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Royal Doulton 'Bearded Man' Deward's Scotch Whiskey advertising jug

Royal Doulton Lambeth stoneware Simeon Toby jug Marriage day &, after Marriage, approx height 12 cm

Three Royal Doulton Toby jugs, limited edition president Ronald Regan1266/5000, Sairey Gamp, right honorable JC Smutz, height 15 cm

Royal Doulton musical Toby jug 'Old Charlie', approx height 15 cm

Royal Doulton Toby jugs Sairey Gump and Rip van winkle 18 cm diameter and shorter

Royal Doulton, General Gordon Toby jug, 18 cm high

Large Royal Doulton 'Toby Philpots' jug, 15.5 cm high

Royal Doulton 'The old balloon seller' figurine, HN1315 and 2 miniature character jugs (1 chipped)

Royal Doulton 'Winston Churchill' character mug, approx 14 cm high

Doulton Lambeth stoneware Coronation jug, of ovoid form, for the Coronation of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, decorated with roundel portraits and Art Nouveau style flowers, in tones of green, brown and cobalt, height 19 cm

Doulton Lambeth stoneware 'Queen Victoria' jug, with a early and later portrait of Queen Victoria and the words 'She Brought Her People Lasting Good', together with a Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth Coronation jug, (2)

Royal Doulton 'Queen Victoria' character jug, with coronet and flag handle, 144/2500, height 11 cm

Royal Doulton porcelain ' General Gordon', character jug, depicted with hat, camel handle and medal, in tones of orange and green, with certificate edition of 1500, height 19 cm

Royal Doulton 'Prince Albert Great Exhibition', character jug, height 11.5 cm

Large Royal Doulton 'Louis Armstrong' character, jug, from celebrity collection, the handle in the form of trumpet, height 20 cm

Three Royal Doulton character jugs, including Golfer, Hampshire Cricketer, and Veteran Motorist, circa 1970s-80s (3)

Royal Doulton Winston Churchill character jug, signed by Michael Doulton to base, height 13.5 cm

Large Royal Doulton 'Pearly Queen' character jug, 18 cm high

Three graduated Royal Doulton Dickens Ware jugs. 'Mr Squeers;' 'Poor Jo,' and 'Little Nell.' D3070 etc. 18 cm, (tallest)

Three graduated Royal Doulton Pansy milk jugs. D4049. Two crazed and one stained. Height 12.5 cm, height 11.5 cm, and height 9.5 cm

Two Doulton Lambeth commemorative Queen Victoria jugs 1837 - 1897 diamond Jubilee stamped with makers marks to base Heights: 10 cm & 15.2 cm

Two large Royal Doulton toby jugs, Auld Mac D5873 & Sairey Gamp

Royal Doulton 'Sir John Falstaff' jug, 22 cm high

Two Royal Doulton character jugs, comprising 'Smuggler' and 'Old Salt', 17 cm high approx. (both)

Two Royal Doulton character jugs, comprising of North American Indian D6611, 19 cm high and The Falconer D6533, 17 cm high

A Royal Doulton character jug, 'The Celebrity Collection - Louis Armstrong', D6707, dated 1983. Height 18 cm. Boxed.

A vintage Royal Doulton character jug, 'Owd Mac', Issued 1937, designed by Harry Fenton, with registration number of the same year, 82126, known as pattern D5823, a character with a green tam o'shanter and brown collar, with a twig style handle

Royal Doulton, commemorative jug '150th Anniversary of the Foundation of Settelment in New South Wales and the City of Sydney at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson by Captain Arthur Phillip in the Reign of King George III on January 26th 1788', Limited edit

Doulton & Co, Burslem, an Australian Federation 1901 Commemorative Ware jardiniere, printed with a profile portrait of Queen Victoria in a wreath framed by two British soldiers, the Duke and Duchess of York, Earl of Hopetoun and Sir Henry Parkes, decor

Doulton Burslem, a commemorative jug and two pots, 'Australian Federation 1901', Stamped Doulton Burslem, England, the jug 17.5 cm high, the pots 13 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug with incised donkey decoration, circa 1875, by Hannah Barlow and Mary Thomson, stamped Doulton Lambeth 1875, monogrammed Hannah Barlow and Mary Thomson, 18.5 cm high

A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug with incised horse decoration, by Florence Barlow, stamped Doulton Lambeth 1876, W, monogrammed Florence Barlow, 22 cm high