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Celadon is the colour of a glaze applied to stoneware and porcelain, that in turn, has given its name to the wares to which it has been applied. The technique can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC - 1046 BC) in Southern China. The technique spread other areas of China in the 3rd and 4th century, and later to South Korea, Northern Thailand and Japan. Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colors, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on the thickness of the applied glaze, the type of clay to which it is applied, and the exact makeup of the glaze. However, the most famous shades range in color from a very pale green to deep intense green, often meaning to mimic the green shades of jade. The color is produced by iron oxide in the glaze recipe or clay body. European potters found it very difficult to attain the sea green colour until the 19th century, following advances in knowledge of chemistry and several factories including Sevres, Copenhagen and Rockwood produced Western versions of the Chinese celadon.
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An early Chinese Longquan celadon mallet-shaped vase, song Dynasty (960-1279), or later, well-potted, with a cylindrical body, rising from a low foot-rim to a canted shoulder, and terminating by a dish-shaped mouth. The neck with crackle glaze, flanked by

A Chinese Longquan celadon vase, Ming dynasty, 15th century, 20 cm high

Chinese celadon vase, of mallet form with fluted sides and elongated neck, height 20 cm

Chinese porcelain arrow vase, in a celadon crackle glaze, seal mark to base, height 30 cm

Chinese celadon vase, of lobed form, decorated with scrolled flowers, height 19 cm

Chinese porcelain twin handled vase, of baluster form, twin handles in the form of dragon heads, on circular spreading foot, with scrolling decoration, in pale celadon tones, height 33 cm

Early Chinese/ Anamese bottle vase, with cylindrical neck and ovoid body, in a olive celadon glaze, a/f, height 18 cm

Celadon glaze tapered vase having double ring marks & six character stamps to the base. Height 31 cm

A heavily potted celadon green glazed vase, signature to base, an even glaze on the lobed body, a fitted box from Tianlong temple Tenryu-ji, Kyoto, Japan, height 24 cm

Handsome Chinese celadon vase, with spreading lip, above cylindrical neck, above a baluster body, with incised flower and foliage motifs, in dark olive glaze, height 46 cm

Two Chinese celadon wall pocket vases, decorated with blossoms together a Chinese fish form wall pocket

Large Chinese celadon vase, with raised floral decoration, 30 cm high

A celadon-glazed vase, the almost cylindrical body tapered at the base to the short straight foot and rising to a high rounded shoulder incurved to the short narrow mouth, covered overall with an even bluish green glaze continuing under the base, the base

A 'Longquan' celadon vase, Ming dynasty, of slender ovoid form tapering to the waisted base, the narrow shoulders surmounted by a short cylindrical neck with lipped rim, the sides carved with a lozenge pattern above a band of vertical flutes and a

Bagot pottery stoneware waisted vase. Rust and celadon panels. Incised spirit totems. Patched iron overglaze, with brushed iron initials and codes to base, 'Dn 73/20 Nfs.'. Height 24 cm

A Chinese Cong vase decorated in a celadon crackle glaze, having six character blue seal mark to base height 27.2 cm

A Chinese porcelain vase with incised decoration under the celadon glaze, height 22 cm

Chinese celadon green glazed Cong shaped vase, six character underglaze blue mark and period of Guangxu, (1875-1908), the square body is molded on each side with eight Trigrams, Bagua, below a short cylindrical neck and sits on a deep circular foot. Note:

A Chinese Longquan vase, Ming Dynasty, 15th century, heavily potted with incised decoration to the exterior, covered with thick crackle glaze, the wood lid with an celadon jade finial in the form of a carp, 28.2 cm high (with the lid), 22 cm high (vase), f

An unusual Chinese 'Fenqing' celadon glaze 'Gu' shaped alter vase, Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century, in an archaic 'Gu' shaped form with wide trumpet shaped mouth, the whole body covered with a nice light green glaze, the upper section with trace of painted

A Qing period celadon vase with moulded decoration, presently a lamp, 42 cm high

A 14th century Ming period crackle glaze cylindrical celadon vase banded with key decoration on stand, overall height 28 cm

A very tall Chinese porcelain baluster shaped vase with celadon crackle glaze, Republic period, 20th century, proportions & glaze in the tradition of the song Dynasty, height 61 cm

Celadon lotus flower gourd vase having two scrolled handles & raised floral patterns. Signed with a six character mark to the base.

Pair Archiac form vases plain light celadon glaze, six character mark to base,7 cm height

A celadon Qing Dynasty vase with underglaze blue relief decoration of animals and rocks, 23.5 cm high. The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

A Chinese porcelain celadon glazed small vase, incised decorated and with six-character Ming mark under the base. Height 12.5 cm

A Chinese celadon glazed vase, with incised floral decoration to the body, height 20 cm

A Chinese baluster form vase with applied handles an Even celadon green glaze, a bulbous body & short neck & flared mouth, 22 cm

A Qing period Chinese celadon vase of baluster form with flared neck, fluted base, and moulded decoration, bears the BADA seal and hence imported to Australia prior to 1961, 25 cm high.

A pair of Republic period Chinese celadon vases each of baluster form with mask head loop handles incised with scrolling lotus flowers, approx 50 cm high.

A Chinese long neck vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662-1722), finely painted with three pomegranates in underglaze blue and copper red on a compressed body, covered with an even celadon glaze, 14.5 cm high. Provenance: Old Melbourne private collection

A pair of Chinese celadon glazed vases with under-glaze blue decoration, 19th century, painted with officials and boys, 58.5 cm and 57.4 cm high

A fine Chinese export ware famille rose ginger jar, Qing Dynasty, 19th century. the jar with a flush lid and ball knop, well decorated in enamel colours to the body with auspicious Buddhist objects, furniture and vases of symbolic flowers and fruits upon a

A Chinese celadon vase and a brush pot. The compressed bottle vase with applied chilong handles, with scrolling vegetal motifs in low relief under a pleasing soft green glaze; and a straight sided crackleware brush pot in pale grey with a satin finish; the

Chinese pale green celadon glazed bottle vase, with applied peach and leaves to the sides, with splash decoration possible early Longquan kiln. 38 cm high

A Chinese pale celadon glazed squat vase, with 6 character Kangxi mark but later, 8 cm diameter, wooden stand

A pair of Chinese celadon crackle glaze vases. Height 31.5 cm

A Chinese pottery vase, Ming Dynasty or earlier, dark celadon and amber glaze with six small lug handles to shoulder. Private collection, Perth. Purchased V.M Antiques, Ermita. Height 25 cm