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A set of eight rubbings of Arhats from a stele commissioned by Qianlong Emperor, consisting of portraits of: 02. Kanaka the Vatsa, 07. Kalika, 10. Pantha the Elder, 11. Rahula, 12. Nagasena, 13. Angida, 14. Vanavass, 15. Asita, 45 x 111.7 cm each (8). Prov

An early Nepalese or Indian small Blackstone Stele, circa 12th-13th century, very finely carved with a figure of Vajravarahi holding a staff, a skull cup and chopper, with traces of red pigment, standing on a supine figure, 7.5 cm high. Provenance: Cito Ce

An 11th century buff sandstone fragment of a stele of Durga slaying the buffalo demon (Mahishasuramardini); central India, circa 11th century

A 12th century red sandstone fragment of a Vaishnavite Stele, the primary figure holding a conch; central India or Rajasthan, 10th-12th century

An Indian pink sandstone Buddhist Stele, C.3-5th century AD. Carved in deep relief, with a central standing adorned figure raised on the highest tier with nimbus, surrounded by registers of attendants, beneath a pair of swans, to each side a galloping hors

A Campanian red-figure neck amphora, attributed to near the Chequer and Dirce Painters, circa 380 B.C. side a depicting a nude male youth to the left, leaning on a stele and wearing a radiate stephane, facing a draped female figure holding a ribbon to the

An Indian Gujurat carved sandstone Stele, 12TH/13th century, with relief carved decoration depicting a deity holding ritual items in each hand, the stele 54 x 32 cm, the plinth 140.5 x 33 cm

An important blackstone Stele of Umamaheshvara, Northeast India, Pala period, 11th century

A Chinese marble stele, carved with a central panel of Buddha seated in varada mudra on a lotus throne flanked by two attendants within a border of ten carved panel s of Buddha Amitabha in flowing robes, late 17th century. Height 57 cm x. Width 41 cm. Dept

Two Chinese hardstone Stele carvings, each carved with traditional scenes. Height 10 cm (Average)

A small black stone stele of Padmapani Nepal 9th/12th century. Inscription on back. 12 cm

A rare small Tibetan carved soapstone stele of a seated Buddha 14th-17th century. 8 cm

An Indian Jain bronze stele of a Jina possibly pre-16th century, the steeped platform base and mandorla decorated with various deities, the seated jina being shaded by a canopy. Lengthy inscription on back. Height 16 cm