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An essential feature of every well equipped kitchen, the name derives from the board or table on which meat was 'dressed' or food prepared.

Over time, the design of the dresser has changed, even though the nomenclature is unchanged.

Dressers were particularly popular in Wales, northwest and southwest England, each type having strong regional characteristics.

First introduced in the 18th century, the dresser consisted of a base containing shelves, drawers and cupboards, and an open upper section, with stepped shelves known as the 'rack', for storing plates and other crockery.

Some dressers, particularly from Wales and northern England had panelled backs, while others have open backs so the wall behind the back of the upper section of the dresser is visible.

Alternatively the rack was sometimes attached directly to the kitchen wall rather than remain free standing upon the base, which explains why so many of them have since been lost.

The base could take many forms. more...

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A kauri pine kitchen dresser, Barossa Valley South Australia, 19th century, 204 cm high, 115 cm wide, 52 cm deep

A rare huon pine ship's dresser, Tasmanian origin, 19th century, unusual side door access with pull out hanging slide, 208 cm high, 115 cm wide, 66 cm deep

19th century huon pine kitchen dresser with wide 38 cm backboards (145 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 200 cm high) Please note: some borer in shelves

A 19th century pine country dresser base, the plain two-plank top with clenched ends, three frieze drawers and well-proportioned tapering square section legs. 182 cm x 54 cm x 74 cm

A kitchen dresser, painted pine, Creswick Victoria, circa 1860, showing heavy German design influences, 201 cm high, 112 cm wide, 53 cm deep

A Barossa Valley kitchen dresser, cedar and pine, South Australian origin, circa 1860

A pine dresser base, with plank top above two half drawers standing on square section legs, c. 1,800. Width 137 cm depth 55 cm, height 74 cm

A kauri pine kitchen dresser, waterfall top. Provenance: Vasse Hotel Busselton WA.

An Australian Federation kauri pine country kitchen dresser in untouched condition, 210 x 122 x 116 cm

A late 19th century cedar and kauri pine country store display dresser with two drawers and four doors. Height 220 cm, width 152 cm, depth 34 cm

Pine kitchen dresser with 2 doors 2 drawers & Waterfall top

A kauri pine kitchen dresser. Height 206 cm. Width 120 cm. Depth 44 cm

Pine kitchen dresser, 129 cm wide, 63 cm deep, 221 cm high

Antique English Pine Lancashire dresser, approx. 140 cm long, 48 cm wide, 170 cm high

A Victorian country pine dresser, circa 1890, the dresser with an extended shaped cornice above a gothic arch border, having a typical tongue and groove back, two shelves with hanging hooks and plate racks to an extended lower section with a pair of drawer

A Victorian country pine dresser, 19th century, of rustic styling, in pale waxed timber, with an architectural cornice above a pair of glazed doors with a single shelf flanked by fluted pilasters with small leaf form corbels above an open compartment on ba

Vintage pine kitchen dresser with open shelves above 1 drawer and 2 doors, 129 cm wide, 59 cm deep, 211 cm high

Vintage pine kitchen dresser with open shelves above 2 drawers, 2 slide out shelves and 2 doors, 85 cm wide, 53 cm deep, 208.5 cm high

Late Victorian kauri pine kitchen dresser of large proportions having cutlery drawers and spice drawers

19th century Germanic baltic pine dresser with two glazed doors above two fitted drawers and heart decorated panels to the two doors (handles later)

A turn of the century kauri pine two height dresser with glazed doors to top, two drawers and one door to base 190 x 140 x 64 cm

Antique 19th century Irish pine dresser, glazed two door top, fitted with two large drawers and two cupboards below, approx 234 cm high, 133 cm wide

An Australian Colonial two door dresser: Ex Lord McAlpine collection, c.1880, Hamilton, Victoria the dresser is constructed with eucalypt and pine, and has a variety of flair including eastern Germanic design used among the European communities in the mid-

A 19th century Irish pine dresser the upright shelves stand on a generous base, three deep drawers. Some restoration and wear. Height 217 cm. Width 161 cm. Depth 60.5 cm

A small antique pine dresser with two doors, two drawers and two glass doors

Antique Australian kauri pine dresser 48 x 92 x 203 cm high

Antique pine two height open top dresser, fitted with two drawers and cupboards below, 165 cm long, 193 cm high

Antique early 20th century two height kauri pine dresser, approx 202 cm high, 122 cm wide

18th century French oak and pine three-drawer dresser base. 182 cm x 74 cm x 69 cm

Edwardian pine dresser. Two pairs of glazed doors. Upper shelf section over matching 4 door base. Height 195 cm. Width 184 cm. Diameter 47 cm

Large pine farmhouse style kitchen dresser with four doors and three drawers in base and shaped sides in top, 216 cm high x 180 cm wide x 51 cm deep

A good 19th century pine Welsh dresser, the open top flanked by two long cupboards, above eight small drawers above six drawers supported by tuned columns on open shelf base

Early pine 12 drawer shop counter/dresser base, 292 x 64 x 95 cm high