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Aeroplane model, approx 108 cm long x 113 cm (wingspan)

Line operated model aircraft engine and some fittings missing, 156 cm wingspan approx

Line operated model plane with petrol engine, 106 cm wingspan approx

Large model Mustang plane for radio control, with petrol engine, 165 cm (wingspan) approx

Large Tiger Moth model plane for remote control, with petrol engine, 165 cm wing span

A 1:192 scale model of the Bismarck, by Fine Art Models, USA. Released 1996, production of 50 (sold out). Battle Bismarck-Last voyage, with glass case and black walnut base. Model length 132 cm

Lonestar James Bond 007 'Moonraker' Space gun; and Lonestar James Bond 007 shoulder Holster & gun based on the model Used in film 'A View to Kill' (2)

A desktop model airplane polished aluminium. Height 22 cm. Length 41 cm

Antique large scale model stationary steam engine, retaining original paint

Nomura (Japan) NR-329 'Southern Cross' clockwork lithographed tinplate plane model in red, blue and yellow with fish scale motif to nose. Sold without box, key present but mechanism not working, scratches and rust in several places (F-G) ; and cameo 'Pop-A

A Qantas Empire Airways, Lockheed L-188 Electra 1:100 Desktop scale model, circa 1950's; metal and paint manufactured by W. Osgaard & Company, Charlottenlund, Denmark. Height 35 cm; length 46.5 cm

14 x Herpa 1:500 scale model aeroplanes. (E-M boxes E-M) (14)

Nine 1:500 model aeroplanes, mostly Herpa. (E-M boxes E-M) (9)

Nine Herpa 1:500 model aeroplane. (E-M boxes E-M) (9)

10 x Herpa and dragon wings model aeroplanes. (E-M boxes E-M) (10)

Eight Herpa 1:500 model aeroplanes. (E-M boxes E-M)

Painted scale model engine driven Biplane 110 x 120 cm

Concorde, solid plastic model in Qantas livery, length 61 cm, wingspan 26 cm, made by Space Models, England, on metal display stand. Fair/Good condition (minor fault to wingtip). This particular model was presented to Sir Robert Cotton, Minister for Civil

Berliner Joyce Xfj-I. US experimental shipboard fighter that first flew in 1930. Rubber powered free flight 1/14 scale model constructed in balsa wood, tissue, wire and plastic. Wing span 61 cm

Charles Lindburgh's Ryan N-X-211, 'Spirit of St Louis'. Modified Guillow kit, rubber powered at 1/16 scale. Wing span 87 cm. a superb display model

Model 'roplanes: Balance of collection, noted, the modern boy Biplane; Tupoler Tb-3; Central Autogyro; 'Shrimp' Cox. 02 Pee Wee spout F.F. Model; Cierra C8 Autogiro; 'Veron Classic'; 'The Wasp' powered by a 0.25cc Russian engine; 'Cierva C-30 Autogyro'. Co

A 1931 Alfa Romeo 8 Monza 1:8 scale model by Pocher, complete with a glass and wooden display case, presented to the owner by Alfa-Romeo for services rendered in Australia.

Group of three models. 1. Hawker Fury. 36 cm span, rubber powered model made from 'Central Aircraft' plans published in the 1930's. 2. Heinkel He-51. A 44 cm span rubber powered model features highly detailed motor and other scale features, the original wa

Group of three models. 1. De Hauillard leopard Moth, a highly detailed, 46 cm span, rubber powered scale model of this 1933 aircraft. 2. Ryan Sf, 40 cm span, rubber powered scale model. 3. Contemporary foam, rubber powered 'Ready to Fly' model, 39 cm span.

Vought SBU1. This 43 cm span, rubber powered biplane has a fitted presentation box to ensure safe storage. Well detailed and a striking model.

Bristol Bulldog Iia. From No. 54 squadron, the superb detailing, combined with the presentation box shows Burt Hartshorn's skills at their peak. This 58 cm span, rubber powered model is spectacular and special.

Douglas DC-3. Built from a Guillows kit, this model represents what is perhaps the best known airliner of all time, the model is a 50 cm span, rubber powered, and features 'Knock-off wings'.

XXXXX, the original aircraft served as bombers with the Italian Air Force during World War I1. This 90 cm span rubber powered model is well detailed.

Model and toy 'roplanes: two models: 1. In June 1937 this Bristol 138A aircraft reached a record altitude at 53,937 feet. This highly detailed, rubber powered model has an 80 cm span and features 'Knock-off' wings, 2. Faires long range monoplane; 100 cm sp

Vought OS2U Kingfisher. This aircraft was used for the R.A.A.F Antarctic flight during 1947, the model is rubber powered, of 50 cm span and comes complete with a titled presentation box which also shows details of the original aircraft.

Dux Constructor Plane No. 106, Made in Germany c. 1932. Mostly still strung in original box, in red and silver livery, wings and tailplane having adjustable flaps. Has radical cowl engine and white rubber tyres and 35 page instruction booklet. Excellent, b

The Ripper 1938. Burt Hartshorn belonged to the Essendon model Aircraft club, and this rubber powered duration contest model was a club design dating from 1938. 50 cm wingspan and features a beautifully constructed folding propellor

The Central Aircraft 'Rocket'. This model was designed by Central Aircraft, one of Melbourne's earliest model aircraft retailers. A sport flying, rubber powered model and an excellent flyer of 55 cm wingspan

The Hamburg Ha-137. This aircraft was the forerunner of the famous German 'Stuka' of World War II, the original was made by the shipbuilders Blohm and Voss around 1935. This model is rubber powered and approx 45 cm in wingspan.

De Havilland Dh 60 Cirrus Moth, highly detailed, 38 cm wingspan, rubber powered model of this historic 1925 aircraft, the model represents an Australian registered version