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Graeme Storm, carved box, late 1970s, diameter 12 cm

Graeme Storm, tall bottle, late 1970s, Repaired. With accompanying book. Height 39 cm

Graeme Storm, small bellarmine, high fired stoneware. 18.5 x 21 cm

Graeme Storm, footed 'Peacock' bowl, impressed mark to foot, 38 cm diameter

Graeme storm, stoneware bellarmine, with salt glaze and mask to the neck. Height 17 cm

Graeme Storm, blue glazed ovoid vase. Height 34 cm. Provenance: Jag Applied Art Collection

Graeme storm, large stoneware bowl, with matt barium blue glaze. Diameter 49.5 cm

A Graeme Storm vase, ovoid shape with trumpet neck with double ring to the mouth. Raised on circular spreading foot, turquoise glaze with plumb splashes, height 41 cm

Graeme storm, two small stoneware vases, impressed marks height 16 cm max

Graeme storm, large early stoneware platter, with poured brown iridescent glaze impressed mark Depth 51 cm

Graeme storm, two stoneware vases, with blue and green glazes impressed marks height 17.5 cm max

Graeme storm, three stoneware orb vases, with matt blue barium glaze impressed marks height 15 cm max

Graeme storm, purple glazed stoneware bowl, impressed mark Depth 24 cm

Graeme storm, three turquoise glazed stoneware vases, of graduated sizes impressed marks height 13.5 cm max

Graeme storm, large stoneware baluster vase, decorated with scrolling prunus together with another baluster vase decorated with scrolling prunus. Height 33.5 cm and 22 cm

Graeme Storm pottery lidded jar, finely made, spherical form, the recessed lid with tapered finial, the lustrous metallic type deep red/purple glaze with fine vertical wax resist vine type highlights, impressed potter's mark to base. Height 18 cm

Two Graeme Storm pottery pieces, the vase of double reel type form with a stylised stiff leaf design, the small bowl with green glazed dot highlights on the tenmoku ground, both with incised potter's marks.

Graeme Storm, vase, impressed mark, 24 cm height

Graeme storm, large floor vase, with green/blue barium glaze. Height 43 cm

Graeme storm, large floor, with brown glaze with carved decoration. Height 42 cm

Graeme Storm, squared flower vase 14 cm height

Graeme storm, stoneware pedestal bowl with barium blue glaze. Diameter 14 cm

Graeme Storm, round vase barium blue glaze signed 1970's. Height 10.5 cm.

Graeme Storm, tall stamped cylinder barium blue glaze signed 1970s. Height 30 cm.

Graeme Storm, tall stamped cylinder barium blue glaze signed 1970s. Height 41.5 cm.

Graeme Storm, vase, impressed mark, 30 cm height

Graeme Storm, vase, impressed mark, 31 cm height

Graeme Storm, vase, impressed mark, 20 cm height

Graeme Storm. Floor vase, stoneware with all over black etched floral decoration on a red ground. Impressed mark. Height 45 cm. Diameter 40 cm

Graeme Storm. Vase, a heavy stoneware vase, ovoid with everted rim and bronze glaze. Impressed mark and sticker to base. Height 17.5 cm. Diameter 19 cm

Graeme Storm. Group lot, a stoneware faceted vase plus coffee pot, jug, five cups and a beaker all with tenmoku glaze. Minor rim nibbles to some cups. All impressed mark (9). Height 14 cm. Diameter 12 cm

Graeme Storm, stoneware bowl, with blue barium glaze. Diameter 22 cm

Graeme Storm, two matching stoneware gourd forms, with lustre glaze. Height 14 cm

Graeme Storm, turquoise glaze vase

Graeme Storm, large shallow stoneware bowl, copper barium based glazes, impressed mark, diameter 52 cm. Provenance: The Statements Gallery Collection