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Folding ruler, 100 cm long approx (when straightened)

Carpenters tools: a fine group of mainly 19th century hand tools in overall very good condition; saws (3); bit & brace (3); hand drill; spoke shaves & skivers (4); plus a collection of tape measures, squares, rulers, chisel etc. (24 items)

Two wooden ships carpenter planes and a measuring stick, 19th century, the largest plane 20 cm

A small late Victorian period ivory four-fold ruler, with brass hinges, maker's mark 'J. Rabone & Sons'

An early 20th century ivory four-fold ruler with white metal hinges, metric scale to one side and imperial the other, extending the 12”.

Mahogany cased Stanley Conversion Ruler set (scale Rulers)

Vintage bell punch company 'Plus' adding machine, box of paints and a German Castell slide rule (3)

Victorian ebony ruler and a letter opener, 46 cm & 33 cm long

Antique ivory rule, named at ends approx 23 cm in length

Big Parallel Rule by hall Harding LTD London in original wooden case, approx 4.5 cm high, 48 cm wide, 9 cm deep (case)

A whalebone and brass ruler, 19th century, 8.7 x 2.7 cm closed

Two early 19th century parallel rulers. Ebony and brass construction. Also brass mounted rosewood carpenters square

An ivory fold-out rule, when opened measures one foot with varying measurements and gauges on blades. London by Watkins

An E.M. Chapin ivory rule, No. 78, one foot four fold, German silver bound with slide caliper rule

An ivory Stanley folding rule, the two foot, four-fold rule stamped 'Stanley Rule & Level Company'

Carpenters spirit level capt. Field's improved parallel rule, lace iron and trivet and two early wash boards

A group of six antique and later rules and rulers, various forms and materials, including two ebony ledger rules, an ebony parallel rule, and ivory examples. Length 45.5 cm, and shorter

Two vintage folding boxwood rules, the Stanley four-fold 24' rule with full brass binding No. 62 and another No. 32 four-fold with brass fittings, 12'.

An ebony parallel rule, a rosewood and brass handled mitre square, a rosewood and brass tenon gauge, along with two wooden and brass handled set squares

A bronze mounted adjustable wooden rule by Dring & Fage London makers to the customs

A 19th century boxwood measuring stick, by J. Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, together with two others, one issued to Australian Customs

A 'Stanley' 18 inches brass rolling parallel ruler in a mahogany case. Marked Stanley great Turnstile Holborn, London