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Chester Nealie, celadon teapot with frog decoration. 11 x 15 x 11 cm

Chester Nealie, bottle salt glaze stoneware, mid-1970s. 8.5 x 15 cm

Chester Nealie, bowl celadon wood fired stoneware (in old Chinese style). 7 x 12 cm

Chester Nealie, celadon 'fly bottle' and 'crab bottle', Kaipara. Height 12 cm

Chester Nealie, two ‘Poison’ bottles mid- 1970s. 7 x 11 cm

Chester Nealie, sculpture clay fish hook, 1972. 5 x 25 x 25 cm

Chester Nealie, Early wood fired bottle vase, small lug handle to the shoulder, height 18 cm

Chester Nealie, Early oil fired stoneware patu shaped hanging form, with ochre wash, impressed mark

Chester Nealie, Early oil fired stoneware anchor stone shaped vase, with ochre wash, impressed mark

Chester Nealie, two wood fired stoneware platters, raised on three feet, one with impressed mark. Length 22 cm max

Chester Nealie, small wood fired vase, with lug handles. Width 11.5 cm

Chester Nealie, two stoneware bowls, with poured glazes, both with original label, one also marked. Diameter 14 cm max

Chester Nealie, hanging form, impressed mark, 33 cm length

Chester Nealie, hanging form, impressed mark, 24.5 cm length

Chester Nealie, large lidded wood fired floor vase, with strap handles. Height 42 cm

A Chester Nealie anagama bottle vase, of distorted mallet shape with heavily burnt and encrusted walls. Incised signature and date '92. Height 40.5 cm

George Kojis, lidded stoneware vessel, Anagama fired in the kiln Chester Nealie, built at the Whanganui Polytech in the 1980s signed and dated 1991. Height 26 cm.

Chester Nealie, bottle vase wood fired. Height 17 cm.note: half of the proceeds of this jug will go towards the Chester Nealie, publication and the other half will be donated to world wide Fund for Nature

Chester Nealie, cauldron with lug handles, wood fired exhibition label affixed to the base. Diameter 12 cm.

Chester Nealie, large ovoid floor vase with lug handles to the shoulder, wood fired celadon glaze. Height 48 cm.

Chester Nealie, a large shino glaze wood-fired bottle with shell impressions. Height 50 cm.

Chester Nealie, Lugged bottle with impressed window decoration, wood fired. Height 10 cm.

Chester Nealie, Lugged bottle wood fired. Height 13 cm.

Chester Nealie, large bottle wood fired salt glazed celadon glaze signed 2010. Height 41 cm.

Chester Nealie, group of three bottles wood fired, celadon glaze with shell marks signed 2012 tallest. Height 14 cm.

Chester Nealie, cauldron wood fired signed 2012. Height 10 cm.

Chester Nealie, Lugged bottle multi wood fired, natural ash glaze signed 2013. Height 15.5 cm.

Chester Nealie, Sprigged bottle wood fired, natural ash glaze signed 2012. Height 17 cm.

Chester Nealie. Flagon, a large ovoid form anagama fired with side handle. Incised mark. Height 40 cm. Diameter 36 cm

Chester Nealie, anagama fired lidded teapot, with artist label, width 16 cm

Chester Nealie, wood fired stoneware 'Windows Series' vase, ash glazed, label affixed to the base, made in New Zealand in the early 1980s, height 19 cm. Provenance: Anneke Borren Collection

Chester Nealie, vase, wood fired with lugs, celedon glaze and crusted shells. Signed to base and dated 76. Height 16.5 cm

Chester Nealie, early spherical flagon with strap handle, wood fired in mottled brown glaze 19 cm height

Chester Nealie, large strap handled flagon in green and blue glazes with rutile around neck and brown glaze base (1980). Personal and exhibition labels 44 cm height

A Chester Nealie wood fired vase, the wide ovoid body with open cylindrical neck, single impressed lug to the upper shoulder, partial textured finish with variable glaze effects from deep black/brown to orange/brown. Label to base. Height 25 cm

Chester Nealie, two Anagama fired stoneware vases, one with attached label, purchased by Len Castle at Ron Sang's annual arts and crafts exhibition. Provenance: From the Neil and Fay Castle Collection. Height 190 and 12 cm

Chester Nealie, small green glazed vase, with shell inclusions together with a small bottle and a stoneware bottle with stopper. (3 items). Provenance: From the Neil and Fay Castle Collection

Chester Nealie, squat ovoid vase with side lugs to wide neck, in anagama, red shino glaze. incised mark, 21 cm height