Learn about Dressing Table

A table or cabinet fitted with mirrors, small drawers and compartments, used especially by ladies at their toilette. There have been many variations over the past two centuries. The great 18th century designers delighted in contriving elegant tables, ingeniously fitted with all kinds of sliding and hidden mirrors, drawers and cosmetic boxes. Some versions had small bookshelves and drawers in the superstructure, while others were plainer, square tables, with fold over lids which, when opened, revealed the mirrors and compartments.

Victorian dressing tables followed the prevailing fashions of the various revival styles, although the form became established as a table supported by scroll, turned or cabriole legs, with an oval or square mirror and a series of small drawers known as a Duchess dressing table. Another version consisted of two pedestals, fitted with drawers on either side of a cheval mirror.

Edwardian dressing tables were usually plainer, with typical turned legs, squarer lines and sometimes containing wing mirrors. more...
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An art deco rosewood dressing table, French, circa 1920, purchased Copeland & de Soos, Sydney. The property of the late Sir Tristan and Lady Antico

Art deco walnut dressing table with decorative inlay and glass top, mirror separate, 111 cm wide, 79 cm high

An Art Deco mirror backed dressing table with matching footstool French, c.1930 burr walnut, mirror, glass, brass 143 cm high, 113 cm wide, 54 cm deep (dresser) 48hx 55 cm wide, 38 cm deep (stool)