelve Noguchi 'Mechanical Walking Robot-7' Robots Japanese, circa 1960s, clockwork, all silver tinplate with red, blue and yellow detail, permanent keys, in box with colourful illustrated lift off lid, generally excellent though several mecha

Yonezawa battery operated Directional Robot Japanese, circa 1950s, blue tinplate body with yellow and red chest panel, red light to top of head, green plastic eyes, some slight paint loss to battery compartment, slight scuffing, unboxed (VG) 27.5 cm high

Saunders battery operated Marvelous Mike Electromatic Tractor 1000 American, circa 1950s, yellow pressed steel tractor with silver plastic robot driver, black rubber caterpillar tracks, in illustrated box (VG box G) 34 cm long

Ko battery operated Chief Robot man Japanese, circa 1950s, metallic blue tinplate body with red tinplate arms and sides, cream and red tinplate head with chrome detail, red and green plastic lights and panelling, several actions including spinning ears and

Boxed original 1960's Remco, lost in space robot, in original box, style 760

Rare Yonezawa Mr Atomic Robot Japanese, battery operated, bullet shaped blue and red lithographed tinplate robot with swinging blue arms, yellow feet, clear plastic domed 'Head' with sixteen miniature flashing coloured lights, two clear plastic ears, red a

Linemar easel-back Robot, Japanese, circa late 1950s, clockwork silver, red and black lithographed tinplate robot with metal easel style support rod to rear, permanent key. Height 15.5 cm

N paddle foot robot, Japanese, circa late 1960s, fixed arm robot with red panel to chest with sparking action, silver letter 'W' to upper chest. Height 15 cm

Yoshiya high wheel robot, Japanese, circa 1960s, black and red tinplate robot, with red plastic hands and four spinning coloured plastic cogs to the chest, metal on/off antenna to head, permanent key. Height 25 cm

Rare Alps/Rosko rocket man Robot in Space armour Japanese, circa 1960, light blue metal arms, legs and body, grey plastic feet, grey plastic head opens to reveal tinplate astronaut, circular dial to chest, yellow plastic antenna to head, two firing red and

Modern toys (Masudaya) giant Sonic Robot Japanese, circa early 1960s, large battery operated red tinplate robot with swinging black arms, black head with flashing red and green eyes, yellow ears and train sound, some rubs to extremities and slight creasing

Junior toys battery operated NASA moon Buggy, Japanese, silver tinplate buggy with several actions including rotating body and opening hatches, toy functions but needs attention, circa 1960s; and a Horikawa battery operated Super Mechanic Fighter, Japanese

K.T, clockwork tinplate Robot, Japanese, orange lithographed body with black and white lithographed dials to front, head with red circular ears and mouth, protruding triangular nose, black feet and bare metal hands, 'N. P. 5357' lettering to front of body,

A Horikawa battery operated Spaceman robot, Japanese, with laser gun action to chest (chest doors missing) (F-G) 29 cm. High

A Yone clockwork tinplate Mighty Robot, Japanese, green with colourful lithographed detail, red acetate window to chest with sparking action, circa late 1960s (G-E) 14 cm high