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A finely carved and signed Chinese cinnabar snuff bottle, the cushion shaped snuff bottle with a flower carved stopper, brass mounts and original spoon, well carved with vases of flowers, auspicious fruits and Buddhist objects upon a diaper ground, the sid

A Qing Dynasty cinnabar lacquer box and cover, of circular form with domed cover with a carved attendant in landscape, 16 cm diameter, 9 cm high. The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

A cinnabar lacquer vase, Qing Dynasty, of hexagonally lobbed ovoid form, with three layers of relief depicting landscapes, with dense peony scrolls, 28 cm high. The Estate of Stanley Crawford Stevens.

A cinnabar censer, the long legged tripod censer of typical compressed form with a waisted neck, domed lid and upright bracket handles, decorated with three taotie masks to shaped cartouches upon a diaper ground beneath lingzhi mushroom and lappet borders,

Chinese cinnabar style vase, on stand, 27 cm high approx.

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer foliate rimmed dish, Qianlong mark, 20th century, 22.7 cm diameter

A cinnabar lacquer tray, (2), of shaped rectangular form with shallow flared sides, the interior carved overall with a phoenix perched on rocks among dense sprays of flowering peony, the reverse with a frieze of further peony blooms and foliage, wood stand

A Chinese cinnabar and black lacquered vase, ovoid shape with trumpet neck and raised on circular spreading foot, the body, neck and foot with black lacquer incised and carved to reveal a body of cinnabar lacquer, decorated with panels of temples in landsc

Two vintage Chinese cinnabar lacquer vases, 23 cm high (tallest)

A carved cinnabar lacquer box and cover, Qing dynasty, late 18th century, the circular box and cover finely carved all over with a millefleurs design, the interior is lacquered black, 6.8 x 3.3 cm

A Chinese cinnabar quatrefoil shaped vase, Qing Dynasty, 18th/19th century, separating the intricately carved figures in a garden & mountainous landscape is a collar of continuous symbols below the waisted neck with four floral panels, condition: This vase

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer Ware vase. the cylindrical vase with a waisted neck and foot, decorated with bonsai and flora in vases upon stands to two shaped reserves on a diaper ground, surrounded by flowers, scrolls and leaf forms between lappet and key fr

Chinese cinnabar lacquered table lamp baluster shape carved with continuous landscape

A Chinese foliate shaped cinnabar lacquer dish with metal rim, the deeply carved design has a cricket & cicada in a flowering garden. Diameter 19 cm

A Chinese hexafoil cinnabar lacquer lidded box, late 18th / early 19th century, in carved relief with peony, chrysanthemum and, foliage decoration. Fine geometric decoration to base, note: some restoration to one side edge. Finial AF, diameter 15 cm. Heigh

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer lobed box and cover, 19th century, 15 cm diameter

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer bottle vase on a green ground, 32 cm high and a box, 12 cm wide

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer shaped box decorated with ducks, 4 character impressed mark, 132 cm wide

Good antique Chinese cinnabar lacquer ware vase 26 cm high approx

Antique Chinese cinnabar lacquer box, 12 cm diameter approx.

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer box and cover, 18th century. 8.5 cm diameter

Pair of carved cinnabar lacquer vases with lids of large proportions

Good pair of two colour Chinese cinnabar lacquered vases, of baluster form, each approx 31 cm H (2)

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer square box, Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century, the cover well carved with eight scholars and attendants drinking wine in a mountain retreat, sides with diaper pattern, 5.9 cm high, 22 cm long and 22 cm deep

Pair of Chinese two colour lacquer cinnabar vases, approx 13 cm high (2)

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer box and cover, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, deeply carved on the cover and base with scholars in a landscape, on a metal base. 7 cm high, 13.4 cm diameter. Provenance: An old Melbourne Private Collection

A Chinese large cinnabar lacquer vase, late Qing Dynasty, 19th century, deeply carved with figures in the centre of the landscape between stylized floral motifs on the neck and foot. 36.6 cm high. Provenance: 1. Old label C.R. Fenton & Co. Ltd to base

A Chinese Qing Dynasty cinnabar circular lacquered box and cover, the lid in high relief with figures and a pavilion in a fenced garden looking out over a dramatic landscape; the walls decorated with lotus flowers and other foliage, the foot ring decorated

Antique Chinese cinnabar lacquer circular lidded box approx 7 cm dia

Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer vase. Black laquer on red ground. Height 25 cm

Pair of vintage Chinese cinnabar lacquer vases, with stands. 20.5 cm high (not including stand)

Chinese red cinnabar lacquer temple pricket candle stand, late Qing Dynasty, body decorated with taotie masks and archaic motifs, the bell shaped base with Ruyi-shaped border, approx 45 cm high

Four various Chinese carved cinnabar items, including 3 various lidded bowls; & lidded box. All with blue enamel interiors. Diameter 14 cm. (largest bowl)

Three various Chinese carved cinnabar lidded boxes. All with black lacquer interiors. Length 16 cm. (largest)

Black cinnabar lidded box. Traditional scene to lid. Depth 7 cm