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Meiji period Japanese bronze Koro the lid with shishi finial, body with shibayama type decoration of bird and blossom on hardwood stand

A Japanese Tsuishu & Shibayama lidded jar, 19th century, the body and cover of carved red lacquer, inset with gold Kinji ground and decorated reserves of birds and flowers, the base depicting dramatic waves in carved & lacquered wood and the finial

Meiji ivory Shibayama notebook depicting two storks under cherry blossom & bamboo trees to one side & a peacock under a grape vine & chrysanthemums to verso. Marked inside 'Mrs H.E. Lord. Sydney' & has a internal divider & anoth

Japanese Shibayama brush pot. Ivory (elephant), finely decorated to front & verso, with mother of pearl & semi precious stone, apple blossoms, finished with a silver fretwork applied rim, signature to side, height 41 cm

A fine large pair of antique Shibayama ivory vases, Meiji period, 1865-1912, Utilising the natural curvature of the tusk, exquisitely decorated in gold, coral, mother-of-pearl and depicting various birds including fowl and auspicious red crested cranes ami

Japanese silver and white metal Shibayama lidded urn, with polychrome enamel decoration, flanked by shibayama panels depicting flowers and birds with coral, mother-of-pearl and ivory embellishments, with two dragon handles, the lid surmounted by an eagle,

A Shibayama ivory tusk vase mounted as a lamp, Meiji Period, late 19th century, the slightly curved cylindrical tusk inlaid in various materials including mother-of-pearl and stained ivory, with a cockerel perched on a blossoming tree, a hen and chicks on

Meiji Shibayama & lacquer pair of panels depicting birds amongst purple wisteria trees, carved in ivory, bone & mother of pearl on a green lacquer ground, set in a carved timber frame. condition good to fair, some losses to two flowers. Dimensions

Antique Japanese Meiji period red and black lacquer shibayama table screen. Chickens amongst flowering chrysanthemums, some losses

A Japanese ivory Shibayama card case, the rectangular case inlaid with bronze, coral and mother of pearl depicting birds and insects amongst foliage

A 19th century fine Shibayama gold lacquer tsuba, Meiji period, of quatrefoil form, the kinji ground of gold decorated with reference to the Tanabata festival in hiramakie and takamakie, the reverse depicting a bird catching an insect, flowers in shell inl

A very fine Shibayama gold lacquer Mokkogata tsuba, Meiji period, signed Nemoto-zo. Inlaid in mother of pearl, coral, ivory, and shakudo on a nashiji and kirikane ground and decorated in takamakie and hiramakie lacquer, with silver and cloisonne rim., one

A Japanese Shibayama vase, Meiji period (1868-1912), elaborately lacquered and inlaid with floriate, insect and duck motif, mounted on gilt lacquered wooden base, 33 cm total height (losses to inlay, one foot repaired)

A rare Meiji Japanese wooden Inro Tonkotsu, with Shibayama inlay decoration, original ivory Ojime bead and Hirado ceramic Fungi netsuke. Inro 7 cm high.

A fine Meiji Japanese Inro with shibayama inlaid decoration. Original Satsuma ojime bead and original boxwood mushroom netsuke. 9 cm.

Three Meiji Japanese Shibayama ivory and lacquer inlaid panels with figural scenes. Largest 26 cm.

Antique Japanese carved wood and lacquer two fold screen, mounted with Shibayama work of birds on blossoming branches, each panel approx 187 cm high, 80 cm wide

An ivory figural okimono, late Meiji period, of a man on a rocky ledge carrying a basket on his head filled with gourds, the fruiting vine trailing down to a small boy standing on a lower ledge; together with a pair of small Shibayama brushpots, each decor

A pair of Japanese shibayama flower vases on stands, Meiji or Taisho carved in high relief with similar images of figures from a fishing village against a pine-tree landscape, 30.5 cm high (2). Provenance: Private collection NSW

Six Japanese wood and ivory Shibayama whist counters, Meiji Period, 1868-1912, with inlaid design of insects and birds, each 9 x 5.8 cm

An impressive Japanese hardwood Shibayama Shodana, Meiji Period, 1868-1912, the doors lacquered and inlaid with bone, ivory and mother of pearl, the wooden borders and aprons finely pierced and carved, supported on a low rectangular stand, 210 cm high, 165

A large lacquered wood panel. Inlaid with ivory, in the style of Shibayama. Design of a bird above a flowering bush. A/f. Height 91 cm. Width 51 cm

Japanese Shibayama 'Ox-bone' Bezique counter. Beautifully decorated with gilded and inlaid mother of pearl birds, butterflies and insects, surrounding a gilded sprig, probably Meiji period. Length 9 cm

A Japanese Shibayama box and cover Meiji period, circa 1900 ebonised surround inlaid with mother of pearl, ivory and coral minimal loss, 9.5 cm length

Small Japanese Shibayama cabinet, Meiji period (1868-1912), with ivory panels inlaid in Shibayama style with blossoming sprays, the wood frames and the blue painted panels decorated in gold lacquer. 96.5 cm x 52.5 cm

Japanese ivory fitting, Meiji period (1868-1912), inlaid in Shibayama-style with birds amongst peony sprays. Length 4.8 cm

A c.1900 ivory and horn letter knife, the tapered plain ivory blade fitted to the horn handle with Shibayama work in mother-of-pearl as a floral spray. Length 22 cm

A pair of Japanese Shibayama silver, enamel and ivory vases, each with flared rim and neck decorated in coloured enamel, silver flowers on the shoulders, the body decorated with birds, butterflies, blossom and chrysathmums in shell, mother of pearl, coral

A pair of Japanese shibayama, silver, enamel and lacquer vases, Meiji Period signed Masashi, signed Masashi each with two geometric handles to the everted neck decorated with coloured enamel flowers, the body decorated with birds perched amongst blossom, b

A Shibayama inlaid ivory three case Inro signed Kanjoichi, 19th century, decorated in typical Shibayama style inlay with a duck perched in a blossoming tree on one side, and its mate swimming beneath flowering plants and butterfly on the other, signed in a

Shibayama lidded container and cup with shi shi dog finial decorated with butterflies and flowers on elephant feet

A Japanese stained ivory Shibayama okimono, 1913-1926, Taisho period. Figures at leisure. 9.2 cm high

A pair of Japanese stained ivory Shibayama figures, Taisho period, 1913-1926, each one signed on a red lacquer tablet 12.5 cm high (2)

A Japanese ivory carved Okimno and a Shibayama bamboo stand Meiji period (1868-1912), each signed, the okimono carved as a tubular stand depicting a writhing dragon amongst the clouds, his head rearing out from above and set around with three heavenly figu

A Japanese ivory and wooden Shibayama inlaid okimono, the figural scene depicts a Japanese priest who holds a parasol attempting to cast out a group of oni, set upon a circular timber plinth, all with select details inlaid with shibaya, mother of pearl and

A fine pair of Japanese Shibayama silver, ivory and enamelled vases Meiji period each with fluted rim and tall everted necks decorated in coloured enamel above a collar with twin dragon handles and decorated with a quail, a hen and other birds to one side

A Japanese silver mounted Shibayama dish Meiji period, the centre panel decorated with storks by a stream and in flight, inlaid with shell, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell and coral on a kinji lacquer ground, surrounded by a rim of twelve lobed silver filig

A Japanese Shibayama silver vase. Meiji period (1868-1912), shouldered with six gold segmented and rounded sides with inlaid decoration of flowers, hanging baskets and trees, with flared neck and everted rim and with delicate inlaid decoration of elongated

A Japanese shibayama box and cover, Meiji periodof shaped petal form with applied fan-shaped panels to the cover inlaid and mounted with figures of monkeys and a rat catcher in bronze, copper and gold, the sides with fans decorated with figural and floral

A Japanese silver mounted ivory shibayama urn with cover Meiji period (1868-1912), signed, the domed silver cover with cloisonne motifs and a pair of pigeons as finial above a body of ivory, quadrilobed and with silver dragon lugs to each side, all inlaid

A silver filigree and Shibayama inlaid dish, Meiji period, of flower shape, the shallow rounded sides inset with petal-shaped ivory panels decorated in typical Shibayama inlay with different flowering plants, encircling a central medallion with a butterfly