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A Cizhou persimmon glaze tea bowl, Jin dynasty (1115-1234), finely potted with a narrow band of lustrous black glaze encircling a groove band below the mouth rim, overall covered with a fine persimmon glaze with small black stripes, 11 cm diameter. Provena

Two Chinese fabric-impressed small stoneware bowls, Warring States (475-221BC), with applied 's' shaped motif, 6.5 x 8.7 cm, and 6.6 x 8 cm, similar example please see Suzanne G. Valenstein. A Handbook of Chinese Ceramics: Revised and Enlarged Edit

A pair of Chinese 'doucai' bowl, Chenghua mark, 17th-18th century, with conical shape, exterior decorated with three boys playing in the garden, interior with a pine tree within double circle, six-character Chenghua mark within double circle to the base, 1

A Chinese 'Qingbai' boys bowl, Southern Song dynasty, 12th century, the interior finely incised with four flying boys holding four lotus branches in between, covered with a fine even bluish green glaze, 14.1 cm diameter. A larger Qinba i bowl with

A Chinese doucai phoenix bowl, Yongzheng six-character mark, 11 cm diam

A small junyao dish, Yuan dynasty, 12.2 cm diam. Provenance: NSW private collection, with a Christie's label 'Christie's 125/2 30.10.01', and 'Roy Morrell' possible previous owner'

A Chinese small jun-type bowl with purple splash, 8 cm diam

A Chinese moulded Qingbai 'phoenix and peony' bowl, Yuan dynasty, 17. cm diam. Provenance: NSW private collection

A Chinese Jizhou brown-glazed tea bowl, 13th century, 11.2 cm diam

A Chinese jian hare's fur tea bowl, 12th century, 12.4 cm diam

A pair Chinese porcelain dishes, painted in underglaze blue, mid Qing Dynasty, diameter 21.5 cm

A Chinese crackle glazed lobed bowl, song Dynasty, label on underside, diameter 12 cm, height 4.5 cm. Provenance: the Estate of Peter Sculthorpe

Chinese Neolithic style footed bowl. The interior of the bowl painted with a polychrome slip in an abstract dragon design, (repaired), diameter 27 cm

Three dishes Longquan Ware, song Dynasty, 15 cm, 13 cm, 9 cm diameter (one with rim repair)

Two bowls Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 17 cm, 15 cm diameter

Two bowls Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 14.5 cm, 20 cm diameter

Two bowls moulded outer pattern other with interior pattern (repaired) Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 16 cm, 18 cm diameter

Bowl incised with stylised floral pattern, Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 20 cm diameter

Scalloped circular shallow dish blue painted panels four character marks to base Ming Dynasty 13 cm diameter

Chinese Ming style dragon bowl incised dragons on yellow ground, six underglaze blue character marks to base, Qing dynasty 13 cm diameter

Footed bowl simple diaper pattern underglaze blue decoration, Ming Dynasty 16 cm diameter

Flared shallow dish simple diaper pattern underglaze blue decoration, Ming Dynasty 19 cm

Footed bowl simple exterior ribbed pattern, possibly Longquan Ware, song dynasty, 13.5 cm diameter

Melon shaped bowl each flute to the body finely decorated with lily pad stem, translucent white glaze, song dynasty, 14 cm diameter

Small footed flared bowl fine hare's fur blue/purple glazed bowl, Jun Ware, song dynasty, 15 cm diameter

Bowl incised with stylised floral pattern, Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 17.5 cm diameter

Fine leaf carved flared dish incised vertical line interior, Longquan Ware, song Dynasty 13 cm diameter

Lotus Petal flared dish Guan Ware, song Dynasty 16.5 cm diameter

Footed bowl interior incised with water lilies, Ding Ware, song Dynasty, 22 cm diameter

Fine flared bowl interior incised with blossom, Ding Ware, song Dynasty, 23 cm diameter

Large Petal bowl interior finely incised with floral decorations, Ding Ware, song Dynasty, 25.5 cm diameter

A Chinese porcelain bowl in the Imari palette, Qing dynasty, 18th/19th century, painted with scrolling floral design & trees, the rounded form with a deep foot, height 8 cm, diameter 15 cm

Two Chinese kitchen Ming dishes, Freely painted in underglaze blue, a stylized Chinese character, Fu, happiness in the center of each dish, diameter 27 cm

Ming late 17th century blue & white bird dish with a central bird medallion, with ten panels of flowers & a scalloped edge. Condition good to fair, crack to the base. Diameter 21 cm

Chinese gold fish bowl, with bird and lotus flower decoration and goldfish interior, 40.5 cm diameter, 34 cm high

Chinese blue & white footed planter bowl, in willow pattern, 40 x 28 cm

A Chinese incised & press moulded bowl, made in the tradition of the Ding Kiln during the song dynasty, conical shaped cream glazed bowl is resting on a unglazed foot, diameter 21 cm

A pair of Chinese famillè rose fish bowls on giltwood stands, 20th century, 52 cm high

Late qing Chinese octagonal bowl, 21 cm diameter approx., as inspected