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A Japanese full suit of Samurai armour, the central bronze breast plate with a dragon, Showa period, early 20th century, silk and chain male arms, silk braid and leg guards, complete with lacquer over metal face mask, original storage box with display stan

A painted pottery horse and rider, detachable head, Ming Dynasty, the rider's armour and the bridle, reins and saddle cloth of the horse are picked out in blue, height 31 cm, width 25 cm. Provenance: A Queensland collector

An antique Chinese timber warrior figure, Qing Dynasty, 18th century, the seated warrior of portly appearance in military dress with shoulder armour and sturdy boots, with eyes closed, his left arm upon his thigh and his right hand raised as if in a gestur

A large silver metal figure of Guan Yu, an important General from Han dynasty, china, 20th century, very fine casting, the face well deliniated, the robes billowing & belt carefully tied in the middle, a dragon on the front & rear of chain link arm

Turkish Krug armour breast plate. Probably early 16th century armour with original chain mail and outer plates. Plate bearing the mark of the Ottoman Court Arsenal at Hagia Eirene / Irene.

Polish 17th century style suit of armour with a most likely 19th century, late 18th century brocaded renaissance style boots, probably for theatre with suit

A life-size Chinese mythical figure, painted carved wood, wearing armour & an apron carved as a fierce face & the tail of a fish, appears to be holding an umbrella. Height 155 cm

A gilt bronze standing Manjushri statue, the left hand holding a flower and right hand showing Dharmachakra-Mudra, wearing armour and standing on a lotus seat, 15 cm high

12 x collection armour 1:100 model Fighter Planes. (E-M boxes E-M) (12)

A hoshi bachi kabuto, Edo Period, 18th century, the thirty plate bowl of russet iron with thirty radiating gilt ribs, the 'mabizashi' with three gilt studs below the 'maedate', flanked with two gilt decorated 'fukigaeshi' and the reverse with four-plate 's

A pair of mammoth tusk figures of rhinoceros, 20th century, each realistically carved striding forward on short legs with head turned slightly to one side, mouth partly open and ears raised in alert attitude, the large head supporting two horns and with sm

English suit of armour on wooden stand, approx 175 cm high

A Chinese bronze figure, probably Guandi, Ming Dynasty, 16th/17th century. Standing in full armour, base missing. 23.5 cm high

Japanese suit of armour, Meiji period (1868-1912), including a kaputo (helmet) and face guard. Provenance: Pat Booth Collection

A Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock print depicting a samurai warrior in torso armour. 354.5 x 24 cm

A fine Japanese bronze sculpture, Meiji period (1869-1912), of a Samurai holding a Naginata and wearing a Kabuto helmet richly gilded, seal mark of 'Gyoko', Supported on a carved wooden stand. Total height 35 cm; figure 25 cm high and 30 cm wide, stand 11

An old Japanese carved polychrome figure of a war lord, he stands upon a crouching beast, in full armour, matt tones of green, red and blue with gilt highlights. Height 23 cm

A 20th century Chinese terracotta warrior, after a warrior from the buried army of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, he stands with plated armour to his front, his head separately fitted to his body, earth pigments over the darker underglaze. Heig

A Japanese Edo period part suit of armour comprising a pair of sode (shoulder defense) with kote (arm defense) and do (cuirass) with laced skirt panels and suneate (greaves). All panels are lacquered metal and leather in a russet brown colour and joined wi

A bronze figure of Vaishravana, 18th/ 19th century, the deity sitting on his mount, a snow lion, on a lotus base, his face and hands gilded, his hair with red pigment, wearing a diadem, his left hand holding a mongoose, dressed in an elaborate suit of armo

A gilt bronze figure of Guandi, Qing Dynasty, 18th century seated with legs pendent, his left hand resting on his thigh, the right raised, wearing armour beneath his flowing robe with incised borders and dragon roundels, tied at the waist with a long sash,

A 'Famille-verte' Rouleau vase the cylindrical sides surmounted by a straight neck with galleried rim, the body painted in bright enamels with a maiden and two female attendants, one carrying a large dragon banner, riding in a carriage pushed by two footme

A Japanese suit of armour for a child in black lacquer and gilt metal trunk, 37 x 45 cm, 37 x 45 cm

Japanese Kabuto ยน Samurai helmet, with custom stand. Height 50 cm (on stand)

A Japanese black lacquer suit of armour with, late Edo periodlaced in blue, comprising a six plate kabuto covered with yak hair, fitted with a metal ridge running along the Crown and fitted with a m'date with glass eyes and a pair of gilded horns, the blac

A Japanese 'Boy's day' miniature Samurai suit of armour, possibly late Meiji/early Taisho Periodin gold lacquer comprising kabuto with demon mask, the cuirass threaded in red with sleeves and kawara haidate and fur shoes, armour box with gilded crest. Heig

A Japanese Samurai suji kabuto, constructed in the Yoshi-ryu style, the bowl fitted with a lacquered menpo and laced in brown, the wakidate deer horns in black lacquer with evidence of original gilt, missing tehen kanamono, 93 cm wide, 73 cm deep, 46 cm hi

A Japanese black-lacquer armour 19th century, the suit laced in blue with white and orange trim, with an akoda nari kabuto constructed of eight plates lacquered black and applied with copper fukurin to the ridges, the recessed Crown mounted with a four-sta

A Japanese brown-lacquer armour with a momonari kabuto 19th century, laced in white, orange and green lacing and comprising a momonari kabuto lacquered russet brown and mounted with a four-lame Hineno-style yodarekake, the fukig'shi applied with stenciled

A Japanese black-lacquer armour by Yoshikazu, the cuirass signed Ashujin nakahachiman Minamoto Yoshikazu and dated, 1850, the helmet and menpo signed Minamoto Yoshikazu comprising a shallow momonari kabuto, with a heavy three-lame shikoro ending in large f

A Japanese black-lacquer armour with a ni-mai yokohagi okegawa do 19th century, laced in blue and comprising a russet-iron sixteen-plate suji kabuto with a three-stage tehen kanamono and a five-lame shikoro, the mabisashi applied with stenciled doe skin an

A Japanese blue-laced black-lacquer armour 18th-19th century, the momonari kabuto constructed of six plates with a medial ridge running along the Crown and fitted with a five-lame Hineno-style shikoro, the m'date a gold and red-lacquer Buddhist flaming jew

A Japanese haramaki-style suit of armour 20th century, lacquered gold and laced in bright orange and comprising a russet-iron fourteen-plate o-boshi kabuto fitted with gilt-metal shinodare and a large two-stage chrysanthemum tehen kanamono, a wide five-lam

A Japanese black-lacquer armour with a nuinobu do 18th-19th century, laced in blue and green with orange and white highlights, the russet-iron sixteen-plate suji kabuto with a three-stage shakudo tehen kanamono and fitted with a four-lame shikoro, the bowl

A Japanese black-lacquer armour 18th century, the suit laced entirely in blue with white highlights and comprising a bulbous twelve-plate suji kabuto with an extended mabisashi, all lacquered black, the top with a gilt-metal three-lame tehen kanamono carve

A Japanese black-lacquer armour with a okegawa do 19th century, components all lacquered black with gold and black ishime highlights on the lowest lames, laced in blue and comprising a twenty-four plate suji kabuto lacquered black and with a four-stage sha

A Japanese ni-mai do suit of armour, late 19th century, the suit lacquered in two shades of brown and finished in an ishime texture in the surface and comprising; a six-plate suji kabuto in the Goshozan stayle fitted with a three-stage copper tehen kanamon

A Japanese gold and black armour 20th century, decorated over all with scrolling vines on a black ground and comprising a suji kabuto with a four-lame shikoro, the fukig'shi with Shimazu family crests, the metal m'date pierce carved with the Shimazu family