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Japanese six-fold paper room Dividing screen, Meiji period, hand painted paper screen with decoration of birds and blossoms, condition, panels detached, some tears requiring restoration., height 174 cm, W. 360 cm

A Japanese four panel screen painted with figures in a pavilion, 20th century, 92 x 184 cm

Large vintage Japanese 6 panel screen, 214 cm high, each panel 45 cm wide

A Japanese six panel screen, Sumi (ink) on gold foil, 20th century, unsigned, a single pine tree with branches aloft in ink, mounted in black lacquer frame, each panel 166.5 x 61.5 cm. Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wale

An Australian contemporary Art Glass screen by Warwick Pascoe, with frosted glass panels with Japanese influenced design

A two panel Japanese screen, Meiji period (1868-1912), depicting flowers and trees, ink and colour on paper, 158 x 146 cm

A fine Japanese six panelled folding screen, Taisho period, (1912–26), decorated with abundant blue and white irises on metallic ground, signed lower left, 350 cm wide, 167 cm high

Japanese six fold screen with applied calligraphy and art work

Four fold Japanese silk screen, black lacquer trim with brightly decorated panels with rocky landscape with trees and ferns, each panel approx 99 cm high, 68 cm wide

Two fine Japanese Edo period (circa 1920) panels originally from a screen. One depicting symbolic ducks with other birds in flowering trees, the other with cranes, flowering trees, and birds. Hand painted on paper, each 130 x 60 cm, approx.

A miniature antique Japanese Meiji period mixed metal miniature screen., each unique panel with bamboo,crane and chrysanthemum decoration., each panel approx 15 x 6 cm

A quality Japanese black lacquer, hard stone, mother-of-pearl and gilt tall four section screen, the multiple female figures in relief and carved from various coloured hard stones with painted bone face, hands, fan and other detail, other rocky outcrops, f

A Japanese folding screen, Edo period (1603 - 1868), depicting two hawks used for sport hunting by Samurai, many Japanese artists of the Edo period created their works for powerful men, the wealthy and mighty nobility & warriors who ruled Japan. These

Japanese folding screen, depicting a young woman in a kimono with a Ikebana flower display, Taisho period (1912 - 1926), Japanese screens, known as by?bu in Japanese, as by?bu literally means 'wind wall,' the original purpose of the screen was to b

A four panel screen, signed, Japanese, early 20th century, 168 x 90 cm

Japanese hand painted Byobu screen six panels with floral decoration, signed and seal to lower right W42 cm x H91 cm approx (each panel)

Antique Japanese Meiji period red and black lacquer shibayama table screen. Chickens amongst flowering chrysanthemums, some losses

Japanese Bi-folding screen. Paper mounted on gold-leaf board, depicting gnarled wood stump with cherry blossoms. Height 172.5 cm. Width 189 cm

An embellished lacquer two-fold screen, Meiji period the black lacquer ground inlaid in ivory, bone and mother-of-pearl, one panel depicting a cockerel beneath a blossoming prunus tree among scattered feathers, the other decorated with a cockerel and hen w

Japanese four fold panel screen, silk and embroided panels of Cockerels & chicks. Lacquered frames A/F, approx. 72 cm high

A Japanese two panel folding screen, Edo Period. 17th/18th century. 54 x 80 cm each

Japanese Edo two panel dividing screen purchased at David Jones Antique Department for $12,000, each panel 85 cm wide, 174 cm high approx

Chinese famille rose porcelain five-panelled screen, Republic period (1912 - 1949), painted in the central panel with three scholars at leisure in a garden with attendants, the side panels with portraits of famous scholars, each panel inscribed and with se

Chinese Republic period carved hardwood table screen. Mounted with a famille rose porcelain plaque. Provenance: Estate late Lawrence & Nora (nee Moon) Illingworth - Collected Shanghai c.1920s-30s; thence by descent. 54 x 34 cm (plaque) 84 x 48 cm (overall)

A Japanese 2 panel folding screen. Height 180 cm. Width 164 cm

An antique 4 panel folding screen with Japanese decoration. Height 189 cm. Width 160 cm

A Japanese eggshell lacquer four-fold screen, 20th century, each panel 200 cm high, 60 cm wide

A large six-fold Japanese screen, late Meji/early Taisho period, early 20th century, depicting a mountain landscape, sumi-e ink on silk and gold leaf, signed, two seals of the artist. 171.8 cm high

A Japanese six fold screen, circa 1920. 172 cm high, 62 cm wide

A rare Japanese six-panel screen, early Edo, 17th century, in gold leaf on paper with poems attached to a willow tree. 123 cm high x 284 cm wide each panel 123 cm high x 48 cm wide

Three small Japanese mixed metal folding screens together with a cloisonne rectangular hinged box and small screen. Three small Japanese mixed metal folding screens together with a cloisonne rectangular hinged box and small screen. Height of tallest 15 cm.

Antique Japanese carved wood and lacquer two fold screen, mounted with Shibayama work of birds on blossoming branches, each panel approx 187 cm high, 80 cm wide

A Japanese six panel painted screen on a gold leaf ground, two lines of calligraphy and two red seals, all within a black lacquer frame Taisho period, the panels painted with a continuous scene of a house in a remote, rocky, mountainous landscape with a lo

A Japanese black lacquered inlaid and painted four panel screen, signed on reverse in red lacquer. in coloured lacquer, inlaid and raised, the front with a tortured willow, plovers flying and pheasant resting, the reverse with a full moon and swaying bambo

A late 19th century Japanese two fold screen with lacquer panels inlaid with a coloured bone and shell picture of birds in flowering fruit trees. Height 128 cm. Width 140 cm

A Chinese, Republic-period, painted 3-fold screen depicting workers vigorously tending to the land and flying red flags. Possibly intended as communist propaganda. 100 cm high, 131 cm wide

A Japanese cloisonne four panel miniature screen of birds amongst foliage, the back with an engraved scene of Mt. Fuji, Inata mark. Height 18.5 cm.

A Japanese black lacquered four panel table screen depicting a geisha dancing, mother of pearl inlay hand painted gold decorations. Provenance: From the private collection of an Australian diplomat. 30 cm height, 10 cm per panel

A Japanese lacquer miniature four-fold screen, 19th century. 57 x 21 cm (each panel)

A Japanese cloisonne miniature screen, four fold, 18.5 cm high, 33 cm wide