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An ebonised folding faux bamboo wall coat rack, French, circa 1900, 112 cm wide

A cast iron bamboo form umbrella stand, French, circa 1920. 60 cm high, 49 cm wide, 23 cm deep

Antique French enamelled cast iron umbrella stand, faux bamboo design, approx 65 cm high, 53 cm high

Antique French faux bamboo coat rack, approx 76 cm long, 43 cm wide

Coat stand faux bamboo coat stand with metal hooks France, c. 1920s. 187 cm high, 78 cm wide, 22 cm deep

Coat stand faux bamboo coat stand with umbrella tray France, c. 1930s. 200 cm high, 70 cm wide, 25 cm deep

A faux marble umbrella stand, configured as a demi-lune section pierced to hold numerous sticks and umbrellas raised above a trough with tin lining of conforming shape. Width 90 cm

Antique French faux bamboo coat rack and umbrella stand, with zinc lined drip tray, approx 203 cm high

Turquoise enamel cast iron bamboo umbrella stand with drip dray, approx 78 cm high, 52 cm wide

Victorian painted cast iron bamboo umbrella stand with drip tray, approx 60 cm high, 39 cm wide

A white painted brass, steel and cane panelled hall stand, French, circa 1900. Approx 220 cm high, 100 cm wide

Antique French bamboo hallstand, approx 230 cm high, 98 cm wide

Antique bamboo hallstand, fitted with a central diamond shape mirror, approx 222 cm high, 81 cm wide

An Aesthetic style bamboo hallstand, early 20th century, the rustic tall stand with a five coat hooks, a bevelled mirror set as diamond above a conforming painted timber panel of roses, the base with provision for umbrellas and walking sticks above a remov

Antique French brown enamelled cast iron faux bamboo umbrella stand, height 65 cm

Antique French faux bamboo hallstand, height 207 cm. Width 80 cm

A cast iron bamboo form hall-stand, French, 19th century labelled Deville Paillette and Cie Charleville Ardennes. 195 cm high, 60 cm wide. 28 cm deep

Hall stand mid 19th century Australian cedar hat tree & cane stand 200 x 100 cm