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Studio Anna, makers of souvenir ware and art pottery was founded by Karel Jungvirt, who had trained as a sculptor and ceramist in Munich and Prague.

He arrived in Australia in 1951; in 1952 he was asked by Diana Pottery to make moulds for them. Quickly, he established his own pottery, winning the Diplome D'Honneur and a gold medal at the 1955 Cannes International Exhibition of Modern Ceramics.

Studio Anna produced a huge variety of shapes & sizes of pottery pieces decorated with landscapes, landmarks, flora, fauna and aboriginal motifs.

In its peak years in the mid 1950's, Studio Anna employed over 30 staff and their ceramic ware was not only distributed widely in Australia, but was also being exported to such places as Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

In 1957 a trade agreement was signed with Japan, which allowed the import of cheap mass produced ceramics. The competition put many of the local potteries who employed hand production techniques out of business, although Studio Anna was able to continue on a reduced scale. more...
These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Three various Studio Anna porcelain vases. Including aboriginal figure decoration (with original label); & two similar with aboriginal motifs. Height 12 cm (each)

A Studio Anna Australia ceramic entree platter together and a bowl, of gondola form with cane handle. c.1960s. Length 37 and 32 cm. (2)

Four Studio Anna pottery pieces including a mug decorated with a Kings cross scene

A rare Studio Anna hand painted handled dish depicting the Academy of Science Canberra ACT with bamboo handle 24 x 19 cm

Anna Studio 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' charger, 30 cm diameter

Five various Studio Anna 'Australiana' pieces including Canberra War Memorial and Science Museum and Manly

An Australian Studio Anna pair of spherical vases, each with all over muted monochrome glaze, one turquoise, one puce. Height 23 cm

Studio Anna New South Wales, circa 1969, two slip cast ceramic wall pockets each decorated with an Indigenous figure one stamped the other incised Studio Anna. Height 17 cm

Studio Anna (attributed) New South Wales, circa 1969, pair of ceramic baluster shaped laps each decorated with stylised Indigenous figures and motifs white ground incised Aladdin Appro. Height 40 cm

Studio Anna New South Wales, circa 1960, two slip cast ceramic vases each painted with an Australian landscape scene one incised S. Anna Australia the other with a foil label. Height 9 cm

Studio Anna, New South Wales, two ceramic wall pockets each with Indigenous motifs printed factory marks 19 cm high.

Studio Anna, New South Wales, two ceramic plates painted with image of an aboriginal man and woman black ground one with a factory stamp 24.5 cm diameter.

Studio Anna, New South Wales, two rectangular slip cast vases painted with Aboriginal motifs titled Lakes entrance and Alice Springs printed and foil label 13.5 cm high.

Studio Anna, New South Wales, circular ceramic flagon decorated with wild flowers printed factory mark 21 cm high.

Studio Anna, J. Madei charger, decorated with a Renaissance period lady playing a lute