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Parian is a white unglazed statuary porcelain resembling marble, named after the Greek Island of Paros, which produces a very fine white marble. The Copeland & Garrett factory at Stoke-on-Trent is credited with the introduction of parian ware to Britain. Production of parian ware figures at Copeland commenced about 1841, and some of the figures were based on works by sculptors John Bell, and American Hiram Powers. Sales of parian figures were boosted by special orders from the Art Union of London commencing in 1844, where subscribers paid an annual fee, and in return participated in a ballot to receive a copy of an art work. The increased populatiry of parian ware encouraged other factories to begin production of statuary figures, with Minton and Robinson & Leadbetter being the major producers along with Copeland.
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Antique Royal Worcester parian elephant form vase, elephant figure with howdah forming vase to top. Marked to underside. Height 20 cm

Pair Royal Worcester figures 'Joy & Sorrow' decorated in Raphaelesque colours on glazed parian body, 43 cm highs

Copeland parian bust of Princess Alexandria, c.1863, realistically modelled and finely detailed, impressed to back 'Published Feb 1 1863/ Copeland/ Crystal Palace Art Union/ F. M. Miller Sculpt', Height 31 cm

A Copeland parian ware standing classical nude figure with gilt highlights, 19th century, stamped Copeland, 42.5 cm high

A pair of Wedgwood parian ware portrait busts of Robert Burns and Walter Scott, circa 1848, by Edward William Wyon, stamped Burns and Scott Wedgwood, E.W. Wyon. F, 36 cm and 37 cm high

A Royal Worcester figurine of a Japanese gentleman, circa 1912, pattern 2/123, in amber glazed parian ware imitating ivory, the serene figure of a man in typical oriental dress leaning on a stand with a vase and raised on a shaped base with a fret design,

A Minton parian figural group, Naomi and her Daughters in Law, circa 1865, depicting the biblical characters of Naomi, Ruth and Oprah, titled to the front of the base, impressed Minton to base, along with a date mark, 33 cm high

Antique parian figure group of a mother and child, along with two antique Staffordshire figures (3)

Minton parian ware 'Lalage' figure by John bell in a simple tunic of fine material, seated with her hands clasped over one knee & head gently tilted in a pensive gaze, crisply modelled bouquet is supported at her wrist & at her feet a lizard scampers over

Copeland parian bust of Princess Alexandra modelled quarter-length, wearing low bodice and sash, impressed 'Alexandra', on waisted socle & signed 'Art Union of London, Mary Thornycroft.sc'. Condition good to fair - hairline to left breast. Height 40 cm

Copeland parian bust of Clytie after the antique 1855 original, the maiden depicted bust length issuing from foliage, on a concave sided circular base signed 'C. Delpech. Redt' & 'Art Union of London 1863'. Condition good to fair, some hairline cracks & so

Parian porcelain plaque decorated in deep relief with figures of a lady and cherub, 28cm high

A Victorian parian ware Medieval style casket, late 19th century. Unglazed porcelain. Height 11.5 cm. Length 21 cm. Width 11 cm

Parian ware neo-classical nude statue of a woman, 19th century. 48 cm.

A parian figure of a classical beauty 35 cm x 17 cm. Parian figure of a classical beauty 35 cm x 17 cm

A Wedgwood pale blue glazed parian pot-pourri vase and cover, English, 19th century. 20 cm high

A Minton Parian figurine, 'Miranda', a young woman with flowing hair sits atop a rock with the waves lapping at her feet and a large shell to one side. Impressed marks to the base 'J. Bell & Miranda', with the Minton stamp underneath the base, hairline cra

Three Parian figures, depicting Apollo, Ajax and the Duke of Wellington, 19th century, Apollo after the model by C. Delpech, depicted looking to sinister, published by the Art Union of London 1861, impressed marks Ajax finely modelled, depicted looking to

Parian Bonaparte in Hogarth frame and a silhouette of Bonaparte

Early Copeland parian figure. 'Go to Sleep.' child with dog. Sculptor J Durham, 1862. Inscribed to reverse with Copeland M/75. Height 46 cm

A Victorian parian water carrier, 19th century, a classically draped female figure in a serpentine pose carrying a water urn upon her shoulder and carrying a ewer, upon a stepped socle, 31 cm

A Danish Bing and Grondahl parian ware figure of an Angel manufactured 1853 - 1894. Stamped base: 'B & G Eneret'. Height 34.4 cm. Some AF

A Danish Bing and Grondahl parian ware figure of mercury manufactured 1853 - 1894. Stamped base: 'B & G Eneret' height 35 cm. Slight AF

Victorian parian ware ewer encrusted with flowers, minor losses to petals on one flower. Height 40 cm

Four individual Parian ware hands with hand coloured sections, English, 19th century

Three pairs of Parian ware hands holding various objects, English, 19th century

A collection of Parian ware hands holding various objects, English, 19th century

A collection of five Parian wear children’s hands, English, 19th century

A pair of Parian ware hand vases, English, 19th century

A Parian ware bust of Prince Albert by W.H Kerr & Co. Worcester, signed by artist E.J. Jones

A Victorian period Copeland Parian ware figure of a young standing country girl, with a bunch of flowers and butterfly. Impressed marks. Height 41 cm.

Copeland & Garratt's porcelain statuary, parian figure of the Three Graces, mid 19th century

A Royal Worcester figurine of a Japanese gentleman, circa 1912, amber glazed parian ware, the serene figure of a man in typical oriental dress, leaning on a table with a vase; pattern 2/123 and originally part of a pair (small hairline crack to base); illu