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An engraved shell with an Australian coat of arms, 19th century

A shell incised with the Lord's Prayer and 'A Colonial Present, Shell found in Torres Straits and engraved in the Colony', 19th century, 14 cm across

A large turtle shell, the thirteen plates displaying rich butterscotch to black mottling, small loss to one marginal plate. Length 69 cm

A small taxidermy turtle, modelled as if swimming, the shell displaying good variegated colour. Length 48 cm

South Pacific turtle shell ex Fiji. Condition: fair, some apparent restoration, hole to the rear. Length 44.5 cm

A folk art cottage diorama with mariner shell decoration, late 19th century, 47 cm high, 62 cm wide, 40 cm deep

A sea turtle shell, early 20th century, 70 x 55 cm

A taxidermy terrapin tortoise, with upper and lower hard shell carapace. Length 33 cm

A taxidermy green sea turtle, with well figured 13 plate shell. Length 53 cm

A sea turtle shell, 19th century, 55 x 42 cm,

A sea turtle shell, 42 x 37 cm, Provenance: Collection of The Late Geoffrey Maxwell Worthington

A sea turtle shell, 54 x 41 cm, Provenance: Collection of The Late Geoffrey Maxwell Worthington

A large old polished turtle shell, overall good condition. 72 x 57 cm

Four 'museum cases' of New Zealand paryphanta (land snails); Paraphantid and Placostylus shells from an old collection. Housed in Powell glass topped boxes and on the ACCESS database. Export prohibited on this lot.

A sea turtle shell, early 20th century. 46 x 41 cm

A sea turtle shell, early 20th century. 55 x 50 cm

19th century cameo carved shell, heavily carved conch shell depicting an elaborate carriage scene

A large old turtle shell, semi-polished matt finish, some minor losses. Length approx. 1000.

An impressive white shell mirror, decorated with various species of shells including spider conch, tonna, scallop and rare candle staghorn. 135 x 105 cm

James Edward. Shell mirror of rectangular, with applied shells

Fine antique 19th century tortoise shell and ivory slope top needle case, approx 6 cm high, 7 cm wide, 6 cm deep

Antique ivory bangle/ring and antique tortoise shell bangle i.) A rare tortoise shell bangle 2.5 cm wide. C1920 ii.) A ntique pre c1900 deeply carved Chinese bangle, with dragon motif. Deep cream colour. Iii.) A ntique pre c1900 carved ivory ring. Deep cre

Whalebone & tortoise shell ladle with inset coral bead, 19th century. 22 cm.

Collection 6 various Seashells, including black lipped South Sea pearl, paua, cameo; mabe pearl shell; & two other small mabe shells.

Sea turtle shell. Some delamination. Estate late Douglas Osborne Hawke. Length 62 cm