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A pair of 'famille-rose' wine cups seal marks of Daoguang, (2), each painted on the exterior with a sage accompanied by his crane, conversing with an old man carrying a basket of flowers, the reverse with two iron-red bats in flight, the base inscr

Pair of Chinese porcelain wine cups, deep cups with slightly everted rims, famille jaune decoration of flowers, four rondels with archaic Chinese characters, six character mark to base, height 5 cm (2)

Pair of Chinese Qianlong porcelain wine cups and saucers, decorated with water birds perched upon rocky outcrops and flowers, in tones of turquoise, yellow and green, with original gallery label, height 4.5 cm (4). Purchased: Geoffrey Waters, London

Chinese Yongzheng Dynasty porcelain wine cup and saucer, decorated with phoenix and bird with flowering tree, in tones of pink, green and yellow, with original gallery label,h 4.5 cm, (2). Purchased: Geoffrey Waters, London

Chinese blue and white wine cup and Underplate, decorated with flowers and foliage underplate with six character mark within double ring, height 5.2 cm (cup), diameter 21 cm (plate), (2)

Pair of Chinese porcelain wine cups, deep cups with slightly everted rims, doucai decoration of flowers among rocks, six character mark to base, height 4.5 cm (2)

Antique Chinese blue &, white tea bowl, bearing a ?Ch?ien lung? blue seal mark, together with antique Chinese blue &, white wine cup (as inspected)

Two Chinese blue and white porcelain vases, each of bottle shape, decorated in underglaze blue with phoenix amongst clouds, together with a wine cup (3), height 23.5 cm, 21.5 cm

Wine cup incised with stylised floral pattern, Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 12 cm diameter

A trio of silver wine cups in the Chinese Straits style, late 19th to early 20th century. the pedestal cups with cushion form lobes each with cartouches repousse and chased with floral motifs, the bases conforming; apparently unmarked. Silver weight 142gr.

A pair of 'famille-rose' wine cups marks of Guangxu, each of steeply flared form painted on the exterior with flowering plants beside rockwork, the base inscribed in underglaze blue with a six-character mark, 6.7 cm diameter

Chinese porcelain wine cup, decorated with floral and Chinese script, diameter 6 cm approx

Chinese wine cup with red dragon decoration 9 cm high

A Chinese jade Zoomorphic wine cup. An unusually shaped cup with a ram's head foot and a basin styled cup in mottled grey green stone and relief carved with dragons and knotted forms with a key fret rim and archaic characters underside. Height 9 cm. Wi

Two Chinese porcelain wine cups with blossom tree decoration Kangxi marks to base. height 5 cm approx

A pair of Chinese soft-paste blue-and-white wine cups, Four-character studio mark, 19th century 4 cm high (2). Note: Ruoshen mark is mostly associated with small tea cups. There are two pairs in the V&A Collection. (no. 862-1907). For more information on R

A small yellow ground wine cup, 'Tongzhi' four character mark, but probably later, finely decorated in gilt and enamels with four 'shou' medallions bats and auspicious objects., 3.5 x 6.5 cm, together with a small blue and white cup, 17th century, 3.8 x 7

A Ceremonial Wine Cup, Paiwan, South Taiwan, (mid twentieth century), carved wood, 81.4 cm long. Provenance: Dr. Hsu, Ying Chen, Taipai, Gift from above 1974, Used in weddings and other ceremonial occasions. For similar but 1 or 2 bowl pieces see ' Paiwan'

Two Chinese blue and white wine cups & two bowls made for local market & Japan. Height 6 cm & depth 8 cm

A Chinese doucai 'narcissus' wine cup, Tongzhi six-character underglaze blue mark, 4.8 cm high

A pair of Chinese porcelain cups with Yongzheng mark inverted bell shaped wine cup, decorated to the exterior with rich iron red glaze and gilt floral patterns, 7 cm high

A pair of 'famille-rose' wine cups marks of Guangxu each with steeply flared sides painted on the exterior with a deer, its head turned gazing at a crane in flight, beside a fruiting peach tree, gilt edged lipped rim, the base inscribed in underglaze blue

A small Chinese fine porcelain wine cup, hemispherical shape, decorated in coloured enamels with birds, lotus flowers and leaves. Six character mark under the base. Diameter 7 cm

Chinese red & blue 'Buddhist Symbols' wine cup exterior decorated with eight Buddhist symbols against a red stylised wave ground, six character marks to base. Diameter 8 cm

Chinese iron red 'Goldfish' wine cups decorated with gold fish agaist an incised wave ground, one cup restored, six character Qianlong mark to base. Dimensions 7.4 x 3.6 cm

Two Chinese porcelain wine cups, 19th century. One painted with bird and nest, the other with vases of flowers with ribbon. Provenance: by descent, private collection Sydney

A Chinese wine cup decorated with cranes above an ocean within geometric border Guangxu mark to base. Height 7 cm.

A pair of Chinese coral-red glaze and gold-painted wine cups, Yongzheng six-character underglaze blue mark, 6.9 cm diam. (2).

Fine Chinese Doucai porcelain wine cup decorated with lotus on a pond, six character marks to base 7 cm diameter

Chinese carved horn libation wine cup with dragon and phoenix detail, 9.7 cm high

A Chinese wine cup, decorated with flowers and Chinese script. Kangxi mark to base. Height 4.5 cm

A Chinese porcelain wine cup, decorated with bats and florals on a blue ground. Qianlong mark to base. Height 5 cm

A set of four blue and white soft paste wine cups, Qing Dynasty, 18th/early 19th century, each one finely painted with a landscape under a crackled glaze, a four character mark under the base, gold mounted rims, 4.1 cm high, 5.2 cm diameter. Provenance: R

A fine pair of conical blue and white wine cups, Kangxi Period, 18th century, each one well painted with a deer grazing under a gnarled pine, 9.6 cm diameter, fitted box. Provenance: R & V Tregaskis Exhibition, July/August 1988, cat no 13

A late 18th/early 19th century enamel wine cup and stand. Height 5 cm. Diameter 11.5 cm

A Qianlong Chinese mark and period boy and rooster dish. This famous pattern is normally found on the 'Boy and Rooster' wine cups of the same period. Rim repaired, hairline crack. Diameter 15 cm

Two fine Chinese famille verte wine cups. Daoguang mark and period, decorated with butterflies and florals. Height 3.5 cm. Diameter 7 cm