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A 1970s German childrens Tricycle, 50 cm high, 48 cm wide, 60 cm deep

A 1950's Cyclops Springframe red Tricycle, in original condition

Antique novelty cruet set, in the form of a tricycle, has stamped diamond registration mark, 16.5 cm long approx.

Childs tricycle, one pedal missing and three wooden pull along toys, largest 96 cm long (4)

Vintage Cyclops pedal car together with a vintage child's tricycle

Original cyclops child's tricycle with pin striping red paintwork

Ccm child's Tricycle Canadian, circa 1920s, metal frame, wheels with red painted rims and thin solid black rubber tyres, 'Ccm' badge to front, stylish fork Crown is similar to many of the adult Ccm bicycles of the time sold under names such as Rambler, Mas

Circa 1950, Cyclops spring frame Tricycle, original and complete with rear dinky pads. Height 72 cm