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Celadon is the colour of a glaze applied to stoneware and porcelain, that in turn, has given its name to the wares to which it has been applied. The technique can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC - 1046 BC) in Southern China. The technique spread other areas of China in the 3rd and 4th century, and later to South Korea, Northern Thailand and Japan. Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colors, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on the thickness of the applied glaze, the type of clay to which it is applied, and the exact makeup of the glaze. However, the most famous shades range in color from a very pale green to deep intense green, often meaning to mimic the green shades of jade. The color is produced by iron oxide in the glaze recipe or clay body. European potters found it very difficult to attain the sea green colour until the 19th century, following advances in knowledge of chemistry and several factories including Sevres, Copenhagen and Rockwood produced Western versions of the Chinese celadon.
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Chinese celadon brush washer of lobed form, in a light crackle glaze finish, height 7 cm

Chinese celadon crackle glaze bowl, of conical form decorated with three boys on exposed foot, diameter 18.5 cm

Chinese celadon twin handled jardinere, of baluster form, decorated with incised floral motifs, and lower border of palmettes on circular foot, height 12 cm

Chinese crackle glaze bowl, of lobed form, in celadon tones, diameter 18.5 cm

Chinese crackle glaze shallow bowl, shaped rim and lobed body, in a celadon glaze, diameter 20 cm

Chinese footed bowl, of shaped oval form, raised on four feet, in a sky blue crackle glaze, length 19.5 cm

Chinese twin handled crackle glaze censer, of baluster form accented with gilt rim, in a pale blue tones, seal mark to base, height 10.5 cm

Chinese Hare fur glaze bowl, of conical form, in a persimmon and black glaze, set on exposed circular foot, diameter 13.5 cm

Chinese Cizhou style ewer spout in the form of a chicken, decorated with flowers, in tones of brown on a cream crackle glaze ground, on exposed foot, height 27 cm

Chinese shallow bowl, with everted rim, lavender splash to interior on a blue/grey crackle glaze, exposed base and circular foot, diameter 16.5 cm

Chinese three piece burner and stand, in celadon glaze, with spherical top with pierced cloud scrolls, above stand and foot, decorated with raised peony scroll and accented in gilt, height 25.5 cm

Chinese stone figure group, depicting monkey holding its baby, in tones of celadon and emerald green, height 10 cm

Chinese/ Anamese 16th century bowl, in a white to pale green glaze bowl, raised on circular foot, together with 16th century small jar, in white glaze, height 9.5 cm, 6.5 cm (2)

Two Anamese 16th century bowls, one with celadon glaze the interior decorated with a band of incised flowers in a green/yellow glaze, the other in cream glaze with hints of blue, diameter 13.5 cm, 13 cm (20

Two Anamese Tran Dynasty, 12th century celadon bowls, with flared lips, one in a pale celadon glaze, and the other in pale cream glaze with incised floral motifs, diameter 17 cm, 16 cm (2)

Early Chinese Qingbai glaze jar, of baluster form, together with Chinese pale celadon bowl, with flared lip and sloping sides, a/f, height 7 cm, diameter 16.5 cm (2)

Early Chinese/ Anamese pottery jar, possibly Ly /Tran Dynasty, of baluster form, decorated with raised dragon motif and flaming pearl, in a yellow and blue splashed glaze, height 17 cm

Chinese Ming Dynasty celadon jar and cover, of baluster form, in pale green glaze, with CAC certificate of Authenticity, height 9 cm. Purchased: Chinese Arts & Crafts, Hong Kong, 1996

Two Chinese/ Anamese 16th century dishes, both of circular form, one in a black glaze, the other in a pale celdaon glaze and brown exterior glaze, diameter 14 cm (2)

Two Chinese/ Anamese, 15th/16th century bowls, both of tapering form, one in a green celadon glaze, the other green/white glaze, both raised on circular foot, diameter 17 cm, 16 cm, (2)

Two Chinese/ Anamese Tran Dynasty, 15th century jardinieres, of circular form, with deep sides with slight crackle glaze, one in a cream glaze with lobed finish, the other in a pale celadon glaze, height 13 cm, 9 cm (5)

Chinese tea bowl, deep conical bowl raised on a small circular foot, with Hare's fur glaze, height 5.5 cm

Large celadon pottery bowl, large bowl raised on a small circular foot, with scalloped rim, lightly engraved floral decoration under a celadon glaze, diameter 28 cm, height 12 cm

Two Anamese 15th/16th century celadon bowls, both with flared lips and sloping sides, in green celadon glaze and accented with incised stylised floral decoration, raised on circular foot, diameter 17 cm, 16 cm (2)

Three early Chinese/ Anamese pottery bowls, one of cylindrical form, one of baluster form with slight glaze, the other of circular form, with underlying decoration, diameter 11.5 cm, 11.5 cm, 8 cm, (3)

Two Anamese 16th century celadon bowls, with sloping sides, in a pale green glaze, incised with floral motifs and raised on a circular foot, sagger marks to interior, diameter 16.5 cm, 17 cm (2)

Large Chinese porcelain stem bowl, the interior decorated with floral roundel in tones of blue and white the exterior with sang de beouf glaze, six character mark to inside of stem, height 14 cm

A Ming dish decorated with under glaze cobalt, deer and pine motif, 15th century Chinese (restored), 24 cm diameter

A Chinese Ming-style provincial deep bowl, decorated to the interior with underglaze blue depictions of fish, water weeds and a floral design to the centre, the exterior with celadon glaze, crackle finished. Diameter 20 cm

Large Chinese ceramic Tang style horse, white glazed ceramic horse on rectangular base. As inspected (1 ear restored and chips to base) height 63 cm.

Good vintage crackle glaze Chinese pot, 38 cm high (chip to centre spout)

A Chinese celadon dish finely painted in overglaze enamels, Qianlong mark, the magnolia and chrysanthemums issuing from a rocky garden, diameter 16 cm

A Chinese glazed jar with double tiger handles on the shoulder, 19-20th century, the glaze is imitation the stripes on a tiger, the classical shape is from Tang Dynasty, height 13 cm. Provenance: Old Sydney collection, acquired in New York 1960s

A Chinese blue glazed earthenware roof tile, possibly Ming Dynasty, with a galloping horse, height 21 cm, width 27 cm

A Sancai glazed earthenware attendant, standing on a hexagonal base, Ming Dynasty, the high rounded hat painted in pigment on the moulded detachable head, height 38 cm. Provenance: A Queensland collector

A green glazed earthenware figure, standing on a hexagonal base, Ming Dynasty, the high hat painted with pigment on the moulded removable head, height 38 cm. Provenance: A Queensland collector

A small Sancai glazed bactrian camel, Tang Dynasty, legs folded under the body, the head raised above a long beard, length 10 cm. Provenance: A Queensland collector

A celadon crackle glazed dish, with shallow rounded sides, an even glaze inside and out, diameter 14 cm

Very large Chinese deep celadon bowl, with serpentine edge, above fluted sides, incised with flower motifs, raised on circular foot, height 15 cm, diameter 31 cm

Chinese porcelain monochrome dish, in the form of a lotus flower, in a yellow glaze, marked Hongzhi to base, diameter 22 cm