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Two jade plaques, 20th century, one jade bi disk, together with a yellow jade oval disk, each with fitted box, 5.7 cm diameter; 5.4 cm x 5.9 cm (2)

A Chinese opaque mottled green Bi disk, the circular shape with two kylin in relief. D 6 cm

A Chinese carved pale jade bi disk, carved in shallow relief with floral and leaf forms. Diameter 5.5 cm

A Chinese dark green Bi disk with stylized dragons on top. L21 cm

Three Chinese hardstone carvings. One with the dragon sitting upright the bi disk in lapis lazuli colour late Qing

Two Chinese jade pieces, the gray hardstone flat scroll piece is a sword fitting the pale green bi disk with a stylized dragon on top has a natural inclusion of gray & brown. 20th century [2] H 9.5 cm. & L 8 cm

A jade bi disk, the disk carved in relief with a wreathing chilong to one side, the opposing side with carved bosses, the colour of pale celadon, wooden stand, circa 19th century. Diameter 5.5 cm.