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A Bent Anderson bronze paperweight desk ornament, signed Bent 89, of naturalistic seedpod form, 12.5 x 9 cm

A Chinese bronze paper weight in the form of a ram, Length 8.5 cm

An Australian bronze and blackwood paper weight, circa 1900, 8 cm diametre

Bronze fairy paperweight, signed & on a marble base, 8 cm approx.

Bronze paperweight decorated with chickens, approx 6.5 cm high, 11 cm dia

Japanese bronze signed paperweight of Samurai scholar with an etched character signature to the base. Length 22 cm

A Chinese bronze patinated paper weight, depicting a scholar reading under a tree. Height 13.6 cm

A pair of bronze elephant paperweights or bookends, each with a trio of trumpeting elephants of graduating sizes upon green onyx bases. Height 11 cm. Width 12 cm. Depth 8 cm

Antique French bronze inkstand, mounted on a green marble base, along with a bronze claw and feather paper weight, approx 13m high, 40 cm long (2)

A Chinese bronze figure group paperweight the paperweight depicts a boy with a monkey on his back, alongside a playful oxen. Height 7.5 cm. Length 12 cm

Bronze and red marble six piece desk setting comprising a double ink well pedestal with a figure of a bronze tiger, a bulldog ashtray, another bulldog paperweight, an ink blotter, a letter opener and a stamp seal. Length of pedestal 35 cm

Three bronze medallion and plaques, including 'London' gilded bronze; profile of Beethoven by F. Stiasny; and Chateau Pierrefonds bronze and marble paperweight. 8 x 6 cm (London)

A novelty pair of bronze miniature Curling stone form paperweight 5.5 cm diameter

Set of three Vienna bronze paperweights in the form of a crocodile skin rug, zebra skin rug and a lion skin rug

Paperweights early 20th century Danish bronze Cockerel and hen marked 'Eneret' Brodr. Grage Broncestober height 8 cm

A 19th century bronze of Admiral Lord Nelson, marked Trafalgar 1805 - 15 cm high (paperweight)

A French bronze lion or poodle on base 8 x 5 cm - 19th century (paperweight)

A French bronze reindeer paperweight - 19th century 7 x 4 x. Height 6 cm

An animalier bronze figure of a hunting dog with collar, mounted as a paper weight. Height 14 cm