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Bernard Leach (1887 - 1979) was born in Hong Kong, and later attended the Slade School in London where he studied etching. He visited Japan in 1909 and taught etching but a few years later became interested in Raku style pottery. It was not until 1919 he met potter Hamada Shoji, and the following year they moved back to England, settling in St lves in Cornwall where they set up the Leach Pottery. They produced pottery with a combination of Eastern and Western styles. Their influence spread and many studio artists took apprenticeship under them, including Michael Cardew, William Marshall, and Leach's sons, David and Michael. After the death of Bernard Leach in 1979, the business was continued by his wife Janet who operated it until her death in 1999. It was then purchased by a St Ives hotel owner and it is still operating as a pottery and museum.
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Bernard Leach (British, 1887-1979), Soup Service, c. 1940, comprising a tureen and eight ramekins, stoneware, each piece unglazed to the exterior, the interior with celadon or dark brown glaze, artist's stamps impressed near base (9), height 17 cm

Bernard Leach, early St Ives slipware saucer, with a cream slip on an olive green ground, impressed mark, diameter 16 cm. Provenance: This saucer is reputedly amongst the first ceramics fired by Bernard Leach at St Ives in the 1920s, from the Collection of

Bernard Leach, stoneware ashtray with glazed celadon interior and unglazed exterior. Impressed personal seal mark and St Ives pottery mark, W. 14 cm, together with a small St Ives bowl (2)

Bernard Leach, stoneware rectangular pen tray. Pale celadon glaze over combed white slip to the interior, the exterior with tenmoku glaze, circa 1960. Impressed personal seal mark and St Ives pottery mark, W.21 cm. For a similar example see Bernard Leach:

Bernard Leach, stoneware tile decorated with a leaping deer on cream ground, unmarked. Height 100 x W. 10 cm

Bernard Leach, large and impressive stone ware tile decorated with a well head design on cream ground. Five impressed St Ives pottery marks to the back of the tile. Height 225 x W.22.5 cm

St Ives pottery, an earthenware dish, possibly by Bernard Leach with pie crust rim decorated with intersecting combed lines on a rich brown glazed ground. Unmarked. Diameter 32 cm. Martin Hill's notes record that Leach mentioned to him that the piecrust ri

Bernard Leach, stoneware tile incised and painted with a swimming fish on a cream ground. Painted St Ives mark and painted Leach mark to the front of the tile, the reverse with four impressed St Ives seal marks, glaze damage to the upper section of the til

Bernard Leach (attributed), earthenware dish with moulded pie crust rim and feather pattern decoration on yellow ground. Impressed St Ives seal mark, circa 1930. Diameter 20 cm. Martin Hill's notes record that he showed this dish to Bernard Leach who confi

Bernard Leach (attributed), small ovoid stoneware vase with deep black glaze. Firing flaw to top rim. Impressed St Ives mark. Height 19 cm. Martin Hill showed Bernard Leach this small vase when he visited New Zealand in 1962. Leach informed Martin that thi

Bernard Leach, stoneware teapot with brown floral decoration on a grey ash glazed ground, chipped to the lid, impressed St Ives pottery seal mark and personal seal mark

Bernard Leach, stoneware teapot with celadon glaze, small rim frits to the spout, impressed personal seal mark and St Ives pottery mark. Height 15 cm

Bernard Leach, Saki set, c1955, oatmeal glaze, comprising six cups, one decanter with lid, all marked with impressed St Ives seal. Decanter. Height 22 cm

Bernard Leach, coffee set, c1955, comprising four cups and saucers, coffee pot and sugar bowl, brown, blue and grey glaze, all pieces with impressed St Ives seal. Coffee pot. Height 19.5 cm

Bernard Leach, rectangular stoneware bottle vase, mottled grey and brown glaze, impressed marks. Height 19.5 cm.

Bernard Leach, (1887 - 1979), vase, glazed stoneware, impressed artist's and St Ives seal. Height 16 cm

Bernard Leach, set of four rare bowls, c1955, celadon glaze, all marked with impressed St Ives seal, together with an English oak tray tray. Length 57 cm

Bernard Leach, large jug, c1960, oatmeal glaze, marked with impressed St Ives seal. Height 23.5 cm