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The Zsolnay porcelain business was established in 1853 at Pecs, in Hungary, about 200 km south of the capital of Budapest, by Miklos Zsolnay for his son Ignac. In 1862 the younger brother Vilmos took over and expanded the business, producing stonewares decorated in traditional Hungarian styles.

The factory became a leading producer of Art Nouveau ceramics in eastern Europe, and the factory's first major success was at the 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna, which resulted in many export orders. This was followed by participation in the 1878 World Exhibition (1878) Melbourne (1880), Brussels (1888), Chicago (1893) and Antwerp (1894).

After the appointment in 1893 of a new artistic director, Vinsce Wartha, the factory began to make wares of organic form with iridescent glazes that appear metallic and change in hue depending on the angle of reflection, and these were exhibited in 1896, on the occasion of the millennium of the Hungarian Kingdom.

This range was given the name "eosin", from a Greek word "eos" (flush of dawn), which referenced the light red iridescence of the first hue produced. more...
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Zsolnay Eosin figural porcelain vase 17 cm high women harvesting

Zsolnay Pecs wrestling bears figure group stamped to the base 'Zsolnay Pecs Made in Hungary Hand Painted' condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 31 cm

Zsolnay Pecs 'Persian rose' tea wares comprising a pierced plate, six side plates, seven saucers, seven tea cups, sugar bowl, milk jug, slops bowl & teapot. Condition fair, some wear to the paint work, cracks & restoration to five tea cups, chips to two sa

A Zsolnay lustre beaker, with female figures. Height 16 cm

Zsolnay, porcelain lidded pottery box iridescent glaze, moulded relief depicting horse and chariot, manufacturer's mark to base. Height. Diameter 14 cm

Hungarian Zsolnay goose girl figure. Inscribed Mucsine to base. Height 17 cm

Zsolnay: Hungarian porcelain ewer vase. 28 cm

A Zsolnay (Pecs) reticulated china vase, baluster form with Persian influence. Height 24 cm.

Zsolnay porcelain vase with Eosin glaze, circa 1900, oviform with a tapering neck, cup shaped rim and buttress style handle, the body with impressed foliate designs and glazed with the characteristic iridescent 'Shot' glaze in green; marks underside. Heigh

Zsolnay figure decorated vase. Metalised iridescent glaze. Height 24 cm

Zsolnay classical figure. Metalised iridescent glaze. Height 35 cm

A group of Zsolnay vases and cups, modern, four vases of different shapes and sizes and a set of six small cups, impressed and printed marks underside, all decorated in various floral patterns, painted and printed marks underside. Height 25.5 cm, and small

Two Zsolnay vases and a covered box, modern, all decorated in various floral patterns, painted and printed marks underside. Height 17.5 cm, and smaller

A group of Zsolnay vases and other pieces, modern, five vases of different shapes and sizes, a covered box, and a tray, painted and printed marks underside, all decorated in various floral patterns, painted and printed marks underside. Height 16 cm, and sm

Early Zsolnay glazed earthenware basket, pierced sides and ends; gilt and hand painted floral decoration inside and out. Minor internal rim chip to one pierced side panel. Length 29 cm

Fischer Zsolnay Budapest reticulated ewer picked out in polychrome glazes and gilt accents. Height 42 cm

Fischer Zsolnay Budapest reticulated flattened form twin handled vase decorated in the eastern style. Length -37 cm

Fischer Zsolnay Budapest exceptional naturalistic scroll form ewer hand painted with flowers and butterfly and gilt accents, the body with reticulated panels. Height 50 cm

Zsolnay Pecs ewer profusely painted with flowers. Height 22 cm

Zsolnay Pecs bronze mounted lustre dish painted with a portrait of a noble man (D-12 cm