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Royal Doulton the balloon seller figure HN2130, approx 10 cm high

Royal Doulton Granny's shawl figure HN1647, approx 14.5 cm high

Royal Doulton lady Charmian figure HN1949, approx 20.5 cm high

Royal Doulton 1981, HRH the Prince of Wales porcelain figure HN2884 world wide edition of 1500. No. 948. Approx 20 cm high

Royal Doulton a gentleman from Williamsburg figure, HN2227, approx 16 cm high

Royal Doulton the Tinsmith figure, HN2146 approx 16 cm high

Royal Doulton 'Easter Day' figure HN2039, approx 19 cm

Royal Doulton 'Paisley Shawl' figure HN1988, approx 16 cm high

A Royal Doulton 'Age of Chivalry' collectable figurine, Sir Ralph HN2371 in original box

A Royal Doulton 'Age of Chivalry' collectable figurine, Sir Thomas HN2372 original box

Three Royal Doulton figurines Rhapsody HN2267, the Last Waltz HN2315, Adrienne HN2304

Two Royal Doulton figurines Marguerite HN1928 & Blithe Morning

Two vintage Royal Doulton figurines HN1834 & HN1992, 18 cm high (tallest) approx.

Two Royal Doulton 'Balloon Sellers' figurines HN1954 & HN1315

Three Royal Doulton balloon figurines HN1315 Old Balloon seller, HN1843 Biddy Penny Farthing HN1954 the Balloon man

Royal Doulton 'Belle O'the Ball' figurine HN1997, 15.5 cm high approx.

Three small Royal Doulton lady figurines Bo Peep, Cissie & Goody Two Shoes

Two vintage Royal Doulton figurines HN0626 Bonnie Lassie & Lydia

Royal Doulton Corgi figurine HN2557 17 cm high x 23 cm long approx. a/f damage to both back legs

Royal Doulton figure. 'Top o' the Hill', HN1834. Height 18 cm

Two various Royal Doulton figures, including 'Goody two shoes', HN2037; & 'Lady Betty.'. Height 17 cm (length ady Betty)

A Royal Doulton figurine, 'Flower Seller's Children' HN1342, introduced 1929. 19 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm

Royal Doulton 'Classics' figurine 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' HN4486

Three Royal Doulton figurines, comprising of 'The Laird', HN2361, 20 cm high, 'Coralie' HN1963 and 'Puppy Love' HN3371

A Royal Doulton Corgi figurine, after 1973, pattern number HN2554, an alert figure of a pembroke corgi; with green backstamp underside to foot and handpainted pattern number. Height 9 cm. Width 11 cm

Royal Doulton, Corgi figure, approx 13 cm high, 15 cm wide