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Two Temuka pottery jugs, with folate moulded handles

A Temuka Verona agate-glazed pottery bowl, signed to the base, diameter 18 cm

Four Temuka pottery ashtrays, and one other decorated with a kiwi in relief

Four Temuka pottery early electric jugs, in mottled green, yellow, black and blue. Three with original lids.

Five Temuka pottery early electric jugs, in blue, green, mottled green and brown, fawn (2). Two with original lids.

Temuka Art Deco angular wall vase, factory mark to the rear, height 27 cm

Two elaborate Temuka pottery teapots, one with a fawn glaze and one with cream glaze

An uncommon New Zealand colonial Temuka Pottery bulldog 'trial piece' sculpture, modelled seated with head raised and opening to the back as a vase. Small size, turquoise green glaze.

Temuka / Richard Killeen, Fish & Sticks platter c1978 ed of 50, impressed & printed marks

Temuka Potteries/Richard Killeen, large rectangular platter featuring Richard killeen's painting 'Fish and Sticks' in blue and red on white ground. Limited edition of 50. Impressed mark and printed title 42 cm length

Temuka Pott eries/Richard Kill een, large temuka serving platter decorated with Richard Killeen painting 'Fish & Sticks', 1978. Limited ed. of 50. Embossed mark. 42 cm height

A Temuka Maori Ware lidded jar, with trickle glaze and raised Maori motif decoration. Cracks. Height 28 cm

A Temuka 'Seeds Across the Land' Richard Killeen plate, dated 1979. Height 3 cm. Width 23.5 cm. Diameter 16 cm

A large Temuka Trickle glaze water jug, with large gadrooned oval body, pinched neck and sparrow beak pourer. Stamped to base. Swivel lid missing. Height 21 cm. Diameter 15 cm

A rare New Zealand Temuka T.N. Lovatt designed lamp base decorated with Maori figures with sprinkled grey glaze, signed to the base (the only known example of this lamp base), W. 28 cm

Temuka Potteries T.N. Lovatt designed teapot in pale green glaze,(refer Gail Lambert, p1, 2nd colour photo section) (lid af), printed marks, 17 cm

Temuka Potteries, attributed hulldog heater, complete not tested, the dog finished in black. Height 34 cm.

Temuka, 'Sailor Duck' modelled by T. Lovatt, 1948, in tan glaze, stamp to base, 18 cm height