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Flambe glazes, termed "sang-de-boeuf" (ox blood) were in use by the Chinese from the 11th century, and the effect was achieved by using copper oxide as a colouring agent and firing the object in a reducing atmosphere.

The Chinese continued using these glazes; in the 18th century the red glaze was often slightly streaked, or included blue bleeds and these wares were prized by collectors in the 19th century.

European potters were not able to master the technique until the early 20th century. The Royal Doulton company employed the potter Bernard Moore, who had been experimenting with flambe glazes for many years, as a consultant.

In 1904 the company was able to produce its first flambe wares, and they were exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair in that year. As well as vases and bowls, around 1908 Doulton commenced producing animal figures with a flambe glaze and production of flambe wares continued during the 20th century. Over 2,000 different animal figures were produced over the years.

In 1920 Doulton under designer and artist Charles Noke, introduced "Sung" wares, which used a flambe glaze together with painted and gilt decoration. more...
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Royal Doulton Flambe veined pussy cat and owl, 32 cm high and shorter (2)

Large Royal Doulton flambe tiger, depicted creeping with mouth open, in tones of red and black, printed factory ark to foot, length 34 cm

Two of Royal Doulton flambe cups and saucers and open sugar bowl, one depicting an Egyptian oasis with a man and his camel and the other of a cottage and lake scene. (5)

Royal Doulton Flambe 'Images of Fire, A Collection of Handmade Sculptures', Nestling Down, no box, approx 20 cm high, 28 cm wide

Royal Doulton Flambe figural of standing elephant, approx 14 cm high

Royal Doulton Flambe figural of a small elephant, approx 11 cm high

Royal Doulton Flambe figural of a Samurai warrior, modelled by Robert I Tabbenor, 128/950, with card, approx 28 cm high

Royal Doulton Flambe figural of a large, seated fox, approx 24 cm high

Royal Doulton Flambe dragon, approx 19 cm high, 26 cm wide

Royal Doulton Flambe Woodcut 1612 vase, hunting scene of farmer and dog, approx 21 cm high

Pair of Royal Doulton Flambe ducks, each approx 7 cm high (2)

Royal Doulton 'Flambe' miniature vase with cottage scene

Royal Doulton flambe Sung glaze Noke vase by Harry Nixon & Fred Allen with shades of green, blue & mauve, having a printed factory mark, painted marks Sung, and with a Noke signature, Fred Moore & Harry Nixon monograms. Height 16 cm

Royal Doulton Charles Noke Chang glaze vase having with a thick crackle glaze over a flambe underglaze, signed to the base. Height 8 cm

Royal Doulton flambe small basket, decorated with farm house. Marked to base. Height 9 cm.

Royal Doulton flambe vase, harbour scene decoration. Height 12 cm.

Royal Doulton flambe vase, harbour scene decoration height 10 cm.

Large Royal Doulton flambe owl, depicted seated at rest, in tones of red and green, height 31 cm

Royal Doulton flambe veined vase with a flared lip & mottled patterns to the body. Makers mark & signature Pd found on base, height 39.5 cm

Royal Doulton flambe elephant figure standing with an inward curled trunk, length 14 cm

Charles Noke for Royal Doulton, Sung' flambe service, c. 1930, comprising three comports and six plates, each painted with an exotic bird on a red and orange flambe ground, with silver plated rims, signed 'Sung, Noke', with printed mark 'Ro

A small Royal Doulton flambe fox, circa 1925 by Charles Noke and Fred Allen, stamped and inscribed Royal Doulton Flambe Made in England, 11.5 cm high

Two small Royal Doulton flambe dog figures, circa 1925 by Charles Noke and Fred Allen, each inscribed Noke and stamped Royal Doulton Flambe Made in England the spaniel group, 13.5 cm wide and 5.5 cm high

A Royal Doulton flambe fox, circa 1925 by Charles Noke and Fred Allen, stamped and inscribed Royal Doulton Flambe Made in England, 23 cm high

Rare Royal Doulton flambe vase, of baluster form, with a salmon and red swirl to shoulders on olive green ground,

Royal Doulton flambe Woodcut vase, of ovoide form, decorated with a continuous scene of quail in wooded landscape

Large Royal Doulton 'Flambe Viened' vase, of handsome proportions, with baluster body, decorated with black swirls on a red ground,

A Royal Doulton blue & white flambe figure of a Siamese cat, height 12 cm

Royal Doulton flambe Woodcut vase number 1618, decorated a coaching scene within woodland landscape against a deep flambe ground, black printed mark. Height 23 cm

Superb Royal Doulton flambe baluster shaped tall vase with traditional woodcut cottage decoration, height 26cm

A Royal Doulton flambe frog, model no. 1162, printed mark. Length 11 cm, width 8.5 cm

A Royal Doulton flambe crab, c.1918, modelled with claws and legs tucked under its body. 7.5 x 6 x 3 cm

A Royal Doulton flambe elephant, modelled with trunk raised, traditional striking red glaze. Length 17.5 cm, height 14 cm

Royal Doulton flambe Sung elongated cylindrical vase finely decorated in blossom, painted and printed marks, 45 cm height with Chinese hardwood ornate stand