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Chinese Cizhou style ewer spout in the form of a chicken, decorated with flowers, in tones of brown on a cream crackle glaze ground, on exposed foot, height 27 cm

A Cizhou persimmon glaze tea bowl, Jin dynasty (1115-1234), finely potted with a narrow band of lustrous black glaze encircling a groove band below the mouth rim, overall covered with a fine persimmon glaze with small black stripes, 11 cm diameter. Provena

A buff stoneware figure of a girl, Cizhou glaze, song Dynasty, 1279-1368 AD, the standing figure is molded & has painted features in brown glaze & holding an open fan, height 11 cm. Provenance: the private collection of an Eastern suburbs gentleman

A Cizhou stoneware teabowl, Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368), covered in a brown to black glaze, the interior with a continuous band of vertical russet stripes on the steeply sloping rim, the exterior with some russet streaks, the double-dipped glaze pooling just

A Chinese Cizhou-type ovoid tea bowl, Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), with lipped rim, five large russet splashes and a cloud of spots on the bluish-black glaze, the exterior exhibiting several coats of russet, brown and black, 7.8 cm high, 15.4 cm diameter. Refe

A Chinese Cizhou style porcelain dish, with incised decoration to the centre, remnants of metal binding to the rim. Diameter 21 cm

A Cizhou style tiger Pillow, modelled in a crouching position, 8 cm high, 17 cm wide

A Chinese Cizhou green glazed sgraffiato ovoid vase, Northern Song/Jin Dynasty, with brown and white slip covered in a green glaze, carved with stylized peony, 14 cm high. Provenance: Sotheby’s Australia, The Estate of the Late John Kenny, 17/18 May

A Cizhou wasted jar, Yuan-Ming dynasty, 14th-15th century, decorated with stylized motifs in iron brown, 22 x 13 cm

A Chinese Cizhou type brown glazed foliate rim dish, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), in the form of a flower with ten petals, 12.4 cm diameter. Provenance: R&V Tregaskis

A Chinese Cizhou style earthenware storage jar glazed with abstract designs in brown area of glaze loss at top 60 cm (height)

A Chinese Cizhou Kiln vase, Jin/song Dynasty, the exterior carved decoration depicting scholars in a garden setting. 41 cm high.

A fine Cizhou red oil spot tea bowl, Jin dynasty with in-turned lip, covered in a russet splashed black glaze, 8 cm high; 16.2 cm diameter. Provenance: Shanghai Arts, Singapore 1980s

A Cizhou ware ovoid jar, Jin dynasty decorated in russet over a black glaze, Shanxi province, 18 cm high. Provenance: Shanghai art, Singapore, 1980's

A Cizhou meiping with turquoise glaze, Yuan Dynasty 22.8 cm high

A Cizhou ware Bowl, Guantai kiln, Jin Dynasty incised in the centre, with one large peony flower and leaf within a flower-shaped border, 7.7 cm high; 21 cm diameter. Provenance: Kenny Chong, Ancient Chinese Antiques, Hong Kong, early 1980's

A Cizhou black and green glazed pillow, Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), decorated with two birds amongst foliage, in green on a black ground. From Shanxi province, and probably from the Houma kiln. 14 cm high, 30 cm wide, 20.5 cm deep. Provenance: Capital Gallery

Cizhou Ware ribbed jar, deep chocolate tone glaze, height 22 cm

Chinese Cizhou Ware lug-handled jar, Northern song Dynasty style and possibly of the period, large size, cream toned glaze thinning in areas with finely ribbed sides, height 32 cm

A Chinese cizhou black-glazed tea bowl, 12th/ 13th century, 13.6 cm diam.

A Chinese cizhou purple-glaze tea bowl, 12th/ 13th century 16 cm diameter. Provenance: Private collection NSW, purchased in London in the 1960s

A Chinese cizhou black-glazed tea bowl, 12th/ 13th century with russet-splashed pattern to the interior, rim fixed with metal band, the black glaze stopping at the incised spiral pattern, 13.6 cm diameter. Provenance: Private collection NSW, purchased in L

A Cizhou lobbed jar, a black glazed jar, a lugged jar and two bowls, Yuan Dynasty and later. Cizhou jar 8.6 cm high, others 8.9 cm high and smaller

Three Chinese Cizhou stoneware bowls, Jin Dynasty 1115-1234, 17 cm, 17 cm and 16.2 cm diameter

A Chinese Cizhou deep stoneware bowl, Yuan Dynasty, 14th century, painted with floral motif in iron-brown. 12.7 cm high, 12.2 cm diameter

A large Cizhou dish with Fu character in the centre in iron brown, 25 cm diameter and three small Cizhou dishes, all Ming Dynasty, 14.8 cm, 11.5 cm diameter

A Cizhou six-lobbed dish covered with a thick creamy glaze, song Dynasty, and a second similar dish with moulded design, Yuan Dynasty, 12th to 14th century, 18 cm and 20.5 cm diameter

A Cizhou earthenware vase 28 cm high and a Tang style Sancai glazed rearing horse

A Cizhou stoneware ovoid vase, Ming Dynasty, 24 cm high and a similar bowl, 21 cm diameter

A small Cizhou bowl with high foot, 9 cm diameter and two Chinese crackle glaze vessels, 6 & 8 cm high

Chinese Cizhou ware vase, painted with peony scrolls. Height 29 cm

Small Chinese Cizhou enamelled figure and basket, 13th/14th century. Height 6 cm

A Chinese Cizhou double-handled jar, Jin Dynasty 1127-1279. The lustrous black glaze with russet splashes, probably from the Guantai kilns Hebei Province. Japanese wood cover. 15.5 cm high, 9.8 cm diameter at mouth, fitted Japanese wooden box. Provenance:

A Chinese Cizhou jar, Ming dynasty, painted with a flower spray. 19.2 cm high. Provenance: Purchased 8/11/1985

A Cizhou figure of Shou Lao, Late Ming Dynasty, 17th century, seated on a waisted platform base. 28.5 cm high. Provenance: J L Karas collection, no 114, 29/6/1986, *see Cox & Gillett, 'The Book of Pottery and Porcelain', pl 147

A Cizhou-style jar, decorated with panels of young boys. Height 26.5 cm

A Chinese Cizhou-style rectangular pillow, with sgraffiato decoration of peony scrolls. Length 48 cm

A Chinese Cizhou-style black glazed ribbed handled jar, together with a baluster vase with sgraffiato decoration of peony scrolls, mark to base, the first, 24 cm

A Chinese Cizhou style bowl, painted with a sage figure fishing. Diameter 33 cm

A Chinese Cizhou bowl, 1115-1234, Jin Dynasty, the dark brown glaze and five splashes on the inside. 17.5 cm diameter

A Chinese Cizhou globular jar, 1115-1234 or later, possibly Jin Dynasty, with lug handles, a russet design of leaves on the sides. 13.3 cm high