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A yellow-glazed beaker mark of Jiajing, with steeply rounded sides rising from a high straight foot to the flared rim, covered inside and out with an egg-yolk yellow glaze, the white base inscribed with an underglaze blue six-character reign mark, 11.5 cm

A Delft five piece blue and white garniture 18th century, Consisting of three baluster shaped vases and covers and two beakers, decorated with a floral scenes, the covers with dog finials, marked de Porceleyne Bijl to underside, the jars 31.5 cm high

Antique Chinese export porcelain mug, 8.8 cm high

Sampson export ware beaker, in the form of a barrel, decorated with flowers in tones of pink, green and purple, height 9 cm

Antique Chinese blue and white porcelain tankard, pagoda and lake decoration. Double handle. height 8 cm.

Antique Chinese export ware ceramic tankard, with gilt and floral decoration, monogrammed with double twisted handle, height 15 cm

A 'famille-verte' beaker, the steeply rounded sides with flared rim, painted on the exterior with a continuous scene of an archer standing on a rocky promontary beside trees and jagged cliffs, 9 cm high

Early Canton porcelain tankard. Figure and landscape decoration. Restored, as inspected. Possibly Chien Lung dynasty. Height 15 cm

Chinese export blue & white porcelain tankard, early 19th century, with traditional decoration, 12 cm high

Early 19th century Chinese export ware tankard, decorated with pink flowers.

A pair of Chinese porcelain Gu-shaped beaker vases in underglaze blue, two double rings to base, each painted with stylized plantain leaves and the central bulbous band of archaistic taotie masks, height 23 cm

A large Chinese famille rose mug, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the cylindrical mug of generous proportions with an applied split handle with leafy mounts, decorated to the body with trailing flora, rockwork and birds in a predominantly pink, blue, apple gre

A large Chinese export porcelain floral mug decorated with floral sprays, 18th century, 15.5 cm high

A Chinese porcelain mug, Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century, decorated in under-glazed blue, over-glazed enamel and gilt, well painted with a scholar, attendants and ladies in a garden scene, 13.2 x 15.5 cm

Two Chinese famille rose porcelain mugs, 19th-early 20th century, one painted with scholars, ladies and boys in a garden setting, the other decorated with birds and flowers, 14 x 10.4 cm (largest)

Two Chinese famille rose mugs, Qing dynasty, 18th century, one painted with a scholar, ladies and children, with a dragon handle, the other one decorated with scholars to the interior, 13 x 8.6 cm and 14 x 11 cm

A late 19th century Yok Sang Chinese silver mug, tapered cylindrical form, embossed relief chrysanthemum decoration on very finely hammered ground, raised vacant circular moon form cartouche, raised borders, bamboo handle. Impressed marks. 118gms. Height 8

Two blue and white beaker vases, Gu, Qing dynasty, Kangxi Period, (2), each painted with upright stiff leaves extending from the central bulb encircled with ribboned emblems and florettes, the base of one with, leaf mark, box, (2), 17.6 cm and 20 cm high

Lucie Rie, a pair of stoneware beakers, with manganese glaze exterior and white tin glazed interior, LR seal mark to the base of each, height 11 cm

Chinese famille verte octagonal porcelain beaker Kangxi style with hand painted flowering plant design, impressed mark to base and 1982 Ceramic Collector Society Exhibition sticker affixed inside, 7.2 cm wide, 6.6 cm high.Provenance: Finey Collection, Sydn

A Chinese Qianlong export hard paste porcelain tankard circa 1780. Bell shape with painted with merchant figures.14 cm high

Tankard. Chinese export porcelain underglaze blue with Cantonese famille rose (a/f)

A Chinese armorial porcelain beaker shaped vase late Qing/20th century the overglaze enamel in hues of pink & green with highlights in gilt, height 21 cm

A Chinese export famille rose beaker jug decoration of ladies in a pavilion garden, height 10 cm

A pair of iron-red ground 'Gu' vases, late 19th/20th century each of archaic beaker form and square section, decorated in 'famille-rose' enamels with floral vignettes reserved on the ground gilt with lotus scrolls and formal borders (2), 29 cm high

A magnificent Kangxi blue and white shipwreck beaker vase. Qing Dynasty, circa 1690, unknown shipwreck, in the style of Vung Tau shipwreck cargo, the gu-shaped beaker vase decorated throughout with lotus petal shaped panels enclosing traditional landscape

A Chinese exportware painted porcelain blue and white mug, 19th century. 12.5 cm high

A blue and white beaker vase, Gu, Qing dynasty Shunzhi period the sides painted with birds in flight and perched on branches of a blossoming prunus tree growing beside flowering plants, the centre with a band of lotus, pomegranate and pierced rockwork abov

A Chinese exportware porcelain mug, decorated with figures. Professionally restored. Height 12 cm

A Chinese porcelain beaker, later Qing Dynasty, 19th century, the footed tankard style beaker with a simple 'C' form handle and an underglaze blue ruyi and stylised lappet border to the rim, with a continuous narrative scene of figures in a landscape paint

A fine quality Chinese export porcelain beer mug, c. 1870 Canton famille rose decoration of figures in a courtyard. Twisted strap handle above a bright turquoise ground. Height 12 cm

A Chinese famille verte porcelain vase of baluster shape with painted landscape and figural panels. Together with a matching gu (beaker vase). Two parts of a three piece garniture. Height 28 cm

A Chinese blue and white beaker-shaped vase, Transitional period, 17th century, freely painted with rocks, flowers and insects, flat unglazed base, 24.5 cm high, 9.4 cm diameter

Two Chinese porcelain export mugs Kangxi period, 18th century each with hairline crack and chips to rim, 17 cm high

A large Chinese famille rose tankard, Qianlong, circa 1770, with rope twist handle, well decorated with flowers. 15.7 cm high, together with a famille rose tea-bowl, 18th century. 8.5 cm high. Provenance: Private NSW Southern Highlands collection. R & V Tr

A Chinese Dehua beaker vase, early Qing Dynasty, 17th century. With flared mouth and a bulbous section in the middle finely incised with a floral design, covered in an unctuous ivory-white glaze. Old labels to base: Brodie and Enid Lodge (no 85); OCS dated

Rare Chinese export porcelain beer or coffee mug. Decorated with Canton famille rose figures in a courtyard. A bright turquoise coloured rock beneath the strap handles. Minor wear and firing spots only. Height 10 cm

Early 18th century rare, large Chinese porcelain tankard. Decorated with the traditional underglaze blue and over glaze iron red and gilding of floral sprays and elaborate crosshatch and fish spawn borders. Short restored hairline to rim plus two other sho

A blue and white beaker vase Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period the slender body painted with a continuous landscape depicting a sage and attendant walking along a rocky shore, a pavilion and thatched hut set among trees and rocks nearby, wood stand and box (2),