These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Three Sunderland 19th century lustre jugs two with maritime scenes and the other with a pastorial theme 24 cm (height), tallest

An English lustreware jug printed with the vessel 'The Star of Tasmania', circa 1865, the reverse prints with an east view of the new bridge Sunderland, 113.5 cm high. Note: the latter print, depicting the 1858 reconstruction of the 1796 cast iron bridge,

Antique English Sunderland lustre plaque. The plaque is decorated with pink and copper lustre and features a transfer design with a coloured wreath and the motto 'Thou God Seest Me'. In the O load do I put my trust, Let me never be confounded, circa 1820's

19th century English pink lustre jug. 'A West View of the Iron Bridge of Sunderland - Built By R.Burdon.' spout restored. Height 21 cm

19th century English Sunderland pink lustre jug. 'A West View of the Iron Bridge at Sunderland.' Also nautical verse & homily. Height 24 cm

A large early 19th century pottery Sunderland pink lustre jug hand painted with folk art poems and a view of the iron bridge of Sutherland 1795. Repair to spout. Height 24 cm

A small Sunderland lustre jug, the squat form with figural hand coloured lithographic transfer entitled 'Sailors, Farewell' with further lustre decoration, small chip to spout, 16 cm high.

A large Victorian Sunderland lustre jug signed and dated 1856, the bulbous jug decorated with a lithographic transfer entitled 'Farmers' arms', within a mottled lustre ground further hand painted 'Robert & Sarah Scott, Sunderland September 20th 1856', chip

English 19th century Sunderland type Pearlwear mug 'Trust in God' 'The Husbands Diligence Provides bread'

A Sunderland pink lusterware frog tankard, with transfer printed mariner's compass C. 1830. Height 12 cm - crack to handle