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A rare inro collectors' lacquer cabinet, 19th century, of rectangular form, the drop front revealing five drawers of varying size, mounted with silver, the broad tsugaru-nuri ground decorated on all sides with four inro, together with netsuke and ojime

Black lacquer two-case Inro, Meiji period, decorated with two dragonflies with mother-of pearl inlaid wings, the interior of nashiji and red lacquer, with ojime and tsuishu lacquer netsuke, height 7.4 cm width 8.5 cm

19th century Japanese lacquer Inro by Jitokusai Gyokuzan. Height 8 cm

Fine Japanese Meiji period Inro, in five sections, in lacquer, beautifully decorated with two immortal to one side and immortal and dog of fo to other, in tones of gilt, 10 cm x 8.5 cm

Fine Japanese cinnabar Inro, in five graduated sections, depicting scholars seated under and pine tree, 8 cm x 7 cm

Antique carved ivory signed inro, with etched scene, height 4.5 cm approx

A three section ivory Inro, mid 20th century, the oval cushion profile inro engraved and lightly inked to one face with a female figure holding a document and a peony spray to the other. Length 6.5 cm. Width 4.5 cm

Japanese ivory four section inro and attachment. Engraved traditional decoration to inro. Ivory mythical animal attachment. Height 7 cm (inro)

A Japanese four case lacquer Inro, Ojime & plain wood Manju attached, Taisho period, decorated in gold hiramaki-e with characters from known fables, nashiji interior. Height 6 cm

A Japanese lacquer five case inro decorated with gilt boats by a lakeside and a gilt wooden inlaid netsuke, Meiji period

A Japanese lacquer five case inro decorated with birds over waves and an ivory lotus leaf netsuke, Meiji period

A Japanese cinnabar lacquer inro decorated with kirin and chrysanthemum and a wooden pea pod netsuke, Meiji period

A Japanese lacquer three case inro and an marine ivory netsuke of a seated ox, Meiji period

Two Japanese inro & netsuke, [2], 1] Edo Biwa zu Makie Inro and signed Netsuke, Edo period, c. 1750-1850, Biwa zu (four-stringed Japanese lute) and reverse with mother of pearl inlay on a background, Technique: Kuro Urushinuri Raden Morimakie, Netsuke: (wo

A four section ivory Inro, featuring figural scenes and poems, signed Yoshikawa C 1918

A five section ivory Inro, featuring carved zodiac symbols with plain ivory bead ojime, length 90mm

Ivory inscribed Japanese Inro having four sections & inscribed with geisha to both sides. Condition good, minor wear. Lemngth 7.5 cm

19th century wood and lacquer Inro floral design in lacquer and also inlaid mother of pearl. Unsigned. 8 cm high

A late 19th century Negoro lacquer three case Inro unsigned, late Edo/Meiji period, with tiger and bamboo in gold and silver, ivory netsuke and ojime, 8 cm high

A Japanese lacquered Inro with carved ivory Ojime & bronze gourd medicine bottle, Edo period. Inro 11 x 7.5 cm

A Japanese gold lacquer four case inro, Meiji period, 8.5 cm high. Provenance: NSW Private Collection

Two Japanese inro and two netsuke, Meiji to Taisho period, the boxwood inro incised Kougyoku to the base. Various height from 4.5 cm to 9.8 cm (4). Provenance: NSW Private Collection

Japanese red lacquer inro decorated with horses, jade ojime and mask form boxwood netsuke, Purchased Nagoya, Japan c.1960

Japanese red lacquer inro, 19th century pagoda decoration, carved ivory ojime, turned wood & ivory netsuke,

Japanese red lacquer inro with perching eagle decoration, agate ojime, and carved boxwood netsuke of two eggplants

Edo period Japanese gold lacquer inro with boxwood netsuke of a lakeside dwelling, the ojima finely carved ivory, c.1800

Antique Japanese carved black lacquer childs Inro with Chinese sages, agate ojime, stag antler Ryusa Netsuke, Asakusa school

A Japanese gold lacquer four case inro, Meiji period, 19th century, decorated with a temple complex with netsuke and ojime. 7.8 cm long. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Henry Cyril Adams

A Japanese gold lacquer and mother of pearl four case inro, Meiji period (1868-1912), inlaid with fish and sea creatures; together with a wooden netsuke. 7.5 cm length. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Henry Cyril Adams

Good Japanese green cloisonne five section inro the cloisonne with all over flowers and leaves design and carved signed boxwood Noh netsuke inro measures 7.8 x 5.8 cm and netsuke 4.9 cm

A Chinese four case ivory Inro. Lightly carved and inked shaped panels to both faces with figures in landscape and pavilion settings, with a black cord and ivory bead. Length 7.5 cm. Width 4.5 cm

Japanese bone Inro & netsuke. Four section inro, engraved decoration. Antler ? netsuke, signed.

Japanese bone Inro & netsuke. Four section inro, engraved decoration. Fish form netsuke. Unsigned.

A rare Meiji Japanese wooden Inro Tonkotsu, with Shibayama inlay decoration, original ivory Ojime bead and Hirado ceramic Fungi netsuke. Inro 7 cm high.

A fine Meiji Japanese Inro with shibayama inlaid decoration. Original Satsuma ojime bead and original boxwood mushroom netsuke. 9 cm.

Vintage Japanese carve ivory inro, 3.5 cm tall approx. Provenance: Finey collection, Sydney

Three carved ivory figures, together with a carved ivory elephant and four case inro (5)

Bone Inro with erotica scene birds to reverse with Japanese Ojime, 6.3 cm high

Bone Inro with erotica scene & ducks to reverse with Japanese Ojime, 6.3 cm high

Japanese boxwood inro. Signed, with netsuke & bead attachment. Dragon decoration. Height 6 cm. (inro)

A four-case lacquer inro, by Togyoku, Meiji period, late 19th century, decorated in gold 'hiramaki-e' with butterflies in flight above flowering chrysanthemum and bound grasses, on a 'roiro-nuri' ground with 'hirame', signed 'Togyoku'; with an ivory netsuk