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Wemyss ware (pronounced Weems) was first produced in 1882 when Robert Heron, the owner of the Fife Pottery in Scotland, brought a group of Bohemian craftsmen to the factory, one of whom, Karol Nekola, became Heron’s master painter. Nekola died in 1915 and was succeeded by Edwin Sandland who, in turn, was succeeded in 1928 by Nekola’s son Joseph.

The name Wemyss was given to the new style of pottery in honour of the Wemyss family of the nearby Wemyss castle, who were early and enthusiastic patrons of the ware. The most outstanding feature of the ware is the free-flowing and naturalistic hand painting.

Wemyss was fired at a low temperature in order to preserve the brilliance of the underglaze colours. The body is soft and therefore prone to damage.

Wares were initially sold through Thomas Goode’s china shop in Mayfair, London. A victim of the economic depression, the Kirkaldy factory closed in 1932, and Joseph Nekola moved down to the Bovey Tracey Pottery Company in Devon, which had been producing unmarked Wemyss-style wares since c1916. more...
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A Wemyss 'Bee' pattern honey box and cover, 14 cm square and a fruit preserve jar and cover, 12 cm high, the box with green factory mark and T. Goode & Co, South Audley St. London retailer's mark

Antique Wemyss Ware wash bowl with hand painted rose pattern, impressed WEMYSS WARE R.H. & S. mark and an ink stamp for Thomas Goode and Co (retailers) to base, 38.5 cm diameter, 12.5 cm high

Antique Wemyss Ware basket with rope twist handle & hand painted apples decoration, impressed Wemyss Ware R.H. & S. mark and an ink stamp for Thomas Goode and Co (retailers) to base, 30.3 cm wide

A Scottish Wemyss Ware 'Bon Jour' ceramic breakfast set, circa 1900, comprising teapot, cup and saucer, beaker and saucer, hot water jug and milk jug, each painted with black cockerel, various 'Wemyss', T. Goode & Co. Retailer's marks (7)

A large modern Wemyss style pig, painted in colours of pink and green with roses, leaves and bee. Length 38 cm

A Wemyss porcelain pig, modelled as a pig in profile painted with roses, painted and impressed factory marks, Exon 2901, B. Adams. Width 17 cm

Large 19th century Wemyss Ware pig model seated pose on hind legs, painted black markings, printed and impressed marks (faults) 46 cm long

A G.Hill pottery pig in the style of Weymss.

A Wemyss cat, leaf and rose decoration. Height 32 cm, with green glass eyes

A Weymss cat, seated and decorated throughout with large cabbage roses and small dog roses, 32 cm high

A Weymss style cat, seated and decorated with strawberry motifs throughout, 27 cm high

A Weymss pig, in reclining position decorated with cabbage roses, 16 cm long

A Weymss pig, black and white, decorated with black daubs on a white ground, 10 cm high