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Victorian ornate Vulcanite Daguerreotype case by Littlefield, Parsons & Co

Two daguerreotypes in embossed leather cases, Man and Woman c.1850's

Victorian leather cased Daguerreotype photograph, 7.5 cm x 6.5 cm approx

Three Victorian Daguerreotypes portraits of two woman and child

A pair of Victorian daguerreotypes, scenes of romantic figures each 8 cm x 6.5 cm Matching frames. Indistinct details on reverse.

Daguerreotype portrait photograph of a woman and two children housed in a 'Littlefield, Parson & Co. Union Case' [Patented 1856]. Case when closed 10 x 12.5 cm

A large collection of photographic portraits, c.1870's through to early 20th century, including daguerreotypes, tin-types and silver gelatin prints. Note: silver gelatin prints, with various Australian Photographer Studio labels verso

A Victorian daguerrotype in a Vulcanite box, circa 1860s, the oval hinged box, decorated in relief to both sides with a bucolic scene depicting small children with a sheep and surrounded by rose garlands, the velvet lined interior enclosing a daguerreotype

Antique portrait print in daguerreotype case approximately 9.5 x 12 cm. Sitter unknown

Two late 19th century Daguerreotypes 10 cm and 6 cm high

Photo daguerreotype rigging book and sketchbook containing drawings of Van Dieman's Land belonging to A. Gremeaine (1830'S)

Picture Frames: pair of ornate Victorian frames in good condition 36 x 42 cm; also, a Victorian frame with ornate carved ebony slip; a World War I prisoner carved (chip art) with naval ensignia on top; a sterling small easel decorated with faceted topaz (?

Collection of assorted 19th century photographic portraits including daguerreotypes, etc.

Antique photograph portraits. Daguerreotype, amberotype and tin type

Antique gutta-percha framed daguerreotype of a young lady

A rare and large Format Daguerreotype, a positive photographic image on metal support,-1860's, 18 cm x 23 cm in original fitted case, subject unknown, possibly one of Thomas Hester's, four Sons

A 19th century leather bound portrait miniature pencil drawing of a lady together with a 19th century daguerreotype of a gentleman

Four 19th century portrait daguerreotypes and one other

Daguerreotype, Australian farm scene showing land owners, drovers and homestead and four antique photographs

Daguerreotype c1900, image and gold slip only, no case very attractive image in very good condition. 11 x 8 cm

Victorian Daguerreotype photograph of John Caroll Hele, 1799 - 1864

Daguerreotypes. A collection of Victorian glass photographs, housed in folding embossed leather cases.