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An Inuit carved serpentine statue of a hunter, standing wearing an anorak, holding a bone harpoon and leather thongs. Provenance: Gifted to the vendor's father, a doctor practicing between 1954-58 at the Mountain Sanatorium ('The San') an isola

A carved, signed Inuit figure of mother and child

Inuit carved stone walrus. Bone tusks, one repaired. Unsigned. Remnants of artists label. Purchased Vancouver 1967. Length 26 cm

Inuit carved marine ivory polar bear. Base incised Ws, 44-85. Height 6 cm

Inuit school (20th century). Canada Eskimo hunter & sea lion Carve hard stone. 19 x 20 x 10 cm

A Inuit carved ivory figurine of a boot, mid 20th century, a miniature Inuit boot raised with a pin upon a base. Height 1.5 cm

A signed Inuit carved ivory polar bear, mid 20th century, a jovial polar bear with a fish, upon a squared base; signed B. Myxun underside. Height 5.5 cm. Width 5 cm

Canadian Inuit school, Attack on an Eskimo hunter by a sea lion, (3) soap stone, some incised marks to base Ht. 26 cm, Ht. 19 cm, Ht. 11 cm

Sculpture of a Inuit fisherman marked Aardvark 1972 Canada to back, approx 10 cm high, 20 cm long

An Inuit carving of an igloo with a polar bear outside, numbered and inscribed to base 'F? 346'. Width 17 cm

An Inuit carving of an Eskimo holding a fish, inscribed marks to base. Height 16 cm

An Inuit carving of an eskimo hauling a large polar bear, inscribed below 'U.Tie. July 72'. Height 19 cm

Inuit stone caring of walrus, stone with bone inserts. Unsigned. 19.5 cm long

Inuit carved greenstone figure of seal, 16.5 cm long Collected 1970's

Two Inuit bow Drills, c.18th-20th Cetury, of marine ivory, decorated with incised motifs, 14-36 cm (2). Provenance: The smaller example purchased in 1996 note: original purchase receipt available to buyer

A collection of five early Inuit implements, of wood, bone and marine ivory, including two cod lures and two floats, 6-11 cm (5). Provenance: The cod lures were purchased from Rudi south, Washington state, 1996 note: a copy of the purchase receipt is avail

A collection of Inuit tools, of marine ivory and wood, including a harpoon, 11-27 cm (7)

Three Inuit Tupilaks, of marine ivory, Greenland, 11-14 cm (3)

Three Inuit Tupilaks, of marine ivory, Greenland, 10-12 cm (3)

Two Inuit Tupilaks, of marine ivory, Greenland, 8-9 cm (2)

Two fine Inuit baskets, of woven whale baleen, the lids decorated with walrus ivory in the form of a walrus and a seal, the bases with central ivory disc, Alaska, 8-11 cm (2)

A superb Inuit sculpture, of openwork walrus tusk, Nunivak Island, Alaska, 52 cm. Provenance: Purchased from Paul Goldstein, New York, in 1996 note: This lot is sold with the purchase receipt from Paul Goldstein

Three superb Inuit Ossik, of walrus penis bone, one with terminals of walrus ivory in the form of polar bear, the other in the form of a walrus, 49-57 cm (3)

Two Inuit artefacts, one of walrus bone, one an ossik sculpted with figurative motifs, and inset walrus ivory, 35-48 cm (2)

Three superb Inuit Ossik, of walrus penis bone, the terminals of walrus ivory two sculpted in the form of polar bear, the other in the form of a walrus, 42-52 cm (3)

Inuit school carved spirit face. Additional mythical face verso, inscribed in ink to base (syllabic script). Aged bone showing shrinkage cracks. Provenance: Hawkins family carved whalebone. Height 20 cm

Inuit school Inuit Family fishing, printed in 'Povungnituk.' title and artist's name in syllabics stonecut print 63 x 78 cm